First Impression: Angel Eyes Episode 1+2~


Title: Angel Eyes

First Impression:

I’m back with another first impression and this time its Angel Eyes! I’m pretty sure most of you are as excited as I am when I first heard about this drama since it stars Goo Hye Sun who introduced most of us to this wonderful kdramaland with her Boys Over Flowers power~ She hasn’t been around so it took every muscle of my body to hold myself back from watching this when this first aired because it aired near my exam period. As expected, this drama does not disappoint at all!

As you all probably know, this is a tearjerker but you have no idea how much of a tearjerker it is. I literally wasted five boxes of tissues on the first two episodes alone. It was so heartbreaking to see what the characters have been through and the pain they experienced that I wish I didn’t watch it. I know I would regret not watching it though so here I am now~

People on Viki sometimes annoy me so much. Why do they keep comparing this drama to That Winter, The Wind Blows? There is nothing alike except for the fact that both have a female character that is blind. The way they became blind is different as well!  I wish people could just sit down and just appreciate the drama because if the people haven’t properly watch the drama, I don’t think they deserve to judge the drama.

Anyway, back to the drama, both Soo Wan and Dong Joo have such a tragic life. I don’t think I would be able to handle it if the same thing happened to me. Dong Joo’s dad while saving Soo Wan’s mum in a collapsing tunnel and that same incident took away Soo Hyun’s eyesight. She then grew up to fall in love with Dong Joo, the son of the person who died saving her mum. As you can see from my brief explanation of the character’s relationship, it is very complicated already. Surprisingly, the writer did a great job in not making people turn off by that. I usually hate complicated relationships because I feel that the drama is really messed up then but not in this case. I like it because it gives the drama more depth and the characters what we call “fate”.

I also like how the director film these episodes. He is such a troll in a way. For example, a truck barely brushed past Jung Hwa (Dong Joo’s mum) and just when I think she is fine, another car killed her. I really thought Jung Hwa wouldn’t die, well, I hoped she wouldn’t since she and Dong Joo are such a happy family and she would probably be the very first nice mother in law in kdramaland. (I also blame the Viki comments for misleading me!) Oh God…..I feel like crying again! Then Dong Joo’s crying didn’t help either……….

I mentioned the sad things first on purpose because I don’t want to end so depressingly~ Isn’t Soo Wan and Dong Joo the cutest couple ever? One of the things I love the most about Korean dramas are the childhood versions of main characters. There are lots of scenes with the main characters meeting when they were young and somehow separated then meet again when they grow up. My favourite was the younger version of the leads in I Miss You but guess who is now!

Dong Joo is just adorable with his pumpkin porridge and his family is just awesome for teasing him for it! I really want a family like that. Everyone is so comfortable with each other and the atmosphere is very playful. Now that his family is mentioned, does anyone know why Dong Joo’s sister has to be sent to America for treatment? Is she sick or something? Tell me if you know because I’m really curious~

Last question, wouldn’t Soo Wan at least know that the cornea is donated by Dong Joo’s mum or that she has a car accident from her neighbours? She seems like she cares about Dong Joo enough to ask around~Anyway, the first two episodes are satisfyingly good and I’m looking forward to the adult versions of the two teenagers. Hopefully, they will be able to recognize each other quickly and less tissues are needed.

What do you guys think? Do you like this drama as well? I started a bit late so you are probably done the whole drama by now~ anyway I would still love to know your first impression of it:D Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time^^


5 thoughts on “First Impression: Angel Eyes Episode 1+2~

  1. Okay, so like you when I saw who was playing grown lead heroine I got super excited to watch this. When I first realized that the first episode wouldn’t include Goo Hye Sun I wondered if I would be a little impatient- but then I fell in love COMPLETELY with the younger actor’s and the touching (emotional- sobbing) plot. Actually, I became so engrossed in the “back story” shown in the first episodes that when the jumped ahead to “present day” I found myself… disappointed. They didn’t seem to even be the same characters anymore and I missed the younger representations. I even felt like the mood of the whole story changed… I think I’ve only watched four episodes of this before being tempted to try something else. Maybe I’ll try again once I’ve gotten some distance from the backstory- the new story might be good too! (At the time I just like the “extended flash-back better…) Or, maybe I’ll wait and see what you say about it. ^^

    • Oh, the younger representations are always an obstacle for us to overcome. It is always hard for me to leave behind the young characters and see them grow up-the same reason why I didn’t finish I Miss You at first (I actually regret finishing that). But I moved on with this drama anyway and it’s not that bad. They didn’t drag out that identity thing for that long and you actually get to see the younger version of Dong Joo as they reveal how he had been in America. I know you have limited data so maybe watch something else first and when I finish I might be able to tell you if it’s worth watching^^ btw nice to meet you! Just had a brief look at your blog and I’m loving it already! I love reading books as well and I think your reviews are excellent! I wish I can write as well as you but this is actually the reason I started this blog-to improve my writing skills. Thanks for the comment:)

  2. finished the series and really really loved it. LOVE love love the adult chemistry that i actually wished they are real couple. hahaha!
    just didn’t like some draggy parts here and there. Overall, love the drama 🙂

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