The Heirs Episode 7 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 7:

Screenshot (1204)

Young Do is kicking the table to try to wake Eun Sang. He gets a call from Tan who asks him if the ramyun he’s eating is delicious. Young Do turns his head and sees Tan across the road. Young Do kicks the table again, telling Eun Sang that Tan is here for her. Eun Sang wakes up and asks why Young Do and Tan is here. Tan denies being there for her and tells Young Do to not do bad things in another person’s neighborhood before walking away. Young Do tells Eun Sang to follow Tan. Eun Sang declares that she is not there to meet him. Young Do doesn’t think this is coincidence at all but Eun Sang points out that it is also a coincidence that she and Young Do met in the convenience store and she gets up to leave.

Screenshot (1207)

Eun Sang comes home and she screams in surprise when Tan jumps out of a bush. Tan asks her why she always sleep in convenience stores-is it not scary? Eun Sang replies that she doesn’t want to go home that early and she has no where else to go. Tan suggests going to a coffee shop but Eun Sang thinks it’s too expensive as you have to spend money to stay there. Tan then asks Eun Sang why she is meeting Young Do but Eun Sang says that it’s not her fault because he is just there when she woke up. Tan asks if Young Do has threatened her. Eun Sang says no and in fact, Young Do says that he wants to protect her. Tan tells her that that’s a threat and warns her again to not run into him. Eun Sang says in her defence that she can’t control that. Eun Sang now questions Tan and Young Do’s relationship. Tan tells her that he doesn’t remember when but now he and Young Do are in a hate relationship. Eun Sang goes in first and tells Tan to go in after 5 minutes.

Screenshot (1210)

Eun Sang walks into the kitchen and sees Madame Han pouring her own wine. Madame Han tells her to be home earlier next time because she had to get her own wine. Tan comes into the kitchen looking for water and Eun Sang turns to leave as soon as she sees him. However, she is stopped by Madame Han who orders her to get Tan’s water. Madame Han introduces Eun Sang as the daughter of the ajumma who can’t talk as she thinks that it is the first time they meet each other. Tan says that he has actually seen Eun Sang a lot of times in school. Madame Han asks Eun Sang if she has seen Tan a lot in school as well but Eun Sang says that she didn’t. Madame Han thinks it’s strange because Tan is someone that you would notice anywhere. Ha! Tan walks out and Eun Sang is about to too. She is stopped by Madame Han who tells her to report to her Tan’s activities in school.

Screenshot (1215)

Eun Sang goes back to her maid’s room to find Hee Nam dozing off to sleep while folding the laundry. She tells her to go to sleep and she notices the new uniform that is hanged up. She is surprised and asks Hee Nam where she got it. Hee Nam replies that of course she bought it.  Eun Sang notes how expensive it is but Hee Nam tells her that st times like that, Eun Sang can rely on her. She tells Eun Sang to try it on to see if it is pretty and Eun Sang replies that she looks pretty in everything. Eun Sang thanks Hee Nam and tells her that truthfully, she really likes it.

Screenshot (1216)

Esther (Rachel’s Mum) angers Rachel by telling her that they are going to have take a family photo to put on the wedding invitation. Rachel refuses and calls Esther crazy. Rachel tells Esther to enjoy doing the photos because she is not going to be there.

Rachel bursts into Young do’s changing room and tells him to stop the taking of the family photos no matter what. Young Do says that he can’t stop the engagement but he can stop the photoshoot under a condition- Rachel has to do anything he asks.

Screenshot (1219)

At dawn, Tan waits outside for Eun Sang as he never sees her when he leaves. He ushers her into a taxi and forces her to go to school with him. In the car, Tan tells Eun Sang the report that she has to give Madame Han which is of course full of compliments. Eun Sang refuses to lie and Tan asks her which part of it is a lie. HA! Tan points out that she only says “yes, madame” at home and Eun Sang says that because at home she can’t say anything but that. Tan wonders if that is why Eun Sang makes him listen to all her “no”s and “never mind”s.

Tan asks Eun Sang why she is going to school this early and what is she trying to avoid. Eun Sang replies that it’s vehicles and she tells the driver to stop her at the pedestrian walk as she doesn’t want anybody to see them going to school together. Tan stops her saying that no one is at school at that hour.  When Eun Sang still refuses, Tan pretends that there is something outside the window and when she turns to look, he leans his head on her shoulder. He tells her to let him sleep as he had to wake up early for Eun Sang. He also comments on how well the uniform suits Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1222)

Eun Sang is walking to the main school building with Tan tailing after her.  Near the main school building Tan notices Eun Sang’s tied-up hair and pulls it off while she is walking. Eun Sang turns around, her hair flying but it looks extremely good of course because she is in a drama. Tan tells Eun Sang that she needs to have her hair down for school. Then he walks up to her and further messes her hair saying that she needs the hair to cover most of her face so she can be pretty. Okay….Eun Sang tells him not to do it because somebody could see it and just when Tan is saying that no one is in school at that hour, Myung Soo appears and is spraying some kind of deodorant or perfume on himself.

Tan reckons that Myung Soo has come right after the night club because of the state of him. Myung Soo tells them to go in and walks on a marking of a dead body of a crime scene. Eun Sang is startled but learns that it’s fake.  Myung Soo notes how more familiar Eun Sang seems at dawn and Tan defends her saying that she doesn’t go to night club. When asked how Tan knows that Eun Sang doesn’t go to clubs , Tan replies that there must be quality control in clubs. (meaning that Eun Sang doesn’t meet the standard to go there, ouch!)

Screenshot (1224)

Madame Han’s friend has come to visit her house and she notes how Madame Han lives in such luxury. They both have a dialect which I can’t tell but it does sound different from your standard Seoul korean. Madame Han gives her friend a tour of the house. The friend gets a call for a parent-teacher meeting and she is annoyed but Madame Han is envied of her.

They now sit down for tea and the friend asks Madame Han the progress of “Second Madame’s project”. Madame Han tells her that it’s a fail as the only man near Second Madame is Secretary Yoon. The friend is startled when she notices Hee Nam who is cleaning the floor. Madame Han thinks it’s only because she is mute but the friend wonders if she is faking it. This prompts Madame Han to test Hee Nam.

Screenshot (1227)

She tiptops to the kitchen to scare Hee Nam so she’d scream but Hee Nam notices her coming from the oven reflection so it doesn’t work. Madame Han asks Hee Nam if she is really mute and since when she is mute and when Hee Nam has written it down, she doesn’t bother looking and turns to leave. But after a step of two she immediately turns back and scares Hee Nam but of course she doesn’t scream. When the screen cuts to the answer that Hee Nam wrote, we learn that she became mute at the age of 3 after suffering from a feverish disease.

Screenshot (1230)

Hyo Shin is reviewing Eun Sang’s application form and notes that her specialty is sign language. He fails her because she applied to get money for her school uniform and it seems like she has it now. He then tells her to say some final words. Eun Sang tells him  in sign language to pick her or else she’ll avenge herself on him. Haha! However, when asked what she said, Eun Sang only tells Hyo Shin the first bit of the sign saying that means please select me. Hyo Shin is smart enough to catch on that even though sign language is different, the translation is too short for all the signs she made.

Bo Na comes in and sees Eun Sang. She warns Hyo Shin to never pick Eun Sang because Eun Sang is her boyfriends best female friend. However, she immediately changes her mind and picks Eun Sang when a suitor of Hyo Shin comes to apply for the spot.

Screenshot (1231)

Eun Sang is walking around the school and she ties up her hair again. Tan takes off her bobble as he walks pass her. Eun Sang is pissed and then she notices that Young Do is staring at her at a distance.  Creepy!!!!

Bo Na is at the library with Chan Young and he asks her if Eun Sang is picked as the producer. Bo Na answers that she doesn’t know and that Hyo Shin is the one who picks it. Tan is brought up in their conversation and Bo Na learns that Rachel is the one who told Chan Young about her past relationship with Tan. Chan Young begs Bo Na to not tell the school that Eun Sang is on a welfare scholarship but Bo Na refuses and walks off.

Screenshot (1233)

Chan Young walks into Myung Soo’s hide-out and sees Tan. They asks about each others relationship – Chan Young has dated Bo Na for a year and a half and Tan is about to confess to Eun Sang. Tan asks Chan Young if he ever developed feelings for Eun Sang during the half of his life that they were friends. Chan Young says that when he was 9 Eun Sang was taller than him and it made his heart fluttered when she chased off the guys who were bullying him. Now it’s Chan Young’s turn to ask- why did Tan hold Bo Na’s hands. Tan replies that he was holding her hand only because it was cold.

Screenshot (1236)

Won comes back home and runs into Madame Han who is holding her wine. She hides it behind her back as soon as she sees him and she says that she thought he is gone for good. Won is at loss for words because she just blurts out her thoughts. Won walks away and Madame Han tells him that she is happy to see him back home which is obviously a lie.

Won tells Papa Kim that he’s going to move out and stay at somewhere else for a while. Papa Kim comments that he has been staying out all this time but Won says it’s different because he had a place to go back to but now he doesn’t. Papa Kim says that he thought he would deal with this in a more smart or sophisticated way. Won talks back and says that bringing Tan to the office is not smart or sophisticated at all. Papa Kim defends Tan saying that he is only 18. Won starts talking about what he has to endure when he was only 6- a stepmother and a half brother who was embraced in Papa Kim’s arms. I swear, what is wrong with Won? If he uses that excuse for his behavior one more time I will seriously beat the crap out of him.

Screenshot (1237)

Won is packing his stuff in his room when Tan comes in, asking if he’s moved back home. Won misinterpret it and asks him if that is the only thing he and his mother care about. He tells him to leave as Tan is interrupting him. Tan begs Won to stay even if he hates him but Won refuses saying that only real families does that. Ouch! Tan says that he doesn’t have to do that. Won tells Tan to stop following him around like a kid and grow up. He says that when he does, he will talk to him then.

Screenshot (1242)

Won is in the wine cellar packing wine and Tan comes in. Tan apologies for following him to the hotel and for going to the company. He admits his wrongdoings and tells his hyung to stay. Won keeps packing his wine and doesn’t react to him. Tan stops him by grabbing his arm. Won is furious but Tan keeps holding asking if he doesn’t even have the right to muster up his courage to do that. Won is still cold and says that Tan has the courage to return to Korea but not fight with him. Tan walks up to his hyung and hugs him telling him that he knows that he’s going to lose the fight because it’s not a fight that he wants to do in the first place. Won seems touched for a moment but tells Tan that he’s noisy when Tan pulls away from him.  Won takes him wine and leaves. Awww!!! the bromance there just kills me!

Screenshot (1244)

Eun Sang comes home and is startled when Tan calls out to her. Eun Sang greets him and walks away but Tan tells her to return his dream catcher-he is the type who prefers people to notice the good deeds he does and returns the favor. Tan tells Eun Sang to bring the dream catcher to the wine cellar. Tan turns on some music when Eun Sang comes down to the wine cellar. She plainly gives Tan back the dream catcher and thanks him. Tan asks Eun Sang to stay for one song and she agrees only because his choice of song is good. Tan asks Eun Sang if she really likes the song because he’s heard her play that before. Eun Sang replies that it’s because a person who she really likes enjoys the song. Tan freaks out and asks if she has dated before, along with a wave of questions about the “boyfriend”. Eun Sang says that it’s not a guy and tells him that it’s her unnie.

