My Theory on Seo Hwa’s return in Gu Family Book


I’m recently watching Gu Family Book starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy from Miss A. I literally just finished episode 15 two minutes ago and now I’m writing this post. So as the title describes, I’m going to discuss and summarise the return of Seo Hwa and my theory/conclusion on it. Here it is~


So near the end of episode 12, there’s a mysterious woman from Japan that is said to be the wife of the head of a secret organisation that Jo kwan-woong (the evil guy) is in. At first I thought she’s just gonna be a potential victim/love interest of Jo kwan-woong because he was eyeballing her so I didn’t take any particular notice in her. On to the next episode!~

The next episode the Mysterious lady doesn’t get much time but we know that she seems to know Soo-ryun and had requested her to do the drum dance which she didn’t do for almost ten years now. Mysterious Lady still hasn’t reveal her face.

guga14-00184 guga14-00182

Episode 14~ Soo-ryun did her drum dance but Mysterious lady wasn’t satisfied and get up to leave. Chung-jo defended Soo-run and demanded to know what was lacking in her dance. She answers with perfect Korean, saying that the performance had no soul. Her perfect Korean surprised everyone(including me~ I really expected her to be a real Japanese).Jo kwan-woong and I are both suspicious…..hmmm….

Soo-ryun went to Mysterious lady to apologies but it turns out that the Mysterious lady liked it but she only said it was terrible because she wanted meet Soo-ryun privately.She asks if she can visit the gisaeng house but Soo-ryun turns her down saying the only way to enter a gisaeng house as a woman is to become a gisaeng or be the head of the gisaeng house~


Bath scene! We can only see her back but it is enough for us to guess who she is. Her bare back shows a gisaeng tatto and a scar that looks like it is caused by claws digging in her shoulder…..DUN DUN DUNN!!! * Seo Hwa * is the first thing that crossed my mind~


Episode 15 – Mysterious Lady watches as Tae seo wanders around the Hundred Year Inn and she comments that if her son is still alive he would be the same age as Tae seo.


Tae soe was approached by Mysterious Lady’s assistant and he went to see her. She asked if he’s curious about her and she admitted that she is curious about him as well and the scene ends with her unveiling herself for th first time. Wait…what??…..That’s not Seo Hwa’s face….she’s not played by Lee Yeon Hee….What just happened!!!

So since she’s not played by Lee yeon hee I made up really what happened to her and I want to share it with you guys~

vlcsnap-2013-04-09-01h10m35s213 guga15-00840

I guess we all agree that Mysterious lady is Seo Hwa but what really happened? Let’s say Seo Hwa  actually died in second episode when she was stabbed and she goes to heaven. She still has regrets so she can’t get to heaven properly and makes a deal with the Jade Eperor just like Arang in Arang and the Magistrate. She is granted 3 month or something on earth to do whatever she regrets. She wants revenge on Jo kwan-woong ( I presume) so  she can’t have her own face so she borrowed someone else’s and the reason she still has her body is to prove that she is actually the Seo Hwa that was dead.

I know it sounds weird and it doesn’t make sense in a way but it’s it can’t really be her when she gets old , right? I mean Yoon Se ah isn’t really that old so I can’t really see the age differences. Also take Soo-ryun for example she has been there since the baby ( Kang Chi ) was born and she looks like she doesn’t even age one bit so if your talking about needing a new face because she got older~ then I think my theory is more convincing.


Anyway I just hope they have a good reason for Seo Hwa being alive whether this is really her and that she didn’t die or it is her soul in another body or just whatever is happening to her. The Gu Family Book is really enjoyable so I think you guys should see it. If you want to talk about the drama, just comment below^^

My 2008 HK drama Watch List!!!:D

I now understand how hard it is to keep up with blogging…..I mean how the hell can you find time??? I really appreciate the bloggers I follow who updates regularly now. I know everyone is busy in life so I’m not gonna say that it’s because school stuff~ it is more like I went on and read books or watch dramas after finishing school stuff instead of blogging but ah well it’s fine since I still use my time well:D



Anyway here are the list of 2008 Hk dramas I watched. ( This is not a review but a list for me to keep track of the dramas I watched~ I will do reviews when I have time)

  1.  Legend of the Demigods ( I actually really like this drama……..I love watching fantasy/science fiction dramas as well as reading fantasy/science fiction books;D)
  2. Wars of the In-Laws II~ ( If you like Wars of the In-Laws 1 then you will like this drama. This drama is basically the modern ver. of WOIN 1 but with a slightly different plot~ I didn’t like this one because it is really annoying…I mean that’s like watching a whole series about how b!tchy your BF’s mother is and who would actually watch that?? I have to say there are some cute couple scenes tho^^)
  3. A Journey Called Life~( This drama made me feel fat and lazy with the whole marathon concept…hmmm….I might try to be like the main female lead and start to get my @ss off and do some exercises:P)
  4. Wasabi Mon Amour~( I don’t remember this drama too well except that the female lead is the host of a cooking show but she can’t cook for life and the male lead who’s her childhood best friend and an apprentice of her Dad,a sushi chef.Of course she asked the male lead to be her double and cooks all the food and then they somehow fall in love and that’s all I remember:P)
  5. The Silver Chamber of Sorrows~( a dramatic series about a guy who owns a jewellery shop in Ancient China)
  6. The Money-maker recipe~( another 師奶 drama…..blah blah blah..I really don’t care about this drama~)
  7. Speech of Silence~( yay!!! first Kate drama of the year!!! This is actually the drama that made me fall in love with her!! If I go on I think I will take over this post so I’m gonna write a separate post about this;D)
  8. When a Dog loves a Cat~ ( I still remember the day i finished this drama and begged my mum for a puppy…how nostalgic…*spoiler* this drama is very sad)
  9. The Four~ ( haha…Kate again but this time she’s in a period drama and *SPOILER* she’s a badass!!!)
  10. Survivor’s Law 2~( Don’t remember but I guess it’s about laws and somehow there’s gonna be a rich guy who broke the law but doesn’t get put into prison because he’s rich kind of thing. Haha….I know because that’s usually the plot of dramas about law~)
  11. The Gentle Crackdown II~( It has a similar plot of Gentle Crackdown 1 but with different cast)
  12. The Seventh Day~( Two guys, both born on the seventh Day of July(I think) with different fates meet their love-of-their-life but will the both of their love blossom??or are they gonna  have different endings??)
  13. D.I.E~( A guy who solves all the unsolved crimes with his “superpower”)
  14. Catch Me Now~( Chinese ver. of Robin Hood)
  15. Forensic Heroes 2~( Solving crimes with forensic science~)
  16. Moonlight Resonance~( Kate again!!but she doesn’t appear until the latter half of the drama…..anyway this is kinda like the remake of Heart of Greed of last year which was extremely popular~ this drama has a similar cast and the plot of family conflicts)
  17. Last One Standing~( This drama made me feel so bad! It completely deceived me and I didn’t know until towards the end who the real bad guy was. I’m so sorry to the “bad” guy who I kept calling names of:<)
  18. The Gem of Life~( This drama is really complicated….seriously I don’t recommend you to watch it if you don’t want your mind to be blown…..jk….watch it it’s pretty good but it IS confusing)