Kpop Debut Dimanche: EXO-MAMA

I’ve noticed that the Kpop Debut Dimanche I’ve done so far are one’s that I enjoy listening to so I decided to do a Kpop Debut Dimanche that I’m not so satisfied with for this week. If you guys have seen my earlier posts, you will know that I’m a die-hard Exotic (I still think this fandom name is better than EXO-L). I just happened to hate their debut song despite the love it received from many fans.

Song…….This song is just not for me. The intro with the Latin-like chant was powerful but creepy. It really reminded me of some kind of evil villain theme in an anime of something. There’s just something lacking in this song that doesn’t grab like their other songs. I really do like each and everyone of their vocals though. When they hit those high notes I just have goose-bump all over.

Music Video……Don’t even get me started on this video, I’m not even going to attempt decoding it~ I’m leaving that to the professionals. Though I’m not even sure if there’s any plot involved in there at all. I’d much prefer if they make two versions of the music video with an animated one which they started off the music video with then another one with all the members’ dancing and that semi-plot there. I did enjoy watching the video though and it really got me burst out laughing at some parts.

Now I might seem harsh in my review but I still like EXO all the same! They really are a talented group and I hope they’ll continue their success in the future. Btw, am I the only one who got emotional when Kris appeared in the music video? I hope the best for him in the future as well. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my post^^

First Impression: She’s so lovable~


Hey guys, so I’ve started this drama She’s so lovable last week and I’ve decided to write about it first before moving on to the next episode. Just looking at the cast lineup will probably makes you sigh but I’m all about giving everyone and everything a chance, so I watched the first two episode of this drama. I first found out about Rain from the ever so famous kdrama (in China anyway), Full House so I didn’t even know about his occupation as a singer at all. To be honest, he did fairly well in acting this drama especially the scene when he cried after the car accident. Krystal is alright so far but there’s nothing breathtaking about her acting. Then L is just awkward acting out the idol part for some reason.


The story is not too bad but not outstanding so I’m still waiting for something epic to happen. I really like the musical element of this drama so I hope they won’t ruin this for me. I love the song Krystal composed and the new arrangement by Seo Jae Young was actually really good. I’m really looking forward to another hit song from the preview! Okay, despite that there are other elements in the drama which I absolutely despise. It feels wrong to see a man fall in love with his dead girlfriend’s sister. Some people think it’s romantic but for me nah-uh. Besides there’s always the confusion that it might not be love or something~


There are many kdrama cliches in this drama and my friend and I enjoy guessing what would happen in it so it is in a way engaging. Though we were more like “oh it’s the bus scene! He’s gonna miss her by a millisecond!”. LOL~ don’t get me wrong, that’s the enjoyable part for me! The writer of the drama wasn’t really thinking much of the details in my opinion because there are several mistakes here and there throughout the two episodes~ Now have fun spotting the errors!


The characters are quite typical in the drama with the rich CEO of an entertainment company and a poor girl with debt. There nothing that special about the characters yet but I really want to see what kind of person they’ll grow into. So far there’s no characters that are evil to the point of “you shouldn’t be in this world!” but I do find Shin Hae Yoon annoying and Seo Jae Young hateful.


I would recommend watching the first two episode to see if it’s to your liking because it’s a drama full of cliches. I don’t see anything WRONG with it so I’ll definitely continue watching this drama (until I’m bored with it at least). The drama is out on Viki now so it’s pretty easy to get access to it.

P.S.-Someone needs to get me Dal Bong here, RIGHT NOW!!!

Thank you for reading and sorry for not posting for so long! I’m glad I can squeeze some time to write this though! I swear it is hard to manage between watching dramas and blogging. You always tend to want to watch the next episode quickly! 