Screenshot (1247)

Tan asks if she still wants to go to America and Eun Sang answers that it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be America, she just wants to get out of Korea. Eun Sang says that she it’s the same in Korea- going to part-time jobs after part-time jobs. She thinks transferring school is impactful but she is more unfortunate because of that. Tan offers to help her whenever she needs him but Eun Sang only accepts the thought. Tan tells Eun Sang what he feels like to be Empire Group’s   second son when she asked- he can’t call his mother “mum” and he can’t call his brother “hyung” ; that kind of feeling. When Tan asks if he can ask Eun Sang more questions, she refuses saying that his questions are always dangerous and walks away.

In her room, Eun Sang is lying in bed, thing about Tan’s confessions- in the American cinema when he asks her if perhaps, he likes her and in the garden when Tan reveals himself as Empire Group’s second son asking her if perhaps, he misses her.

Screenshot (1252)

In school, Young Do’s minions blocks everyone from going into the classroom but Bo Na still bursts in to find Young Do and Eun Sang alone. Eun Sang gets up to leave but Young Do pulls her down to her seat. When asked what he is doing by Bo Na, Young Do replies that he is trying to find out more about Eun Sang. He takes Eun Sang’s bag and dumps out all of the contents and he does the same to Bo Na’s bag. He compares the contents and comments on how Eun Sang isn’t new money because she doesn’t know how to spend. He then asks Bo Na to confirm Eun Sang’s identity to which she refuses. Thank God Chan Young has come to the rescue and this interests Young Do. He wonders why there are so many knights looking after her and he says that it makes him want to compete with them.

Tan has heard about the incident from the other class and he is about to leave to help her but class has just started. He waits impatiently, looking at his watch several times during class and Rachel notes all of that.

Screenshot (1259)

In the hallway, a crowd has gathered and our main star is of course Young Do and the guy in glasses who I know now is called Jun Young. Young Do has filed a law suit against Jun Young so he is looking for mercy. However, Young Do messes with him and tells Juun Young that if he kneels before him , he might cancel the law suit and of course Junng does. Eun Sang sees all of this but she doesn’t do anything this time. Instead, Tan comes along and tells Jun Young to get up. Jun Young refuses and tells him to stop faking to be nice. Tan asks Jun Young if he has ever been bullied by him. Jun Young says that Young Do is better that Tan because at least he remembers bullying him.  Tan apologies and offers to make it up by punching Young Do. Every one gasps at that including Eun Sang and when a teacher comes, Tan is in trouble.

Screenshot (1260)

Both Young Do and Tan are in the Chairman’s office. Chairman offers to take Young Do to the hospital but he says he’s alright and promises to not file a law suit. Chairman tells Tan off and tells him that if he ever does that again, he better transfer schools. Tan apologies to Chairman and she threatens to tells Won about it if he ever causes trouble again. Outside the office, Young Do rubs in the fact that even Chairman tells him to transfer schools to Tan. They end up walking off the opposite direction after an intense conversation. Then we see a bit of what happened in the past.

Screenshot (1265)

We see the young Tan and Young Do and they are in the same hallway, walking past each other. Tan stops Young Do and asks if he is avoiding him because of what he saw the other day. Young Do grabs Tan’s collar asking “What about the other day? What did we see?”. Tan calmly tells Young Do that what they saw isn’t something to be embarrassed about but it’s something that’s painful. He then comforts his friend by telling his ultimate secret- he is a son of a mistress. Young Do doesn’t appreciate it and rubs it in his face that he will never be an illegitimate bastard like him. My guess is that Tan saw some kind of dark secret of Young Do’s and so he tries to comfort him with his dark secret but it backfires as Young Do betrays him by calling him an illegitimate bastard.

Screenshot (1267)

School’s over and Myung Soo, Bo Na and her sidekick are discussing about Tan/Young Do incident. Myung Soo and Bo Na’s sidekick is on Young Do’s side while only Bo Na is on Tan’s side. Rachel comes out as well and Bo Na leaves her group to talk to her. Bo Na is pissed that Rachel told Chan Young about her past relationship with Tan. Rachel doesn’t care and tells Bo Na to take care of Eun Sang and Chan Young’s relationship first. Bo Na tells Rachel that she has already discussed that with Chan Young so she tells Rachel to take care of Eun Sang and Tan. Rachel tells Bo Na that she is not the only one causing her to lose her mind right now and so she says that she will surely pay her back.

Rachel gets in her car and notices that Esther is the only driving. Esther sees Tan and honks at him. Tan walks over and greets them. Esther comments on how long Tan has been in Korea and yet they are meeting that why. Tan explains that his schedules have been hectic. Esther invites Tan to have lunch with her and Rachel. We Don’t have an answer for that.

Screenshot (1268)

We soon find out that Tan has rejected the invitation to dinner as Esther rants about it. Rachel tells Esther about the Tan/Young Do incident today and Esther asks why Tan hit Young Do. I just love Rachel’s answer- Young Do must’ve done something so that he deserves it. Rachel says that speaking of Young Do reminds her of his Dad who is Esther’s fiancee. She says that she knows one thing for sure- her fiancee is definitely better than Esther’s. Esther fumes at that and stops her car to tell Rachel to get out.

Screenshot (1270)Screenshot (1271)

Esther musters up her courage to get Secretary Yoon’s phone number. She calls him saying that she must be the one who is more desperate. Secretary Yoon coldly tells her to think about if getting his number is really worth the effort before hanging up . Turns out Secretary Yoon is in the hospital with Papa Kim and Papa Kim is just finished doing his blood pressure.Secretary Yoon thanks the doctors and leaves. He notes in the hallway that there is a man with the Empire Group envelop and wonders who he is.

Screenshot (1274)

In the library, Chan Young is helping Eun Sang with the material that she is supposed to study for an upcoming test. Eun Sang gets a call but she declines it, prompting Chan Young to ask her about it. Eun Sang doesn’t tell him saying that she has secrets as well. She then tells him to leave before Bo Na gets angry but Chan Young replies that Bo Na is cute whenever causing Eun Sang to cringe. After Chan Young leaves, she gets another call. It is from Young Do and he is asking her to eat jjajangmyun with him. She can’t refuse because he has sent  Joon Young telling him that he will drop the law suit if he can make Eun Sang go to him.

Screenshot (1279)

Eun Sang is with Young Do at his hotel’s suite room. She tells him to not joke with Jun Young if he isn’t really going to drop the law suit. Young Do however says that he is going to but Eun Sang and I highly doubt it.

Eun Sang: Why?

Young Do: Because you came.

Eun Sang: How does me coming here make things change?

Young Do: My feelings changed.

Eun Sang: Why do they change?

Young Do: You coming here made my feelings change into flowers……..something like that.

Eun Sang says that she doesn’t have time for jokes. Young Do says that it isn’t a joke and asks if everything he says seem like a joke to her. When she doesn’t answer, he asks her if she hates flowers or if she hates coming to him-he’s going to make her do the one she hates more. Eun Sang answers that she hates both of them.

Screenshot (1281)

A door bell rings and Young Do opens the door to reveal Rachel who has come to complain that the photo shoot isn’t cancel at all. When Young Do tells her to come back later because he has an important guest, Rachel bursts into the room and sees Eun Sang. She comments that Eun Sang is better than what she thinks before storming out. Eun Sang walks out after her and begs Young Do to drop the law suit.

Rachel calls Tan at the lobby and tells him about the meeting between Eun Sang and Young Do. Tan calls Eun Sang but she doesn’t answer his calls. Down stairs, Hee Nam gets a text that there will be a parent-teacher meeting. She text the teacher that she won’t be able to go and MAdame Han says that they have the same destiny- both of them can’t attend the parent-teacher meeting. Tan rushes out before Madame Han can ask him where he is going.

Screenshot (1283)

Tan arrives at the coffe shop where Eun Sang is doing her part-time job. He drags her out and asks her why she doesn’t answer his calls. Eun Sang replies that she is working so of course she can’t. Tan asks if Eun Sang went to Young Do’s hotel and he is angry when Eun Sang admits going to Young Do’s hotel. He calls her crazy but Eun Sang defends herself saying that in the US she followed him, a potential drug dealer to his house. Eun Sang explains that she only went because Young Do said that he’d drop the law suit if she goes. She can’t leave Jun Young who kept her secret identity. Tan doesn’t understand how they are friends when they’ve only seen each other a few times.

Eun Sang blames Tan for Young Do’s pursuit of her. Tan screams that that’s the reason why he’s like that- because he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him. Tan begs Eun Sang to stop making him worry and to stay put. Eun Sang tells Tan to leave her alone because she just want to graduate school without any troubles. Tan tells her the solution to a peaceful school life- to move out. Or if she can’t and she still wants to attend school, she needs to start liking him and if possible, be sincere about it. So this is basically a confession if you want to break it down.

The Heirs Episode 6 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 5:

Screenshot (1116)

Eun Sang walks into the cold war between Tan and Young Do and she is clueless. She just looks back and forth at the boys and it is Chan Young who actually drags her out that she can get out of that sticky situation.

Rachel tries to end this by telling Young Do that he’s finished his greetings but she is grabbed by Young Do when she wants to leave with Tan. Young Do says that his greetings can’t be finished easily by a hug or some tears. Tan tells him that if Young Do want tears, he can find him and pulls Rachel back to his side. Young Do thinks that it is already interesting and looks forward to everyday in school from now. Tan tells him to transfer if he is worried because Tan can’t transfer since his “omoni”(mother) is the chairman of the school. Young Do goes far by asking him is that how he differentiate between “omoni”(mother) and “umma”(mum). Young Do thinks he has gone too far himself and leaves.

Screenshot (1117)

Rachel talks to Tan about his return. She isn’t happy that she knows his return through Myung Soo. She asks Tan if he is involved with Eun Sang’s transfer. Tan says he doesn’t have anything to do with it and that he can’t since he has no say in the family whatsoever. Rachel wants to talk more but Tan thinks they’ve talked enough and goes away.

Screenshot (1120)

Chan Young and Eun Sang sits outside the school. Eun Sang doesn’t understand why Chan Young doesn’t tell her earlier that Tan is the second son of the Empire Group. Chan Young answers that even if he tells her, she still can’t move out so it’s not that important. The more important thing now is to learn about the social class system-it is split into four categories: Business-heir Group, Stock-heir Group, Honorable-heir Group and the Social Welfare Group.

Business-Heir Group: They are the ones that will inherit the company.

e.g. Kim Won, Rachel and Young Do.

Stock-Heir Group: This group are the ones who will inherit stock, even though they won’t own the company, they can make decisions in the company.

e.g.Kim Tan and Bo Na

Honorable-Heir Group: Their parents are high rank lawyers/prosecutors. They will inherit the honorable title of their parents.

e.g. Myung Soo and Hyo Shin

Social Welfare Group: They are the ones who depend on a scholarship to get in the school. They are the lowest class.

e.g. Chan Young and Eun Sang.

Eun Sang now worries about how she will do but Chan Young comforts her saying that she at least has one friend coming in while the others, including him were alone.

Screenshot (1121)

Eun Sang is filling in forms at the office where her class teacher tells her how the lessons work. In one blank of the form is the occupation of her mum. She fills in “housewife” instead of “housekeeper”. The teacher knows about her identity but Eun Sang defends herself saying that her mum is also a housewife. Hmm…I wonder if she is ashamed? The guy in glasses who was bullied by Young Do and his gang in the first episode overhears her social class.

