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Hey guys!!! thank you so much for visiting my blog^^ My name is Kelly(kinda obvious:P) . I’m an Asian living in Ireland that isn’t very good at communicating with people (face to face) so therefore stuck in my own fantasy world of Asian dramas , animes and books!  My main reason for making this blog is to freely express my thoughts on all these Asian drama goodness out there ( None of my friends except one likes Asian dramas and that one friend hates most of my bias!><) . I also want to improve on my English literacy so please excuse me for me grammatical and spelling mistakes:) and feel free to correct me! I would like to thank you in advance for improving my English.(haha…. i actually get where the engrish comes from in Asian dramas because I used to be like that when I first came to Ireland……how nostalgic! good times…..good times…..)

Basically in this blog I’m going to write reviews and recaps on Asian dramas, animes and books. I also do My Opinions which are usually based on a specific scene or episode that I really want to talk about. I will try to post as often as I can but since I am doing my Junior Cert this year, it is going to be difficult. My posts are usually based on my opinions so it can be that I like it or I hate it.


I actually don’t know how to describe myself! I love staying at home watching dramas, anime and reading books but I also love playing sports- I’m in the school hockey and basketball team and I used to be on the tennis and cammogie(if you don’t know this is an Irish sport that uses a hurl) team as well in primary school. If you don’t know me you would probably think I’m a multi-faced person~ I like being quiet when I’m reading or doing my school work, crazily aggressive at sport and the me drooling over our oppas watching Asian dramas( a side my friends would never see….lol).


kpop, dramas, books, ice-cream, bananas, korean food, green tea, sweet potatoes, star-gazing, travelling , collecting stickers~,my guitar,singing( but I’m not good at it:(~) baking and sports.


spiders, crowds, loud noises, butter , cheese, onion  and I can’t think of more….

Simona is now my co-admin and she will do book reviews. I do them as well but because I get the physical book I don’t reading them as often as Simona who reads it on her Ipad.  I can’t really speak for her so when she is fully active, there will be a paragraph about her. If you didn’t know already Simona is the best friend who hates most of my biases:P (I still love you,Simmy<3:P)

You are all welcomed to message me and I will try to reply to  you ASAP. You can message me about your experience with Asian dramas, books and animes. If there is a drama you wish I could review, just tell in the comments below.  Thank you guys for dropping by and I hope you like my blog^^

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello I came upon your blog because I was looking for a recap of a scene from the Gu Family Book. I’m also an Asian, I’m Chinese, and I live in Singapore. Your English is actually very smooth, the mistakes are very few and small 🙂 I like Korean dramas and anime too 🙂 I hadn’t noticed Yeo Wool and Wol Ryung said the same thing along the lines of “I ‘ll do everything I can because it is what I want to do” haha.

    Have you watched any other of Lee Seung Gi’s shows? He seems much fairer and his face smoother and young here? Even though I’m a fangirl of Suzy and Seung Gi, their cute moments in-drama really came across and made me happy, hoho, so cute 🙂
    The drama seems to be slotted for 24 episodes and we’re at 18 now, I want to see more of this cute couple~~ I was wondering how many episodes there’d be before I checked. I’m not confident of their pacing for the coming episodes but oh wells gotta make do with what they give us eh~

    • Oh My God!!! I’m so annoyed with myself!! I typed the whole reply to you but I accidentally deleted it so now I have to re-type this:(
      Yeah so to start off I want to tell you I suck at computer and I’m still new to blogging so I didn’t see your comment until now~
      I’m sorry for the late reply>~< and thanks for the compliment:) I'm actually the worst at English in my class:P
      So you like animes and dramas too??…that's so cool!!! seriously another reason I stared this blog is because I don't have many kdrama/anime-lover friend *sigh*
      it's especially hard to find it here in a non-asian country:(
      I watched most of Lee Seung Gi's dramas such as Shining Inheritance , My Girlfriend is a Gumiho , King 2 Hearts and of course the on-running Gu Family Book!
      I love him in other dramas so I was really looking forward to Gu Family Book and it hasn't disappoint me at all!……Though all my theories on it didn't happen but I still like it since it's unpredictable~
      I think there's 24 episodes set for now but I'm not sure if that will change….I actually think the episodes are pacing well and hopefully there will be a happy ending for Kang Chi and Yeo Wool.
      So what are your favourite dramas and animes?? Do you like kpop as well??