Kpop Debut Dimanche: Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl”~

Last week has been such an emotional week for all of us as the news Ladies’ Code’s car accident broke out. We have lost two talented singers, Eun B and Ri Se. May they fill the heaven with their amazing vocals and continue their dream from there. My condolences to the members and their family and I hope God can help them through this hard time. I also pray that other Ladies’ Code members can recover soon. To commemorate Eun B and RiSe I will dedicate this post to Ladies’ Code’s debut.


Song…..Just from listening to this song, one is unable to tell that this song is sung by a group of rookies. Their vocals are powerful and solid and you can tell that ALL of the members CAN sing. They all had nice tone to their voices making the song even more pleasant that it already is. The song was such a clever choice for a debut. It just grabs you with its addictive chorus and in-your-face vocals. I would actually be amazed by this group if this was the first time I saw them but unfortunately I wasn’t that opened to new groups back then so I totally missed this not-so-hidden gem!

Music Video…..Like I said in their “Kiss Kiss” video, I love that they going for that half serious half comedic styled videos. Well I guess this is how they started it and I’m glad they kept that fun side of them. At the start of the video it seemed dramatic and serious with that piano solo in the submarine but then when it completely changed the setting, I was in love with it! That funky eighty’s look and all those foreigners! Fantastic! The scene where the girls spiked the drinks and drew on the “customers” face was so simple but still effective. It just reminds everyone of their childhood and this impact on everyone is what makes Ladies’ Code special.

RIP Eun B and Ri Se, we will always remember you and miss you! Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to hear your songs. You two are going to be the two most beautiful angels!

Taiwanese Drama Review: Fall In Love With Me~


Title: Fall In Love With Me


  • Aaron Yan as Lu Tian Xing/ Xiao Lu
  • Tia Li as Tao Le Si
  • Jack Li as  Weng Li Yang
  • Katherine Wang as Xu Miao Miao
  • Beatrice Fang as  Li Huan Huan
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Uncle Fu
  • Kao Ying Tsuan as Li Qi Xuan


Lu Tian Xing is a prodigy in the advertising field but recently he hasn’t been feeling creative lately so he made an announcement that shocked the world: he’s a taking a three month break from the advertising industry. During the period of his break, he took on a simple disguise and help an advertising company, Oz that produces heartwarming advertisements. Tao Le Si is the sister of the founder of Oz and after her brother’s death, took on the role of saving the company.


Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 12.25.23 PM

I don’t know how to explain how I feel about this drama. It didn’t start off great but then it picked up and just when I think it could be an outstanding drama, it messed itself up again. I was really disappointed because for once I actually liked all the characters but then they just all changed into every hateful character possible! I’m really convinced that they changed the writer in the middle of the drama. There’s no way that they can all become so stupid in only a few episodes.


I enjoyed the start of the drama where they were explaining the influence of ads on us and that even ads have heart and soul. That episode with Aunty Jing was really touching and I expected the upcoming episodes to be like that. Unfortunately, they focused on the relationship between Tian Xing and Le Si. I wouldn’t mind if the events that happened were legit but I don’t understand why there would be a problem.


Also the start of the drama was so fun and humorous with Uncle Fu and Xiao Lu. It was light-hearted and perfect for having a laugh when Xiao Lu was here because with the whole mistaken identity thing, you can do so much with the characters! That is why I didn’t like how things turned out. The synopsis made me think that Xiao Lu was there throughout the drama when in reality he disappeared during half of them.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 10.47.40 PM

And I think they just couldn’t think of an obstacle and decided to just put a random crap in. I just hate stupidity in dramas where characters inflict self-harm just to get the attention of someone. Huan Huan was such a sweet girl at the beginning but then she became extremely stupid and bitchy and that’s the worse possible combination in a character. I honestly thought she was going to be the first love rival in a drama who wouldn’t become such a sore loser.


I really didn’t understand how Huan Huan’s mother’s “threat” works. It just didn’t seem threatening to me. I know that she raised Tian Xing and all but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to everything she says. If I was him I would just give her my middle finger and elope with Le Si. Okay, maybe not the middle finger part since after all she did raise him for the last 10 years.