Screenshot (1122)

Eun Sang introduces herself in the first class.  Lucky her! she is in the same class as both Tan and Young Do!! A student asks for her class and the class falls to silence as they eagerly wait for her answer. She doesn’t quite want to reveal that she is of the lower class but she doesn’t want to lie either so there is a long silence in the room. Eventually Tan comes to the rescue by telling the teacher that he wants to introduce himself too even though the students already know him. Tan tells Eun Sang to go back to her seat and he introduces himself.

Screenshot (1125)

Hee Nam is cleaning while wearing a maid outfit as she wants a change of mood around the house but Madame Han is startled upon seeing it. She wants to know where her one-of-a-kind blouse is as she needs to head off somewhere.

It turns out she’s gone to the Second Madame’s school and she is there to see Tan’s progress. Second Madame think she has gone too far and threatens to hit her again. Madame Han is smart enough to bring a doctor’s note which apparently states that she needs two-weeks recovery. Second Madame snatches away the note and reads it. She lets out a laugh at her diagnosis and mocks her. Madame Han threatens to hit her as well but it seems like she loses this time as the Second Madame throws back the doctor’s paper at her and walks away.

Screenshot (1129)

Tan bursts into the radio recording room and greets Hyo Shin. Okay~ now I’m kinda confused, so many people hate Tan at first but now more characters seem to be on friendly terms with him. So what the heck happened? Hyo Shin invites Tan to be the producer but Tan thinks he’s too good-looking to be behind the scenes. At that moment, Bo Na bursts in the door and turns for the door when she sees Tan. Tan asks if she is doing well and where Chan Young is. Bo Na runs out the door saying that Chan Young did nothing wrong. Ha!

At the locker, Bo Na tells her sidekick that she is worried that Tan still has feelings for her and wants to beat up Chan Young. Haha! I knew it! Bo Na then talks in English, saying that he hates Tan so much but he is so hot. Hahaha! this is cracking me up! Myung Soo walks in and asks their opinions on the new transfer student, aka. Eun Sang. He thinks that she looks familiar.  Eun Sang walks in and Myung Soo asks her for her “side”. She doesn’t answer and just stares at Bo Na who tells her to reply it herself. Rachel is surprised that Bo Na knows Eun Sang too.

Screenshot (1132)

Another moment of silence and  this time, it is broken by Tan too who answered for Eun Sang saying that she is “New Money”. Myung Soo agrees that Eun Sang looks like she is “New Money” but Bo Na knows the lie and “huul” at it. Tan tries to further help the situation by telling “New Money” to follow him. He walks off first but Eun Sang doesn’t follow him and in fact, she goes the opposite way.

Screenshot (1135)

Eun Sang walks around the school yard and when she passes by Young Do, he takes out his foot and trips her. He grabs her as she falls and asks if she is alright. Eun Sang says that it is Young Do who causes her to fall. When Young Do asks if Eun Sang is afraid of him, Eun Sang replies that she doesn’t and why would she. Young Do tells her that because he will be tripping her a lot in the future. He then asks her questions and warns her to answer properly this time.

But of course she doesn’t- she is asks about her relationship with Kim Tan and she tells him to ask Tan himself if he is curious. Young Do announces that from then on, she is his- meaning that she will be his shuttle (someone who is bullied and goes back and forth doing errands. He then tells her to answer properly this time-What is her relationship with Tan? This time Tan comes to the rescue and tells Young Do to ask him if he wants to know something. He tells Eun Sang to go first and to stop avoiding him because there is something he needs to talk about.

Screenshot (1137)

Young Do doesn’t know understand why Tan keeps on interfering when he is trying to “make friends” with Eun Sang. Tan says that Young Do is more suited to have no friends since he likes to get rid of his friends quickly, indicating that Young Do betrayed him. (I bet it’s something like helping Won to send Tan away.)

Outside, Tan can finally talk with Eun Sang. He tells her to stop avoiding him but she tells him that she can’t even when she wants to since even when she goes home, he is there. Eun Sang doesn’t like the way Tan has seen her in her lowest point in life. Tan doesn’t care and tells Eun Sang to stay away from Young Do since he is dangerous. He also tells her to stick around him so the secret of her social class doesn’t come out. This provokes Eun Sang and she snaps. Tan is the one who told others her “class” and now she has to lie. She also thinks that the one she should stay away from is Tan since the reason people who approached her e.g. Young Do is because of Tan. Eun Sang leaves and Tan calls someone to meet after school.

Screenshot (1140)

The person Tan is meeting is Chan Young and they are at Myung Soo’s hideout. Chan Young is fixing Myung Soo’s computer and Tan is surprised that he is good at fixing them. Tan requests Chan Young to not tell anyone about Eun Sang’s true social class and her relationship with him.  Chan Young stiffens and asks if Tan is threatening him. Tan thinks that Chan Young and Eun Sang know too much about each other and it can be dangerous as Tan learns from experience that sometimes friends are potential enemies. Bo Na comes in and immediately pretends to be on the phone and leaves when she sees Tan. Tan thinks that she still has feelings for him .

Screenshot (1141)

In the maid’s room, Eun Sang comes in from school and Hee Nam asks her about her first day in her new school. Instead of answering, Eun Sang suggests to get a loan and move house. Hee Nam tells her to just attend school but Eun Sang doesn’t want to hide in the maid’s room as if they are criminals. Eun Sang offers to take up more jobs but Hee Nam tells her not to even think about it-She can never last more than three months because of her disability. Eun Sang : “Is that my fault that you can’t hear?” Hee Nam: “then is it my fault?” Eun Sang starts crying, asking why they have to live like that.

Screenshot (1146)Screenshot (1144)

Tan is in the wine cellar when he hears Eun Sang coming. He hides behind the wine rack and hears that Eun Sang has been crying. Eun Sang makes herself comfortable and turns on music on her super-mini laptop before leaning against the wine rack to enjoy the music. Both of the sit back-to-back again with the wine rack in between them. Eventually Eun Sang gets a text from Tan who asks her if he can meet her. When Eun Sang replies asking where he is, Tan appears from behind and startles her.

Eun Sang asks if he has hide in the wine cellar before and Tan answers that he has ,of course. Tan then takes her hand and leans in as if he’s going to kiss her hand but then says that it’s not smoking, asking her if she did anything that she isn’t supposed to do there. Tan tells her to eat lunch with him tomorrow even if she doesn’t want to or else to transfer school. Aww…..I know you are trying to protect her!

Screenshot (1151)

In the cafeteria, Eun Sang sits alone but the guy with glass (who was bullied in episode 1) tells her to move since it is his seat. When Eun Sang tries to protest, he declares that he knows about her social class and even her mother’s job because he has heard it in the staff room. He warns he to never reveal her true social class unless she wants to volunteer to get hit and tells her to hurry and go.

Young Do and his gang arrive and the glasses guy hurries to push Eun Sang away. Two guys put their hands around him and push him to sit down. Eun Sang just stay staring so the two guys ask if Eun Sang wants to join them. Young Do agrees. Eun Sang turns around and is about to go but hears the two guys bullying glasses guy. They are both throwing food at his face. When Eun Sang finally has enough and tries to stop them, Tan drags her out of the way.

Screenshot (1154)

They sit at another table and Eun Sang tries to go back to help the guy but Tan warns her to sit down unless she wants to be the one bullied. Eun Sang now understands why Tan wants her to sit with him. What she doesn’t understand is why he knows since he’s a transfer student as well but Tan answers that because in middle school, he was the one sitting there bullying someone else with Young Do. Young Do comes and sits beside Eun Sang. Tan tells him to leave since both of them need to eat their meal peacefully but Young Do argues that the reason he has an appetite now is because he is sitting next to Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1156)

Eun Sang gets up to leave but Young Do grabs her and pulls her down to her seat. Tan then offers another solution- let Eun Sang go and both of them eat together. But Young Do insists on eating with Eun Sang since people are looking and they might misunderstand that they are fighting. Tan then throws a spoon at the table and leans back on his chair with his arms crossed.  Young Do smirks and tells Eun Sang to eat a lot. Eun Sang agrees and tells him to eat a lot too with an attitude. Young Do then tells Tan that he can’t helping being interested in Eun Sang because of her personality.

Screenshot (1159)

Myung Soo is telling Tan about his workshop in the music room. He tells him that there are still photos of him with Bo Na and Young Do. Speaking of the devil, Young Do arrives with his gang to the music room. He shoos everybody outside including Myung Soo so he can talk alone with Tan. Young Do tells him to transfer before the words “son of a mistress” comes out of his mouth. Hmm……didn’t he just do it? Tan is really pissed and gets of his seat, approaching Young Do. He says that it seems like that he really can’t be friendly with him and they have a stare showdown with each other.

Screenshot (1163)

Young Do is at the bike store again and he sees Eun Sang who has come to the store to deliver chicken. Eun Sang leaves without noticing him and he has an idea. Eun Sang goes to the store again for the second delivery but no one is there to receive the order. Eun Sang calls the customer to confirm and that’s how Young Do gets her phone number. Young Do walks in and Eun Sang is annoyed. He pays her and comments that he could have gotten her phone number for free if he gets it off Rachel.He then tells her to save his number but Eun Sang refuses and leaves. Young Do threatens to tell the school about her identity if she doesn’t save his number. This gets Eun Sang to stop  for a moment but she walks on.

Screenshot (1165)

Tan is back home from school and he greets his Dad who is wandering around the garden. Dad says that one of his sons comes back but now the other one is gone so he tells Tan to go to bring Won home with him tomorrow.

Screenshot (1169)

Won is lying in bed, sick. Hyun Joo has come and she has made him porridge to eat. She urges him to go home since he’s sick but he replies that he will be more sick if he is in his house and besides, Hyun Joo has come for him so he’s more than happy to be there. Hyun Joo says that it feels like he’s lying about being sick and Won hilariously replies that she could have make something more delicious than porridge if she knows that he is pretending to be sick.

Hyun Joo has cooled the porridge and she hands it to Won to eat it. Just then, Won gets a call from someone that tells him that Papa Kim has called for a meeting in the company. Won tells Hyun Joo to go home and he immediately gets dressed. Hyun Joo seems a bit upset but she leaves.

Screenshot (1171)

A car arrives at the Jeguk Group building and Tan, Papa Kim and Secretary Yoon comes out of it. Tan finally understands his Dad’s plan so he requests to go home but of course he can’t win Papa Kim. They are in a meeting room and it takes a while before all of the board of directors has arrived except Won. Won is stuck in traffic and he is cranky. They proceed with the meeting and Won finally arrives near the end. Papa Kim introduces Tan to everyone as his second son and the look on Won’s face is more than the devil itself. The meeting ended and everyone leaves except Tan and Won. Tan is trying to explain the situation to his hyung but of course he doesn’t listen and gives out to him for not thinking. Tan doesn’t know what to do because to Won, Tan’s existence is a nuisance. Tan walks out of the meeting room.

Screenshot (1173)

Madame Han asks Tan about the meeting at dinner- Did he participate in the meeting? Where did he sit? She notices that Tan is putting a lot of water to his rice so she asks him why. Tan replies that he doesn’t want to hear her questions so he wants to finish eating quickly and leave. Madame Han is frustrated but it’s alright because she decides to ask him questions faster instead- What did he do? Did he give his opinions? Did Won come? Where did he sit? Tan snaps at the mention of his brother and storms out.

