Precious Stone Trilogy(Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green) Review


Title: Precious Stone Trilogy (Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green) by Kerstin Gier

Synopsis: Gwen is born into a family of time-travelers. Gwen’s cousin, Charlotte, is expected to experience her first time travel as she is approaching her 17th birthday so Gwen is horrified when she finds that she has traveled to the past.


My friend had been telling me about this trilogy ever since she finished it one or two years ago. It took me quite a while to read it though because I didn’t have a Kindle then and had to buy books and back then it wasn’t readily available in book stores~you had to order in. I have to say that this book let me down big time considering that everyone around me seem to all be hyped up about it. Now that isn’t to say that this book was bad-the plot was mind-blowing-but I really expected much more when I first started reading it.

Before I point out all the flaws of this book, I’d like to say that the plot of this story is utterly intriguing. Honestly, the only reason I can finish this trilogy within a week is because I just couldn’t put down my book (my kindle actually~). The story is quite short compared to other trilogies that I’ve read but it doesn’t make it any less engaging. In fact, because of its length the story is very fast-paced and plot-focused. I also like the fact that the story is finished without any loose ends- everything ties in a perfect circle and you can make sense of the mysteries in the end.

Although the plot was original and above average, it can’t cover many of its shortcomings. The first and the one that irritated me the most was the protagonist, Gwen. I really liked her character at the start of the book because she was such a fun and bubbly character but then I really find her to be over-dramatic by the second half of the first book, mind you it’s only the first! She is immature for her age and she acts as if the whole world is falling apart just because the is some ‘relationship struggle’ with the boy that she met 2-3 days ago. I know Gideon is drop dead gorgeously hot but postponing a mission that involves life and death and especially your own just because of that is not on. I can just say that Lesley might as well be the protagonist…..her character was much much more likable although she talks like a middle school girl.

Now I really hate to criticize the writing style in a book normally because my English is not even that good and I don’t think I’m good enough to judge but the writing style in this book is just absolute bore. It is not descriptive and that is a wonderful opportunity missed of describing all the exquisite buildings or places when they travel to the pat. It is hard to tell whether it is the actual writing or the translation that has gone wrong……I really hope it’s the latter…..

Despite all that, I’d still give this trilogy a solid 7 out of 10……it just shows how impressed I was with the plot. It was a trilogy that I thoroughly enjoyed and finished in a week so I think it’s a read worth reading. I would recommend this trilogy to teens and under only because adults wouldn’t be able to tolerate Gwen’s character definitely.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it^^ I’ve been really neglecting my blog because I literally have no time with school and work last year. I’m so glad that I don’t have work this year so hopefully this year I’d be able to write more on my blog 😀