Honestly I gave up on this drama along with Huan Huan as she gave up on any treatment for her legs. It was just absurd to me how she would give up EVERYTHING for Tian Xing. I would be intimidated by such an obsessive person. I do think that she should deserve someone who loves her as much as she does and not like Tian Xing who doesn’t think much of her as a lover.


I guess I’m all complains because I could think of way better stories with those characters. That rarely happens so the writer must be really stuck to write this. I mean that random ending with everyone playing baseball? It’s not even a spoiler because it doesn’t have much significance to it. If I have one nice thing to say about this drama, it would be the O.S.T. The O.S.T. was perfect for this drama and it was always played at the suited times so it doesn’t sound awkward. So kudos to the O.S.T for making this drama a WAY better experience for me!

What do you guys think of Fall In Love With Me? Like I said, I didn’t think well of this drama but it might be to your liking. If you do like this drama, tell me what you like about it:) Thank you for reading the post and see you soon!^^



Anime Review: No Game No Life!~


 Title: No Game No Life (love the title!<3) 


Sora and Shiro are genius game players and together they form as an invincible team called “『  』”(Blank). One day, after beating the God of Games, Tet, they are given the offer to reborn in a world where everything is determined by games. 



It’s been a while since I’m so impressed by an anime. At first glance everything just draws me in, the visuals, the colours and the plot! The last anime I watched was Magi, I really loved it as well but the visuals and colours are much more impressive in No Game No Life. It just seems so futuristic and vibrant. The idea of everything in the world decided by games is unique and refreshing. Just hearing the plot sounds fun so naturally I picked this anime within seconds!


The first episode was a bit slow for me but once it picks up, it is the bomb. I was so in love with each game Blank played and how they would always turn it around on the opponents. Even a simple, boring game of rock, paper, scissors became a game of mind reading. I love Blank’s intelligence and how they explained the way the won every game. I really feel like Steph every episode (clueless) but I’d also like to think that I’ve gotten smarter through this anime. 


Having said that, there are several things that I’m not really pleased about in this anime. The sexual content was one thing. I’m not really keen on the incest jokes and there was just too much nakedness. I’ve learned to embrace it throughout the drama and try to enjoy it as a comical side of the anime but for some people who is not used to this Japanese culture, it might be hard for them to watch. I was delighted to find out that a new girl at my school is an anime lover like me but I’m kinda afraid to show her this anime because I don’t know what she would think of me when she sees those sexual content. 


Another ‘bad’ thing about this anime is the ending! It was so abrupt and didn’t really make sense to me because Blank hasn’t completed their goal of playing against the God. I’m really upset about it and I’m praying for a second season. I really want to know what would happen to Blank and if they can really live up to their title (not losing in any game). I am going to read the manga but there is only one volume at the moment so there probably isn’t any difference from the anime. It’s still ongoing so I’ll wait. Last thing is that I feel like they could do a better job with this original plot but I can’t think of my own at the moment so I’m kinda satisfied with what they did with it.


I would recommend this anime to 16+ because I really can’t imagine anyone younger than me watching this with its sexual content. Even though Blank aren’t biologically related, I feel like it will give kids the wrong idea about incest. I’m always a supporter of anime, books or dramas that challenges a person mentally. This anime isn’t really one which gets you to reflect on the meaning of life but the thing is the anime itself is about fun and games so it really doesn’t really matter. Although I keep on mentioning the sexual content it has, it really is trivial compared to the awesomeness to this anime. I just want you guys to be prepared so you wouldn’t be so shocked watching it. 

It’s really my opinion that this anime is certainly above average but I’m pretty sure you guys will like it. I’m not sure if it’s the genre or what but lately the anime I watch have become quite full of adult content. Please let me know if there’s any anime with none of that because I would love to watch that. I guess since I’m growing up I need to move on~ Oh, how I miss my innocence! Anyway, please share your opinion of this anime below! Thank you for reading and I’ll come back with another anime review soon!