Screenshot (1174)Screenshot (1179)

Eun Sang is hanging the laundry with her mum but she is left to do it alone when her mum needs to check on something she is cooking. She finishes alone and falls asleep on a chair. Tan is just coming out to the garden and he sees Eun Sang who is fast asleep. Then the scene cuts to Tan sitting on a chair only inches from her and he quietly watches her.  He then notices that the band aid on her hand is peeling off so he gets up to fix it for her. Eun Sang, without opening her eyes, tells him to let him sleep for five more minutes thinking that he is Hee Nam. Eun Sang finally wakes up and she sees a dream catcher hanging on the laundry rack. She looks towards Tan’s window. Tan is lying in bed with his eyes wide open.

Screenshot (1181)

Rachel’s mum is reminiscing her kiss with Secretary Yoon and gets a call. Thinking that it’s Secretary Yoon, she answers but then she sees him right in front of her so she hang up. She asks him why didn’t he call her after the incident but gets asked back. She says that she doesn’t have his phone number but Yoon argues that being the Chairman of RS International, it isn’t hard to get his phone number. She says that it will stir up rumors if she takes so much effort to get a mere secretary’s phone number. Yoon says that the more desperate one makes more excuses and walks off.

Screenshot (1186)

In school, Eun Sang wants to ask the teacher about scholarships but the teacher discourages her saying that the kids here gets tutors and rich. Not only that, she also tells her that she needs to pay fees for school activities that are compulsory as well as telling her to get the school uniform. She walks around the school, discouraged. Then she stumbles upon Hyo Shin’s ad for hiring a producer which offers a scholarship. She immediately writes down his phone number.

Screenshot (1188)

Eun Sang meets up with Hyo Shin and tells him that even though she knows the students here get tutors she wants to know if the scholarship is prepaid or deferred because she needs money for her school uniform. Hyo Shin accuses her of only wanting the scholarship and that she doesn’t truly like broadcasting. He also wonders why she wants the scholarship when she is a “New Money”. Eun Sang explains that she spent her money too carelessly and is left with none. She says that she doesn’t have any flaws apart from that- she is hardworking and sincere. Hyo Shin asks her how is he suppose to know if she is hardworking and Eun Sang replies that because she sincerely found out what kind of person Hyo Shin is-a very nice person who is kind and gentle. She asks him to give her a chance to take the test.

Screenshot (1189)

Eun Sang walks down the school hallway with a sheet on her hand, presumably meaning that she has a chance. She sees a large crowd gather and pushes in to look. The glasses guy is pushed against the locker by Young Do and he does this many times. The glasses guy snaps and uses his school to hit Young Do across the face which leaves a scratch on his cheek.  He tells Young Do that he is not afraid anymore since he’s transferring schools. He hit Young Do again but this time, Young Do grabs his arm and flips him to the floor. Young Do then steps on his shoulder and while looking at Eun Sang who gasps in horror, says that he’s anticipating the things that are going to happen to her. Eun Sang is petrified.

Screenshot (1193)

When everyone has left, Eun Sang goes to help the glasses guy who is lying on the ground. She hands him her water but Tan throws it away and drags her against a lock. He tells her to stop meddling with other’s business. Eun Sang doesn’t understand because she is just helping him up. Tan tells her that if the weak stays with the weak, they will just be weak. The cruel reality of the school finally soaks in Eun Sang. Rachel is seeing the interaction between the two.

Screenshot (1196)

Rachel finds Eun Sang’s arrival form at home and calls her. She tells her to bring her her name tag but Eun Sang tells her to go to her herself. Eun Sang gives in when Rachel threatens to tell the school about her identity. Eun Sang meets up with Rachel and both are asking for their own things that are taken. Eun Sang hands her the name tags first but Rachel doesn’t give Eun Sang her arrival paper and lies that she has thrown it in the airport’s bin. Rachel warns her to make sure that she will never get Rachel or Tan mention with her as a set. She then literally throws cash at her saying that it’s commission. Eun Sang grits her teeth.

Screenshot (1199)

Young Do is at the convenience store and he sees Eun Sang sleeping out at the table again. He moves to sit across from her and deliberately makes loud noises to wake her. (Does this remind you of Tan?) When she doesn’t wake up, he starts kicking the table. Eun Sang still doesn’t wake up and Young Do tells her that he knows she’s pretending to be asleep. He asks her why she always sleep at place like that because that makes him want to protect her. He then gets a phone call from Tan who asks him if the ramyun is delicious. Young Do looks around and sees Tan across the street. They have another massive stare down.

The Heirs Episode 5 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 5:


We’re back at the scene where Tan opens the door and finds Eun Sang in the kitchen, drinking water. He doesn’t go in to greet her (too shocked perhaps?). Eun Sang prepares the meat for tomorrow before going back into her maid room.


Tan recollects all the pieces and puts the puzzle together up in his room. He lets out a heavy sigh, probably at how stupid he is for not realizing that earlier.

Next morning, Eun Sang runs out in the rain to school and we see that Tan is by his window, processing the fact that Eun Sang is really living in his house. Seriously, dude how many confirmations do you need?


Tan creeps into Eun Sang’s room when she is out and he sees the state of the room she is living in-a bit messy and crowded. He walks out and sees the note Hee Nam wrote-She’s gone out to the supermarket. Madame Han walks into the kitchen, looking for ajumma (Hee Nam) and is delighted to see Tan there. Tan wonders where Won is since he hasn’t seen him the few days he’s been here. Madame Han doesn’t like the way Tan still likes his hyung even after what he did to him. She wants Tan to go shopping with her but Tan refuses, saying that he has something to do.


Tan goes to greet the Second Madame as she has just finished preparing the transfer-of-school paper work for him. She warns him to not cause trouble like he did in middle school. Tan learns from the Second Madame that Won has left the house when she comment how sly he is to kick his hyung out of the house as soon as he comes back.


Hyun Joo (Hyo Shin’s tutor) dines with Won and she seems to be Won’s weak point as we see Won’s cold facade melting down for her. However, Hyun Joo seems to be cold towards him, giving him only 20 minutes to talk because she is busy. Won presents her a gift he bought her from the US- the wishbone. He tells her the story behind it- the one who holds the longer side gets a wish. She tells him to hold it with her later as she doesn’t have a wish now-she got into a university and has her own room, now she is saving money too!

Won shows Hyun Joo his real gift-a wishbone necklace which looks pretty expensive. Hyun Joo rejects to receive it. She’s been growing up with the support of Won’s family, now that she can support herself she doesn’t want to owe him anything more. Won argues and Hyun Joo finally accepts it when Won threatens to throw it away. However, Won knows her personality- she will accept it but not wear it so he decides to put it on her personally. Do I see Eun Sang’s shadow in her? I hope she and Eun Sang can be friends.


Won walks back to his hotel and a manager greets him at the lobby, telling him that he has a guest. Won immediately assumes that it’s Papa Kim and calls Secretary Yoon to asks for Papa Kim but of course he only finds out that it’s Tan who has come. He gets mad at the hotel manager for letting “strangers” in but the manager says that it’s the Chairman (Papa Kim) who allowed Tan in. Of course Won isn’t a happy camper.


On the other hand, Tan is waiting patiently for his hyung. This have always got me wondering, why is Tan so tolerant of his hyung? Is there so unknown happy moments of them that we don’t know? Why Is Tan trying so hard? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out.


Tan finally stops waiting and arrives back at his house to eat. HE loves the food and mum is proud to say that it is her that ordered the food to be made and she will order more in the future if he wants. Tan sees Hee Nam and he starts asking mum about Eun Sang. Just as Mum compliments how Eun Sang listens well, she realizes that her glass of wine is nearly empty and calls for Eun Sang to bring more. Tan panics and avoids Eun Sang. Hmm….why do I feel like he is plotting something?


Eun Sang is bringing the wine to the house from the wine cellar but it is dark so she uses her phone’s flashlight to guide her. Suddenly, all the lights in the garden lights up and even the fountain runs. Eun Sang takes notice of it but walks on. Then Tan comes from behind the trees, looking at Eun Sang. Aww… he’s her guardian angel!


Alone in a bar, Secretary Yoon remembers his encounter with Rachel’s mother in the elevator and the way she said that her heart still flutters whenever she sees him. He orders another cup of beer and Won joins him, making that two cups. Won has gone to the bar to avoid Tan and he talks about Tan with Secretary Yoon.

Young Do’s Dad and Rachel’s Mum walks into the bar and they greet Won and Secretary Yoon. Young Do’s Dad is upset that Won didn’t go to his hotel when he was doing business in America but Won ‘s excuse is that his business is too far from the hotel as it is in the countryside. Young Do’s Dad invites the two to dine with him.


At the dinner, Secretary Yoon and Rachel’s Mum looks intimately at each other while the other two are discussing your typical business stock market. Secretary Yoon is distracted when Won tells Young Do’s Dad that S. Yoon has warn him to not invest in the African market as it is too risky. Young Do’s Dad insults S.Yoon by saying that only cowards wouldn’t take a chance saying it’s too risky. S.Yoon owned Young Do’s Dad when he says that only employees like him have the wits to go against the boss and tell them the risk. S.Yoon then walks off saying that he has to make a call to his son.Awww!! Rachel’s Mum follows him out next.


Chan Young nags his Dad to not be too late going home on the phone. S.Yoon finishes the call and sees the approaching Rachel’s Mum (I seriously need to learn names:P). She apologies for her soon-to-be-husband’s rudeness and S.Yoon apologies too. When Rachel’s mum is in the middle of asking what he is apologizing for, he already grabs her in for a kiss.


Eun Sang zones out in school when she hears “Hollywood” in class so the teacher asks her a question but she answers correctly. Her friends wonders if Eun Sang is sick but Eun Sang explains that she moves so it takes two hours for her to get to school. She tells her friend to wake her up when the teacher comes.


Eun Sang is coming out of school and there is a huge commotion in front of the school. She goes to check what it is and sees Tan leaning against his car. Tan points to Eun Sang and tells the students to “push the girl that looks like she has good kidneys to me”. Haha….again with the joke. Eun Sang is shocked to see Tan here and asks him all sorts of questions-when did he come back to Korea? Why is he here? Is he here for her? Tan is here to ask for Chan Young’s phone number because he is “interested in him”. Eun Sang tells him to stop his interest because he already has a girlfriend.Ha! She walks away. Tan just cutely says “stop when I ask you politely. I told you to stop! You better…..stop” Double Ha!


Eun Sang works at the cafe and gets a call from Chan Young asking her if her SNS has been hacked. Eun Sang looks at her SNS and sees that Tan has posted his own selca with the title ” Kim Tan is very handsome” under her account. Ha!! She then recognizes the background as the cafe she is working in now and finds Tan sitting alone. Eun Sang orders him to log out of her account but he refuses so Eun Sang threatens to delete her account instead and walks away.


Tan stops her telling her that he wants to place an order. Eun Sang is about to snap but she can’t because her manager is watching. Tan wants Chan Young’s phone number. To get rid of him, Eun Sang gives him Chan Young’s number but Tan has a motive. He calls Chan Young to ask for Eun Sang’s number then because he knows that Eun Sang will never give it to him. Eun Sang snatches the phone and ends the call.


Tan says that he wants Eun Sang’s number because he feels like he is going to need to contact her later. Eun Sang doesn’t understand why and Tan says: “Who knows? Look at the second floor, turn around and look.” Tan takes away Eun Sang’s phone when she is distracted. He takes her phone number and calls it even when he logs out of he SNS. He walks away and Eun Sang echoes his words “stop when I ask you politely. I told you to stop! You better…..stop” Haha!

