First Impression: Heart To Heart<3 (Episode 1+2)


Title: Heart To Heart

First Impression:


I really like how the episode is played- it first shows a snippet of the end of episode and then it goes back to the source of its story. In a way that’s like a preview that’s used to tempt the viewers to stay and watch the whole story. It sure worked with me, especially the second episode. The first two episodes are fast-paced and packed with events which I think is way I’m liking it so much. It also does a stunning job at making contrasts in the episode. For example, Ko Yi seok is seen as a caring and understanding doctor who treats his patients professionally at the start of the episode when he convinced the suicidal women off a building. But then we see that he is not what he appears to be when he actual treats his patients in the clinic, not paying attention to what they say and even drinking on the job. This aspect of the drama really draws me in as I wonder why there is such a contrast in the character.


Speaking of characters, I’m definitely loving Cha Hong Do. You can already tell that she is a genuine person with a lot of knowledge since she stays at home and read a lot. Her psychological illness is actually way more serious than I thought, even to the extent that she is hiding from her crush for 7 years. This is really sad and it makes me angry that Doo Soo didn’t even attempt to meet with her for 7 years until now. I mean he’s been getting free food for 7 years?! Where are his manners? Having said that, he is a sweet guy in the way that he isn’t really pushy when it comes to Hong Do. He gives her the space that she needs but I think this is one of the reason why it would be hard for them to be together. Yi seok on the other hand forces Hong Do to speak out and take off her helmet, making her uncomfortable but that’s really helps her since she can’t live her whole life like that.


I think it would be fun learn about more of the main characters’ family and background since they are all quite eccentric. I’m  really curious as to why they are like that. We already know a lot about Yi Seok’s family (that’s a surprise for dramaland) and I can kinda understand why Yi Seok is so twisted. I can still sympathize with him though since I can see that he’s not really a bad person at heart when he cares for his mother. I think Hong Do is his medicine, like he said. But I think it would be more than just healing him. When Dr Uhm asked Yi seok if he intends to become a real doctor-one that can cry alongside his patients when they cry, I thought Hong Do would be the key to that.


The relationships in the drama is already complicated and I’m feeling a love square here >~< For now I’m shipping Hong Do with Doo Soo but we all know that they are not going to end up together T^T Even though I sympathize with Yi Seok, he is not a likable character so far. I sincerely hope he can be less of an ass the next few episodes before I develop serious Second Lead Syndrome…….


I’m going to continue watching this drama since there are so many things I want to know! One thing for sure is how Yi Seok will treat Hong Do’s anthrophobia. I mean even her crush can’t help her…..I have a feeling this drama is going to be one of my Top 10 dramas of 2015. Hopefully it will~ gotta finish this drama soon so that I can post my top 10 post the first week of January!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy the post. Christmas was amazing for me and I hope you had a great one too^^ I’ll see you guys soon:D


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