  2. Hello there 🙂 Nice to hear from you 🙂
    Yes I like anime, dramas, and kpop.

    I’m only keeping tabs on Infinite at the moment but I’ve been so brainwashed that I enjoy all kinds korean shows >__< and I felt like watching it when I was waiting for Gu family bk to be released but the video mirrors wouldn't load anymore lol.

    I'm sure there'll be a gd ending for Kang Chi & Yeo Wool, the dreamy stuff haha. It's that kind of drama after all! Was it that unpredictable? Perhaps I've watched too many dramas for this level to surprise me. When you take into consideration the darker and more complicated dramas.

    After having watched a number of dramas and anime, sometimes they just seem like "it's the same old thing D: " esp anime so I don't watch much anymore but I've been trying. Some of the popular anime I watched are Suzumiya Haruhi, Code Geass, Nodame Cantabile, Lucky Star, Tonari no Kaibutsu kun (sorry if there are so many old series. I am old huh). Right now I'm reading/watching Sore demo Machi wa Mawatteiru & Nichijou (everyday life with quirky charas) What are your favourites?

  3. I’m so sorry for the late reply again!! I wanted to reply to you when I arrive in China but the place I was staying in had no internet connections so….I’m sorry><
    I love korean shows as well!!! you should check one out called We Got Married, it is soooo freaking good!!! especially the khuntoria couple:) I watched them like 4 times:P

    Well you're right!:D they do have a happy ending but it was still unpredictable to me…..the ending . Well giving its genre I think it was very unpredictable for me. So how many years have you been watching dramas??…..just wondering since you weren't as surprised as I was for some episodes. I usually don't watch dramas too complicated cuz it will LITERALLY mess up my mind…..haha…..what dark and complicated have you watched?

    You're absolutely right so sometimes I switch from one genre of drama into another very different one or from korean drama to taiwanese or cantonese or just from drama to anime. This should be better so maybe you can try it if you want:) I'm currently watching a taiwanese drama called Love Around and it's really good. The plot is fresh and all of my friends love it so check it out 🙂

    The animes I watch are the popular ones as well but Ive never heard of the ones you watched..hmmm….I should check it out:) I watched naruto, keroro gunso, mermaid melody, yumeiro patissiere, full metal alchemist, kirarin revlution , kaichou wa maid sama, yu gi oh and many more~ I watched most of them when they were broadcast on TV in chinese dub so that's how I ended up loving anime~ What about you?

  4. hey kelly! i’m sure you don’t know me but if i tell you this you would probably guess it anyway, I got a shoes as a present for my birthday and SHINEE poster, hehe. I read your blog and yeah it is good! I can’t wait to hear more of your stories!! and oh yeah,you forgot to say you like dancing. Remember you always practice in front of the mirror well actually the reflection from the glass yeah, how i miss the time we spend hours dancing ! it was fun. well that’s it from me, i hope you get my message and please reply! 😛 thanks

    • You actually came to my blog!? thank you so much for the comment:D I thought I replied to you but then when I was just editing my profile I realized that I must have dreamed about it:P I wish we can dance more as well but Junior Cert is a tough year. I barely squeezed out a bit of my break time for this>~< so maybe next year? I hope you are getting on well^^ Best wishes to you in university!:)

  5. Hi Kelly
    I stumble upon your blog when i was checking out the other nominees. I will bookmark your blog and love your writing,

  6. Hello Kelly! You nominated me for a Liebster award but I’m sorry I can’t make a post about it, Really Really Really Really Really Sorry! Thanks for nominating me anyway :))

  7. Hi Kelly, I’ve just read through your blog, and you are really passionate about Korean Drama.

    I’m from viki.com, a site where a community of passionate fans subtitle and translate dramas into different languages. We have a lot of Asian Dramas: Hotel King, It’s Okay That’s Love, Love Around, etc. I think you might be interested to visit here: http://www.viki.com/countries

    I’m trying to reach out to passionate bloggers like you to bring Viki shows to more people. So please feel free to share any Viki video with your friends and readers, and let me know if you need anything else to help your blog.

    Viki’s Growth Team

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