Tan calls her and tells her that he will call her later since he has someone he needs to meet. Eun Sang asks him for how long he is staying in Korea because she wants to buy him a meal before he goes.


At the supermarket, Tan is helping Secretary Yoon to shop for groceries. He discuss how he doesn’t want things to turn out the way they turn out to be. Secretary Yoon consoles him saying that it’s not his fault and Tan says it’s not his hyung’s faults either. Woah… really love you hyung!  Secretary Yoon then puts the blame on Papa Kim which Tan comments that Papa Kim needs to hear that. This hilariously makes Secretary Yoon to beg Tan to not tell Papa Kim as Chan Young is still young. Haha!! I love the comedic side of this drama!


Papa Kim is in the study with his secretary but is interrupted by Tan who is back home and greets him. After he is gone, the secretary presents Papa Kim with photos of the two sons and the girls they interacted with, aka. Eun Sang and Hyun Joo. The secretary provides Papa Kim with the information on the girls. It seems that Papa Kim is afraid that the girls approached his sons with motives. However, for Eun Sang the secretary explained that it was pure accident that her and Tan met.


Hee Nam finishes her work and goes back to her room to see Eun Sang asleep while doing her homework. She tidies the books for her and stumbles upon Eun Sang’s College Aspiration form she has to fill in. She starts tearing up when she sees that Eun Sang has no interested major or college and that her dream is to get a job. Okay, that is rather sad especially when Hee Nam is crying as well.


Tan is jogging outside in the morning and he meet Myung Soo. They have a warm greeting and that indicates that they are somewhat friends. Their meeting isn’t long as Myung Soo is running late for his frist day of school.


Just as Tan is about to walk back in the house, Eun Sang comes out. She thinks that he has stalked her to the neighborhood but he denies saying that it is a coincidence. Eun Sang drags him away from the house by his wrist saying that there are CCTV’s around and that the second son of the house usually comes back at that hour. They are far enough already and Tan says “Ahhh…..the handsome one.”. This makes Eun Sang wonder if he lives in the neighborhood.

Screenshot (1070)

Tan starts getting flirty and asks if she really want to know where he lives. He tells her that she will be surprised if she finds out. She tells him that she doesn’t want to know but she is just wondering if there are rumors going around the neighborhood. She doesn’t want people to misunderstand her situation and tries to explain it to Tan but he is not interested.

All he wants to know is when she is going to buy him a meal and Eun Sang is about to say when the time comes when he tells her to not say it. Eun Sang thought Tan was going to call her but he didn’t. Tan is hyped up when he realizes that Eun Sang was waiting for his call. Eun Sang walks away telling him that she is going to be late for school but I’m convinced that she is just embarrassed.

Screenshot (1074)

In school, Myung Soo tells Bo Na and Chan Young that Tan is back. Bo Na covers her gaping mouth from shock and Myung Soo captures this “crucial moment” with his camera. When Chan Young asks her what’s wrong, she pretends to not hear what Myung Soo say and avoids Chan Young.

Bo Na runs up to Rachel who is at the golf club and criticizes her for not telling Bo Na that Tan is back. Of course Rachel doesn’t know either but she pretends that she does and warns her that she will get revenge if she breaks up with Chan Young because of that.

Screenshot (1075)

Rachel walks to her locker where Young Do is waiting for her. He asks her about Tan and knows that she is annoyed because she doesn’t know the news either. Rachel gets a call from Tan who immediately hangs up after confirming his stay in Korea but she continues talking to the phone and pretends that Tan is inviting her to dinner to dinner. Young Do isn’t convinced and Rachel is pissed.

Screenshot (1079)

In his study, Papa Kim asks to talk to Hee Nam. Oh noes! I have such a bad feeling! He asks her how long she has been working for the household and just when she is about to write out her reply. Madame Han comes in and mistaken it as Hee Nam trying to tell Papa Kim about Madame Han hiring an agent to tail the Second Madame. She immediately rushes by his side saying that it’s a misunderstanding and sees that Hee Nam has hold out a note which reassures her that she is not letting out any of her secrets. Madame Han replies for Hee Nam and tells Papa Kim that Hee Nam has been working for her for 3 years and how wonderful she is.

Papa Kim also asks Hee Nam several questions on Eun Sang. Dang! I knew he is going for Eun Sang!! He offers to let Eun Sang attend one of his schools ( Empire Academy) which is one of the top schools so Hee Nam accepts his offer remembering Eun Sang’s college aspiration form.

Screenshot (1083)

Eun Sang only finds out about her transfer of schools in school when her teacher tells her that Hee Nam has gone to the school for transfer school document. Eun Sang isn’t happy at all and scolds her mother for not discussing with her. She knows that it is extremely expensive for her school fees including lunch fees, activities fees and other sort of ones. She knows well that they can’t afford it. Hee Nam offers to take up more jobs but she knows that she will always get fired within the first few months because of her disability. She wants her daughter to at least graduate at a prestigious school if she can’t attend college. Before the argument gets anymore heated. Eun Sang has been called by Papa Kim to talk to him.

Eun Sang politely declines his offer but Papa Kim asks her to think about more of the future. He then gives her more reasons to attend the school so she decides to transfer school after thinking about it. I have to say Papa Kim has a good point here but this is very suspicious! I seriously think he is planning something.

Screenshot (1085)

It seems that Young Do is not that cold blooded after all! He is really close with his dog and he is all smiles until a maid inform him of an appointment that he is unheard of. It is with the family dinner again. He arrives with only Rachel and her mum there. It seems that his Dad is late. Rachel’s mum gives a present to Young Do for his dog- a collar. She knows that he is very close with his dog and so she bought it for him. But Young Do doesn’t appreciate it and tells her the origin of the dog- the dog is bought with the money that women his Dad had relationship with and he has trained that dog to bite and scare away any woman that tries to get close to his Dad. This story startles both Rachel and her mum.

At that moment, Young Do’s Dad arrives and Rachel’s mum tells Dad that Young Do has an appointment to attend so he needs to go in hope of getting rid of him. (I would too! He freaking scares me!!) Rachel’s joins in saying that it is an appointment that she has to attend as well and they both left. Outside, Rachel tells Young Do to give her a ride on the motorcycle to the uniform shop as she needs to re-size her uniform.

Screenshot (1089)

Eun Sang goes to the uniform store to inquire the price of the uniform and it’s way too expensive for her ($1000 American Dollars). She walks outside disappointedly and sees Rachel who just arrives with Young Do on his motorcycle. She is mad because her sad intuition comes true-Tan is back in Korea and she is more upset the fact that Eun Sang seems to know. Eun Sang doesn’t back down at her harsh comments and even snatches away her name tag for taking her arrival form. Young Do watches the whole scene and is impressed with Eun Sang. When Eun Sang walks away, Young Do is in her way and we see a little interaction between them. Eun Sang looks at Young Do and says that he is on Rachel’s side too but then he opens the path and blocks Rachel for her.

Screenshot (1090)

Rachel is angry at Young Do for letting Eun Sang go but Young Do says there is nothing that she can do because she already lost. He then ditches her saying that he has something to do. And that is finding Eung Sang. He blocks her way with his motorbike and talks with Eun Sang. He asks her her relationship with Rachel and why she has her arrival card taken off her. He asks her more questions but she doesn’t answer them saying that there is no reason for her to answer. Young Do then does this scary stare and asks her if he looks like he is requesting her to answer. He thinks that they should work together as they are the only two that can make Rachel so mad. Eun Sang doesn’t want to get involved with them and walks away. Young Do asks if he can get her phone number off Rachel before heading off in his motorbike.

Screenshot (1094)

Eun Sang and Chan Young are sitting at a bench in the park. Eun Sang requests for Chan Young’s account number so she can transfer the plane ticket money to him. Chan Young wonders if someone has hacked Eun Sang’s phone and offers to fix it for her but Eun Sang wants to know more about Empire Academy instead. This is when Chan Young learns that Eun Sang is transferring to Empire Academy. For some reason he isn’t pleased but he encourages her and tells her that she deserves it when she is doubting if she deserves it. He also tells her about the school.

Screenshot (1095)Screenshot (1096)

Tan is in the wine cellar looking at things that Bo Na gave him when they were still dating. He hears Eun Sang coming and so he hides behind a rack of wines. Eun Sang is talking to Chan Young on the phone and she says that this time, her ties with America has really ended. She then remembers the note that she wrote at the university bulletin board. Chan Young suggests going to America again but Eun Sang replies that America is too far from her maid room. She hangs up and Tan and Eun Sang sit back-to-back with a wine rack separating them, thinking to themselves.

Screenshot (1100)

Eun Sang is walking back to the main house from the wine cellar and she gets a call from Tan who tells her to “look up to the second floor”. She looks up and sees the dream catcher that she gave him hanging at his window. Tan then tells her to turn around and when she does, she is alarmed to see Tan standing in front of her. She wonders why he is doing there at first but later puts the puzzle together and understands that Tan is the second son. She questions him-does he know that she lives in his house and does he know that she lives in the maid’s room. She seems very upset by it and turns around to walk away while tears stream down her cheeks. Tan calls after her, asking her if he misses her perhaps. This gets Eun Sang to stop her step but she walks on after a moment.

Screenshot (1101)

Madame Han is in Tan’s room and she tells him to own everyone in the school tomorrow when he goes to school. She is aware that Eun Sang is always the top 5 of her class so she doesn’t want her son to lose to a maid’s daughter. Tan learns that Eun Sang is attending her first day of school in Empire Academy as well tomorrow. He looks surprised and concerned.

Screenshot (1105)

Eun Sang arrives at the Empire Academy and gazes in awe at how sophisticated it is-people have butlers, they all talk about their family stock and students have conversations in English. She wanders around the hallway and is greeted by Bo Na who thinks she is here for a tour and Rachel who thinks she is here to return her name tag. Eun Sang explains that she is a transfer student but the girls don’t believe her. They are later joined by Myung Soo who warmly welcomes Eun Sang but is distracted by a commotion. Everyone leaves to see what is happening. Eun Sang is left alone.

Screenshot (1107)

A huge crowd gathers in front of the school. Tan is back and that is one heck of a comeback. What is the first thing he does when he is back? He speaks out the rumors that everyone is wondering about- his fiancee is Rachael, Bo Na is his ex girlfriend and Chan Young is now his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Hyo Shin is up on the roof he says: “The appearance of Lucifer at a satans’ school……it’s going to be fun.”

Screenshot (1114)

The atmosphere intensifies when Young Do move into the circle. They have a massive stare down and eventually Tan speaks:

Tan: “I missed you………friend.”

Young Do: “Welcome back.”

Tan: “Relax, I’m not immediately going to do anything to you.”

Young Do: “Let’s at least greet each other. The kids are going to be shocked.”

Then Eun Sang, unaware of the commotion, walks inside the circle while texting Chan Young, trying to ask him where he is. When she finally cops on, she is already in between Tan and Young Do who are both staring at her.

The Heirs Episode 4 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 4:

Screenshot (900)

We’re back at the scene where Eun Sang sees Rachel hugging Tan and she turns around to leave but is called back by Tan who sees her as she was leaving. Tan bids Rachel farewell and tells her to call him before rushing to Eun Sang. Tan is angry that Eun Sang didn’t call him even though she heard from Chan Young that Tan wants to talk to her.

He knows that she is leaving for Korea so he gives her the phone so she can give him her phone number. Eun Sang takes a look at Rachel and decides that she shouldn’t do it. She tells Tan that she already thanked him and said goodbye to him so there’s no reason to meet anymore. She adds that he shouldn’t leave his fiancee for her before walking away.

Screenshot (907)

On the plane, Rachel is given the arrival paper and an idea crosses her mind. She goes to Eun Sang to wait for her to finish filling in her arrival paper. She tells Eun Sang that her intuition tells her that they will meet again and she wants to know more about her before they meet again. Eun Sang reassures her that they won’t but Rachel says that’s because Eun Sang doesn’t know Tan well and she snatches Eun Sang’s arrival paper.

Eun Sang tries to get it back but only First class passengers are allowed in the First class area. And when the stewardess goes to check with Rachel, she denies stealing Eun Sang’s arrival paper so Eun Sang can’t do anything about it.

Screenshot (910)

Rachel arrives at the airport in Korea with a smile on her face but it disappears when she sees that Young Do is waiting for her with a sign that says “Welcome home, my “STEP” sister”.  I feel sorry for the poor girl, everyone around Young Do is staring:/ Rachel and Young Do starts bickering with each other once they open their mouths.

In the car, Rachel and Young Do fight for the music that is playing. The atmosphere worsen when Rachel bring up Tan- she tells Young Do that Tan is doing well and that Tan asks about Young Do as well. Rachel tells Young Do that she told Tan that Young Do is doing well and eating well, like a fox who acts like a king when the tiger has left the cave. Young Do stops the car and asks Rachel if she ever wonders why the tiger left the cave- “Was he just pretending to be a tiger? Was he afraid that the truth is coming out?”. Young Do gets off the car in the middle of the road, obviously doesn’t want to talk about Tan with Rachel anymore.

Screenshot (913)

Eun Sang arrives home but finds it completely empty with no furniture what-so-ever. She learns from her neighbor ajumma that her mum has left to live in the Kim household and she asks the ajumma for her phone so she can call her mum. Hee Name (Eun Sang’s mother) tells Eun Sang to stay at the sauna for the night as the atmosphere in the Kim household isn’t good at the moment(when is it ever good?) and to go to her tomorrow morning.

Screenshot (915)

Back in the States Tan’s friends are having a party but Tan isn’t enjoying it that much and he looks at the post of Eun Sang and Chan Young’s date. Awww! you miss her, don’t you?

Screenshot (917)

Hyo Shin, the prosecutor’s son comes home and overhears his mum giving his tutor a lecture. Mum is annoyed with the tutor (Jeon Hyun Joo played by Im Joo Eun) because she wears clothes that are too revealing and warns her to cover practically every single bit of her skin when she is tutoring Hyo Shin. Hyun Joo obediently agrees.

Back in Hyo Shin’s room Hyo Shin asks Hyun Joo why she is so tolerant of his mum because they both know that she is annoying. Hyun Joo has to tolerate it because Hyo Shin’s mum pays high tutor fees and she needs the money. So I guess she is from a poor family. She gets a call from Won but she doesn’t answer it. Hyo Shin wonders if the call is from Hyun Joo’s boyfriend.

Screenshot (918)

On the other hand, Won is at a jewelry store when Hyun Joo rejects his call. He goes to the sales person and tells him to show him necklace and not rings. Omo! Is he getting the jewelry for Hyun Joo?! Now I have more people to add in my character relationship chart =3=. The “Wishbone” caught Won’s eyes and he is told that the necklace will make dreams come true, hence the name of the necklace.

Screenshot (921)

Eun Sang is furious to know that the money that was given to Eun Seok is actually the house deposit money. She scolds Hee Nam for not doing anything but in her defense, she couldn’t scream at her because all she can do is tap at the phone. Hee Nam tells Eun Sang to wait outside while she goes in. Alone, Eun Sang sees the second Madame going into the house with a sharp stare.

Inside the house, Hee Nam threatens Madame Han to let Eun Sang stay with the who adultery agency thing. Madame Han is told that second Madame has come and she asks Hee Nam if she has already told the second Madame. Of course Hee Nam didn’t but second Madame’s arrival puts pressure on Madame Han and she agrees to let Eun Sang stay.

Screenshot (923)

Hee Nam tells Eun Sang to change into clean clothes before going into the house. Inside, Hee Nam shows Eun Sang around the house and Eun Sang gapes at how enormous and luxurious it is. However, this is not their day as they runs into Madame Han and the second Madame who are fighting. Second Madame is annoyed that she is not inform of the President’s sickness. Madame in return tells her that the President is sick everyday so is she suppose to inform her everyday. They then go on about the family tree thing again-second Madame is in the family tree but she has no son while Madame Han has a son but she isn’t in the family tree so either why neither of them have a son.

Screenshot (925)

Madame Han keeps provoking second Madame and she finally gets slapped. Eun Sang and Hee Nam gasps Second Madame is going to slap Madame Han again when a maid announces Won’s arrival. Second Madame asks Won about his trip to the States while Madame Han doesn’t even know that he was gone. Won tells them to continue their conversation before heading for his own room. On his way, he notices Eun Sang. Second Madame says that she anticipates how Tan is going to protect Madame Han from Won and walks out, shoving Madame Han aside when she passes her.

Madame Han orders Hee Nam to bring ice to her. Hee Nam’s alarm set off which tells her that it’s time for feeding the President medicine. Since Hee Nam has to bring ice to Madame Han, she orders Eun Sang to bring medicine to the President in her stead.

Screenshot (928)

Eun Sang wanders in front of the President’s room because she doesn’t know where she is going. Won sees her and he can tell that she is lost. He points to the door with his head without saying anything, hinting that’s where Eun Sang should go. Eun Sang doesn’t give her thanks but bows to him. Inside the room, Eun Sang introduces herself as the daughter of the maid who is attending Madame Han before walking out.

Screenshot (931)

Alone Daddy Kim wants to talk to Won but Won uses the excuse that he needs to go back to the company but since he’s up against Daddy Kim, there’s no luck. Daddy demands to have Tan back from exile because Won has gone too far. He says that he has let Won hurt Tan because he knows that Won is hurt. He has never hug Tan because he thinks that Won can get hurt. That is just wrong! Daddy Kim is by far the stupidest character I’ve ever seen considering his age. Won is hysterical saying that Daddy Kim is indicating that he raised Won out of love. I am with you on this one bro! In any way, Tan is coming back. Won isn’t happy at all when he walks out the door.

Screenshot (934)

Madame Han is chatting with Hee Nam. She envies Hee Nam because she is poor so therefore doesn’t have to deal with all the ridiculous things in the house. She suddenly realizes that since Won has gone to the States, he must have seen Tan so she darts to Won’s room.

Won is having a hard time already dealing with the fact that Tan is coming back. He tells Madame Han to asks Dad if she wants to know about Tan. Or she can call Tan but of course Tan isn’t answering any of her calls at all. Madame Han doesn’t understand why Won is so harsh to Tan, saying that he’s only 18. Won says that when he was 18, he had 8% shares and had a say in the company.

Back in the States, Tan is thinking back on what Won said to him in the ranch.

Screenshot (937)

In the kitchen, Hee Nam explains to Eun Sang the complicated family’s relationships. Madame Han walks in and formally greets Eun Sang. She warns Eun Sang to not let any of the family’s complicated relationship slip outside. She says that she trusts Hee Nam because she can’t talk and Eun Sang looks like she is going to beat the living hell out of Madame Han but Hee Nam shakes her head, telling Eun Sang to suck it up. Eun Sang tells Madame Han that she won’t and that while she lives here, she will try and not to make her feel uncomfortable. Madame Han orders Hee Nam to get a bottle of wine and Hee Nam tells Eun Sang in sign language to respect the Madame before she leaves. Madame Han asks Eun Sang what Hee Nam said and Eun Sang replies that Hee Nam sais that Madame Han is a nice woman. Madame laughs at the answer saying that Eun Sang is smart but she doesn’t treat Hee Nam well.

Screenshot (938)

Eun Sang washes the dishes and returns to her room. She finds Hee Nam falling asleep while still ironing clothes. Eun Sang puts her mum to sleep, telling her that she will do the ironing.

The next morning Eun Sang gives Hee Nam the almonds she got her in the States. She apologies to her for abandoning her for the States in tears. Hee Nam forgives her and they hug each other in tears. Awww….. that is the sweetest scene so far!

Screenshot (939)

Eun Sang is back to her own life, doing various part-time jobs. On the other hand, Tan goes to the Hollywood place where he went with Eun Sang and his school’s bulletin board, missing on Eun Sang’s note. Eun Sang finishes folding her laundry and sees the “I ❤ California” tee in her drawer, she looks at it for a while before putting her folded laundry over it. Over the next week or even months, we see that Eun Sang’s balance in her bank account is slowing increasing. She calls Chan Young for his bank account number so she can pay him back for the plane ticket.

Screenshot (941)

In the Kim couple’s room, Madame Han is just waking up and she tells Daddy Kim that she has had a hard time trying to sleep because she is worried about Tan. Daddy Kim tells her that he’s heard her snore last night which is hilarious. Haha….. They then discusses Tan’s return.  Madame Han calls Tan to ask if he’s coming back home or not but he isn’t answering.

Screenshot (943)


Tan is sitting on a bench outside the university and he is thinking to himself again. He hopes that his absence would make his family feel lonely at least once. He imagines himself with his Dad, telling him that he wants to go home. For his mum, he says to her that he misses her and for his hyung he tells him that despite he sent him away cruelly, he wants to believe that Won feels hurt the he sent him away at least once. He gives his professor his essay book, indicating that he has the courage to go back to Korea now.

The professor reads the last page of the essay which says ” The one who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.” Then as Tan walks away from the university, he says in his head that the one who wishes to wear the crown must bear its weight.

Screenshot (950)


Tan gets off the plane and Secretary Yoon greets him. Secretary Yoon welcomes him and notes how he’s gotten taller. He tells Tan to call Madame Han because she has called him 4 times. Tan says that before he meets Madame Han, he wants to greet his brother first.

Screenshot (957)


Tan meets his bro and Won is not impressed. Tan reassure Won that whatever he thinks will happen to him when he returns will not happen. And that he comes back because he misses his family. Won tells him that by coming back, Tan has lost the opportunity to be on friendly terms with Won. Err….I don’t see the difference…..I see that you treat Tan harshly in the US. Won tells him to stay since everyone is on Tan’s side.

Screenshot (960)


In the company, Won tells Secretary Yoon to book a hotel near to the company. Secretary doesn’t want to because there’s gonna be lots of explaining to do. Won just tells him to let Daddy Kim assume what id going on.

Screenshot (962)


Back home, Tan is welcomed warmly with a hug by his mum while Daddy Kim just coldly tells him to sit down. Daddy Kim asks Tan about his house and he answers that it’s too bright in the morning and too dark at night. Daddy Kim says that it’s good if it’s dark because you can see the stars clearly in the dark. Madame gives him a small scolding for not answering her calls to which he asks “Why are you calling so much? Did Dad not treat you well?” Madame’s answer is obviously exaggerated saying that Daddy Kim yelled at her for snoring. Daddy Kim is like a robot, seriously! there’s only one tone to his voice.

Screenshot (965)


Up in his room, Tan unpacks his bag and Madame asks him all sorts of question about girls, the things he did and drugs. On the mention of Rachel, Tan stops answering and avoids the question by telling Madame Han that he wants to take a shower. Madame Han tells the maid to go out and we see that she drops a pair of familiar socks, the one the hanged on the doors of Tan’s house in US, aka the socks that Eun Sang left behind.

Screenshot (966)


Alone, Tan takes out the dream catcher Eun Sang gave him and hangs it on his window.

Screenshot (970)


Just outside the window is Eun Sang. She looks at the boarding pass in the purse, takes a photo of it and writs on SNS “Just like there’s no way for me to prove that I was in my dream…………To me, that place is like that as well. Was I really even there?

Screenshot (972)


The next morning, Tan walks pass by the laundry out in the garden and sees a pair of familiar shoes. He stops by and stare at it for a while before he walks away.

In the dining room, he eats his breakfast and hears a ring tone that sounds like it came out of a horror film. He goes to find the sourse of the sound and sees a woman’s back as she goes into another room.  The same thing happens to Eun Sang except she could have actually see Tan but she decides to avoid him so she only sees  Tan’s back.

Screenshot (975)


At dawn Eun Sang is still asleep but Hee Nam wakes her up and tells her to go because the household’s atmosphere is bad and she doesn’t want Eun Sang in trouble. Eun Sang walks outside and runs into Myung Soo. Myung Soo wonders if Tan moved.

Screenshot (976)

Young Do is waiting for Myung Soo at the convenience store and he sees Eun Sang coming into the convenience store to buy a drink.(drink as in some kind of green coloured drink that I can’t identify, not alcohol) Eun Sang drinks it in one shot and goes outside to sleep at one of the tables. Young Do takes his ramyun and sits across the same table as Eun Sang. He stares at her for a while. Suddenly, these two kids comes along and they are fighting for a video game.

Screenshot (978)


The two kids are so loud so Young Do gives out to them for yelling in public. He tells them that Eun Sang is asleep. Awww…….Young Do doesn’t want to wake Eun Sang. The two kids starts crying and screaming “Mum!”. Young Do is not losing as well and says “Ya! are you bragging that you have a mum?” and that when he was their age, he had a mum as well. Double Awww!!The children’s crying wakes Eun Sang. Eun Sang walks away without noticing Young Do. Myung Soo comes in his car and Young Do tells him that he is having a fight with the kids because they are mocking the fact that he doesn’t have a mum. Haha!!!

Screenshot (983)


Bo Na is at the back stage of a music show and she is looking for her Dad. She tells various artists that their songs/rehersals are good but either of them sung the song nor performed yet. Haha……good effort though:P Bo Na chats with Super Junior’s Heechul and they are friendly enough with each other. Bo Na is talking about Chan Young with him when she gets a text from Chan Young and completely ignores Heechul.

Bo Na sees that Chan Young is behind her and she sprint up to him. She is delighted to see but asks him why he didn’t call her first.Chan Young wants to surprise her and she obviously is. They tells each other that they miss each other and Bo Na suggests going for Korean food and they leave.

Screenshot (984)


The place they are eating at is Chan Young’s house and the chefs are Chan Young and Secretary Yoon. Bo Na just stares at them in wonder as they skillfully prepare the dinner. It is namyun they are eating for dinner. They casually chat and joke at each other until Secretary Yoon mentions that Chan Young met Tan in the States. Bo Na lies and swears that she doesn’t know who Tan is. Chan Young and Secretary Yoon obviously can see through her lie.

Screenshot (987)


In the comfort house, Bo Na is whining to Myung Soo that she might get dump by Chan Young because she thinks that he might have found out her past relationship with Tan. She even thinks that Tan and Chan Young might have had a fight with each other for her. Myung Soo comments that Chan Young is definitely the one who loses and Bo Na defends Chan Young, saying that he is good at fighting too. She then screams at Myung Soo to not take Tan and Rachel’s side. Now what?! there’s a complicated relationship with Bo Na and Rachel too?!

Screenshot (992)


Tan is in his room and he sees Eun Sang’s heartfelt post when he checks his phone. He comments that he can confirm that she was in the US. Eung Sang gets the message and soon realizes that it’s Tan. She tells him to log out of her SNS. Tan says he won’t and they are both approaching the door as they text. They continue to joke around and they are both at the door. They both opens except Tan’s door leads to the main entrance while Eun Sang’s door leads to the back door. So basically they misses each other again.

Screenshot (995)


Tan walks pass Hee Nam who is wearing the “I ❤ California” tee. I think he is getting the hints that Eun Sang is in fact in the same house as him.

Madame Han is wearing the socks that Eun Sang left Tan and she is learning English by repeating a story on her ipad. Eun Sang brings her the cheese while Hee Nam brings her the wine. Hee Nam is scolded by Madame Han because she has brought the wrong wine and Eun Sang volunteers to bring they wine, saying that she has to earn her place in the house.

Screenshot (999)


Eun Sang goes to the wine cellar and comments that even wine gets to live in luxury.

Tan is waiting for Eun Sang’s reply and sees her back again. He thinks he is seeing hallucination and goes to his mum to confirm the woman’s back that he sees.  She tells him that it is actually Cha Eun Sang, the housekeeper’s daughter. He learns that she is kicked out of the house because they gave the house deposit to the sister. Now Tan really knows that Eun Sang is in his house but that’s not enough, he wants to confirm it.

Screenshot (1006)


Up in his room, Tan connects the hints and the SNS posts and confirms that Eun Sang is really living in his house. He still wants more confirmation so he text Eun Sang, asking her what she is doing. After a while, he gets a reply, saying that Eun Sang is drinking water. He runs downstairs and in front of the kitchen. He hesitantly opens the door and there she is, drinking water while looking at her phone.

The End.

The Heirs Episode 3 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae


We’re back at the cinema again with Tan asking Eun Sang if he likes her. Eun Sang answers “probably not” and her reason is because he is engaged. Tan doesn’t agree with her and asks her for another reason. I agree with Tan on this one~ people fall in love even when they are married, that’s why there are divorces, honey!

Anyways, her other reason is that it’s too much like a movie and Tan tells her that they are in Hollywood after all. He continues saying that it can happen in real life too. She is surprised “REALLY?” but she is actually surprised at the fact that she is in Hollywood. Ha! I just love her!


Cut to Tan and Eun Sang just outside where they can see the HOLLYWOOD sign. Eun Sang gazes in awe and Tan is shocked that she thinks the fact that she is in Hollywood is more surprising Tan’s confession. Eun Sang comments how amazing it (the Hollywood sign) is and that she has seen it in movies all the time. This gets Tan to wonder if Eun Sang ever listens. Seriously, me too! That girl never answers properly!

Eun Sang adds that even though it’s near, it’s still far so Tan tells her to go home and get change so he can drive her there. Eun Sang doesn’t want to go as she thinks that she has trouble him enough already. Tan’s says nothing and walks away.

Screenshot (795)

Tan and Eun Sang arrives at the door and Eun Sang’s suitcase is there. Eun Sang takes her suitcase while Tan stood still. Just when Eun Sang passes Tan, he snatch her suitcase from her and heads into the house. Eun Sang watches Tan as he brings her suitcase back into his house.

In the house, Tan is looking at the message Chan Young sent Eun Sang. Eun Sang comes in and asks for her suitcase. Tan wants to know why her suitcase is broken. Eun Sang asks where her suitcase is again and Tan tells her that it’s in his room. He tells her to stay put until her friend messages her and that he is going to shower.

Screenshot (803)

Rachel left a note to Tan in his room, telling him to eat lunch with her tomorrow. Tan gets a call from Secretary Yoon who relays Daddy Kim’s wish for him to attend a family meeting in a ranch. Tan wonders if Won knows but Secretary tells him to go and find out for himself.

Screenshot (807)

Over to the other side in Seoul, Bo Na sees Secretary Yoon and calls him “father” as in father-in-law. Secretary Yoon tells her to call him “ajussi” not “father” and asks Bo Na what she is doing for the summer. Bo Na tells Secretary Yoon that she is preparing for a music festival and complains that Chan Young doesn’t call her. Secretary Yoon takes her side and calls Chan Young a jerk but Bo Na is offended. She goes and bids “father” goodbye. Secretary tells her to address him as “ajussi” again but Bo Na gets cheeky and tells him that the only ajussi she knows is Won Bin. Ha!

Screenshot (809)

In the journalism club, two girls are trying to impress Hyo Shin with the food the prepared. Bo Na isn’t pleased because of the small quantity of the food. One girl comments that she should’ve bought a radio station for Hyo Shin instead and announces that Bo Na shouldn’t treat her like that because she is the daughter of the president of SBC. But Bo Na says that her father is the president of Mega Head and threatens to take out all the celebrities from SBC. The two girls left.

Alone, Hyo Shin explains that it’s a present for his 100th day- until the college exams. Ha! He finally sits at the table and discusses with Bo Na the resignation of the club director. They reckon that his family must have found out about him being in the journalism club. Hyo Shin takes some tablets and Bo Na asks him what medication it is. He explains that it’s vitamins and that she will need it next year too as “your body won’t become the same than when you are 18.

Screenshot (813)

Back in the States, Tan apologies to Eun Sang since he can’t take her to Hollywood because he needs to go somewhere. Eun Sang offers to go now but Tan insists that she should stay she has no where to go. In comes Jay, our hilariously exaggerating American friend who is excited once he sees Eun Sang in the house. Tan tries to reason with Jay but decides that he is not to be trusted and takes Eun Sang with him.

We’re in Seoul again and Tan’s mother, Madame Han is consulting with her sister about the second Madame’s divorce. Her sister gives her the number of an agency which follows and takes photos of people committing adultery. This is the only way to seek divorce. Well, I see that she is very determined to be added into the family tree. But I doubt the second Madame is committing adultery.

Screenshot (817)

Madame Han goes into the wine cellar to make the call to the agency but she doesn’t realize that Hee-Nam, Eun Sang’s mum is in there. She demands to know why she didn’t make herself know and if she is eavesdropping. Hee-Nam writes that she did by holding up the card and she advises that if Madame Han wants to make secretive calls, she should get a pre-paid card.

Tan and Eun Sang arrive at the ranch, Tan gives Eun Sang the car keys and tells her to wait there.

At the party, Won is all smiles until Tan comes along to the party. Won approaches Tan to order him aside. Meanwhile, Eun Sang is having fun picking the nuts off the trees when she sees Won and Tan. Tan asks Won of his well-beings but Won just wants to know who told Tan about the meeting,  completely ignoring Tan’s greetings. He calls Tan immature for coming just because Tan misses him.

Screenshot (821)

Tan says that it’s been three years and that he has gotten taller. But Won doesn’t care and splashes cold water over Tan by saying “Is that all you did for three years? well, keep at it and go”. Eun Sang sees the whole conversation between the two. Aww…..what kind of hyung are you, Won?! poor Tan……

Tan just stands there with his head down, obviously upset by his hyung’s hurtful comments. Eun Sang just stares at him. Suddenly, a blistery shower comes and Eun Sang decides that she can’t leave Tan alone. She walks up to him and their conversation is like:

Eun Sang: Are you okay?

Tan: I’m not okay.

Eun Sang: You’re going to get wet.

Tan: Why were you eavesdropping?

Eun Sang: I was going to run with you on the count of three if you were in danger.

Tan: Then why didn’t you do that? I was in danger the whole time you were watching.

Eun Sang: ……………………………

Tan just quietly walks away. Double awww!

Screenshot (823)

During the ride back, the atmosphere is really awkward. Eun Sang doesn’t know what else to do other than stare at him. Tan is aware of it and finally asks Eun Sang what she wants. Her reason for staring at him is because it’s too quiet. Tan wants Eun Sang to forget what she saw and Eun Sang tells him that she is going to anyway since this is all a dream to her.

Screenshot (826)

Tan is too focused on staring at Eun Sang to actually notice the rocks that blocks the road in front of him and when he finally does, it’s too late. He turns his steering wheel and crashes up the side of the road. There is no reception so they have to move the car themselves, manually. But since Eun Sang can’t drive the car, that means that she is going to be the one who pushes the car. They tried a few times but it still doesn’t work.

Tan tells her to bring all her important stuff with her since they are abandoning the car to find a place to stay before the sun sets. Eun Sang hilariously tells him not to because she’s seen people  who can’t go back when they go to the wrong places in the movies.  She even give examples such as  “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” , “Friday the Thirteenth”, “Scream” and “Hello Sydney”. haha…. is that where her SNS name comes from? Tan tells her to stay there alone then but Eun Sang says no because the person who is alone always dies! Triple Ha!!!

Screenshot (828)

Tan and Eun Sang are walking what seems like an endless road and Eun Sang complains that she is hungry. She then remembers that she has bought food earlier and offers Tan some. Tan, however, is more interested in what she plans to do and when she is going back to Korea when she finds Chan Young. Eun Sang replies that she is going to borrow money off Chan Young and that she is going home as soon as possible.

It seems that our puppy is having his worse day. Tan offers to lend Eun Sang money and Eun Sang questions him- Is he going to use her kidney as guarantee? Does he trust her? Haha…..I love that they are still continuing the kidney joke. Tan finally tells her that Chan Young left her a comment. Then Eun Sang starts pestering him with a bunch of questions- When? What did he say? Do you think there is internet right now so I can see?

Screenshot (832)

After the long walk, the finally find a motel. Tan is told that the business is close and that it is same everywhere but if Tan stays in the motel, the owner will be able to call the tow for him tomorrow morning. So alas! their fist night together in the same room! Tan goes into the room with two “I ❤ California” tee and gives one to Eun Sang. Then he practically stripes in front of her but Eun Sang turns around. But when Tan leaves her alone to change, Eun Sang regrets not peeking. Haha!!!

Screenshot (835)

Eun Sang and Tan eats at a bar and Tan starts staring at Eun Sang since he finds her cute. Eun Sang is glad that he knows but doesn’t appreciate his stares so she warns him to stop or else she is going to ask him awkward questions. Tan states an example “Who is the man he was meeting?” and he answers his own question- He’s the man that he likes most in this world. This leads to Eun Sang trying to asks if he is gay but she stops half way. Tan knows that she misunderstands so he tells her to not insult his hyung.

Screenshot (838)

Eun Sang then is clear of the misunderstanding. But when she says ” …so you like your brother….” , Tan screams “ya!” and this scares her, causing her to back away, nearly falling but thank God Tan catches her. Things becomes awkward when they stare intently into each others eyes. Tan teases her, telling her that she is blushing. Eun Sang tries to clarify, saying that because she can’t eat pancakes. Odd reason, right?

She thinks that it’s a very American food and she wants to try it at least once. Tan knows a place where there is good pancakes and promises to bring her to the place when they get back. Comedy is brought back in and Eun Sang shouts at Tan ” Don’t make promises! The person who makes promises always dies!” Ha! I’ll never be sick of these movie references! She decides to stop thinking about it and instead to focus on the sausages because it will only make it scarier. Tan thinks that she is scarier.

Screenshot (840)

In the motel room, Tan is taking the bed and Eun Sang doesn’t mind at all. Tan is curious as to why she is so positive because he thinks he’s the one who caused this trouble in the first place. Eun Sang answers no, that it’s actually because of the fallen rocks. She tells him goodnight and goes to sleep.

Tan asks Eun Sang if she is asleep but there is no answer. He then starts doing all sorts of stuff to wake her such as making noises with the telephone, table and chair. Eun Sang finally gives in when he tells her that her acting is bad and kicks her bed constantly.

Screenshot (843)

Tan wakes Eun Sang up because he wants to asks her a question- why does she want the Empire group to go bankrupt? As always, Eun Sang doesn’t answer the question immediately and start asking questions back- Did he read her SNS messages? Why does he care? and when she suggests that it’s because he has shares of the Empire group, this shuts Tan up straight away. Instead, he wants her to watch him until he falls asleep because he can’t fall asleep with all the scary scenarios she came up with. Eun Sang protests but she does it anyway.

However, she starts nodding off and Tan walks up to watch her instead. When Eun Sang falls out of her baby-cradle position, Tan runs to catch her. Then she gently places her head on a pillow and creepily stares at her. Let’s be honest~ if a stranger you barely knows stares at you when you’re asleep, that’s creepy!

Screenshot (846)

Rachel gets a text from Chan Young at the hotel she is staying. He thanks her for telling him the address. Ohh… it makes sense how Chan Young knows where Eun Sang is now!

Screenshot (849)

Tan and Eun Sang finally arrive home with the car. Eun Sang wants to see the message but Tan tells her to get inside first. When they get off the car, a loud scream is hear. “Cha Eun Sang”! IT is Chan Young and he is super worried about Eun Sang. He wants to know why Eun Sang isn’t answering but she tells him that she will explain later.

Screenshot (851)

In the house, Eun Sang bids Tan farewell but Tan wants her to stay. He tells her to borrow her friend’s money but stay in his house. Eun Sang can’t find a reason why she should stay and Tan suggests that it’s because of his friend that she ha gotten her passport confiscated. Even though Tan tries hard to keep her, he can’t win her this time.

Chan Young comes in and asks if there is a problem. He then recognizes him as Kim Tan but Tan has no memory of knowing him. Then Tan asks “Perhaps, did I bully you in middle school?” Ha! this drama is getting more and more fun! Eun Sang and Chan Young leaves.

Screenshot (853)

Outside Eun Sang asks Chan Young his relationship with Tan. Chan Young replies that it’s just someone he knows and he warns Eun Sang to stay away from him since he’s dangerous.

In Chan Young’s apartment, Eun Sang discusses Eun Seok and the plane ticket with Chan Young. He tells her to take it easy with both but hurry with the dinner menu. Eun Sang tells him that there is something she really wants to eat.

Screenshot (861)

Chan Young and Eun Sang go out and have a cute lollipop date.They decide to take a selca and unload it to SNS. And after Eun Sang count to three, Bo Na calls Chan Young, looking for explanation. Ha! talk about overly-attached girlfriend! Tan is at home and he sees the selca post. Awww…..don’t worry because Eun Sang is actually missing you too!

Screenshot (862)

The next morning Rachel is checking out of the hotel when she gets a call from Tan. She lies to him that she has already left and is in Korea. Then Tan comes out from behind her and tells her to go back to the States again. Rachel tells the bell boy to change her plane ticket. Rachel’s mum calls and Rachel brags that Tan dressed up to meet her.

Screenshot (866)

Second Madame from the Kim household goes to meet with Rachel’s mother to talk about Rachel and Tan’s engagement. When they settle down on to their chair, they start flattering each other. Rachel’s mum tells S.Madame that she is getting married to Zeus Hotel’s president. She wants to know the relationship between Tan and Young Do since Rachel told her that they are not friends anymore. S.Madame just tells her that they stopped being friends when Tan went to the States.

Screenshot (870)

In Young Do’s relax house/ play room Myung Soo is complaining because Young Do went into his room at the last minute so therefore his films are all ruined. He thinks that he is going to be the next Henry Cartier Bresson. Young Do starts quoting Henry Cartier Bressons words while looking at a photo of him and Tan when they were still friends. Myung Soo doesn’t know what he is on about and this shows clearly that he doesn’t even know who Henry Cartier Bresson is.

Screenshot (874)

Young Do is called by his father to judo duel with him. Young Do loses and Dad rubs it in his face saying that he loses because he attacks rashly both on and off the mat. Dad then orders him to pick up Rachel at the airport tomorrow.

Screenshot (878)

Tan goes shopping with Rachel so she is grateful. Tan tells her not to thank him because he likes it- if he does anything more, then it would really be like they are dating. Her expression stiffens and asks about Eun Sang. Rachel gets a call from Young Do who is in a awfully bad mood and he orders her to make sure that he doesn’t have to pick her up at the air port. Rachel is furious because her anniversary day is ruined because of Young Do

Rachel tells Tan to take her out to the pancake place because she knows that Tan likes it. Tan refuses saying that if they go there, they will meet Eun Sang. Rachel wants to go more because she wants to know if it is fate or coincidence.

Screenshot (889)

When they arrive there of course Eun Sang is there…….with Chan Young. Tan wants to leave but Rachel insists on eating there and barges in. Rachel greets Chan Young and Eun Sang asks him if he knows her. Rachel answers that for him and says that they are in the same class but it is the first time they talk because he is of the lower class. Excuse me!!! what a b!tch!!! someone help me slap her!!!

Rachel further intimidates and humiliates Eun Sang by mentioning that it is her anniversary with Tan today and that Eun Sang is wrong for meeting both the ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend of Lee Bo Na at the same time. Tan has had enough and drags her out. He tells her what he thinks of her now compare to when he was little- he thought she was smart but now he thinks she’s rotten. He then walks away, leaving her alone on the street.

Screenshot (890)

Rachel goes back to her hotel and sees Won. She tells him to take her away because she can’t bear to be in her room, looking at her phone screen.(waiting for Tan’s call) Won tells her the disadvantage of going with him but Rachel doesn’t care, she just wants to get away from the hotel.

It turns out the place Won is going to is his mother’s grave. He tells Rachel of his mother’s story- a American girl from the countryside that got married to a rich man but couldn’t stand the suffocating in-laws so she came back to America where she died. Rachel learns that she is the first one here besides Won and comments that Tan will be jealous.

Screenshot (892)

In the elevator in Seoul, Secretary Yoon and Rachael’s mother has a massive eyeing thing going on. Can the relationship in this drama get any more complicated? I seriously need to draw a character connection chart so I can get my head straight:/

Secretary Yoon calls Tan and Tan finds out that Chan Young is Secretary Yoon’s son. He call Chan Young to look for Eun Sang but she is not with Chan Young at the moment. Tan tells Chan Young to tell Eun Sang to call him.

Screenshot (893)

Eun Sang has gone to the cafe her sister worked at one last time to find her but there is no news. When she gets back to Chan Young, he tells her to call Tan but Eun Sang doesn’t want to since she won’t be meeting him again. Chan Young asks for the time of Eun Sang flight but she refuses to tell him because she doesn’t want him to skip class just to send her off.

In his house, Tan walks around impatiently, waiting for Eun Sang’s call but he smiles when he sees the cute bunny socks that Eun Sang left behind.

Meanwhile, Eun Sang is at Tan’s university and she leaves a note at the bulletin board. ” It was like a summer night dream. It’s time for me to disappear now. Like the dream last night. Farewell.”

Screenshot (895)

Tan sends Rachel off at the airport. Rachel asks him of his plan of returning to Korea. Tan tells her that he has plan but he just needs a boost of courage to do it. Rachel doesn’t understand why he needs courage to go back to Korea. Rachel hugs Tan, telling him that she still hasn’t forgiven him yet. At that moment, Eun Sang walks in and sees the all cuddling together. She turns away to go when Tan notices her and screams her name “Cha Eun Sang! Stop right there!”

The End