How much of a Kdrama fan are you? My Kdrama Alphabet~


Now I got this idea off tumblr but I think it’s fun to do this so I want all of you drama-addicts to join me~ This is basically my K-drama alphabet list. The rule is to not look up any drama but think of it yourselves the different dramas you’ve watched.

0-5= You are new to kdramaland but don’t worry, it won’t be long until you are completely hooked.

6-10= You are a regular. You love kdramas enough that they fill you with feels when you watch them.

11-15= You are a true fan and you are beginning to suffer from drama withdrawal symptoms.

16-20= You are an addict but you haven’t master the craft yet…….just a few more sleepless nights and you’ll be fine:)

21-26= There is no turning back for you! Your life is completely taken over by kdramas so just embrace all the kdrama goodness and enjoy it^^

My K-drama Alphabet

A= A Gentleman’s Dignity

B= Boys Over Flowers

C= Can You Hear My Heart

D= Dream High

E= Empress Ki

F= Faith

G= Goong

H= Hwang Jin Yi

I= I Hear Your Voice


K= King Of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

L= Love Rain

M= Man From The Stars

N= Nail Shop Paris

O= Oh! My Lady

P= Painter of The Wind

Q= Queen In Hyun’s Man

R=Roof Top Prince

S= Sungkyunkwan Scandal

T= The King 2 Hearts


V= Vampire Prosecutor

W= Who Are You?

X= ~

Y= You’re Beautiful


That’s my K-drama list~ Comment your K-drama list and let’s see if we have the same drama taste:) I hope you like this post and I’m sorry for not writing for so long>~< I can’t do any reviews at the moment because I haven’t had time to watch any dramas or read any books~ I’ll try to do more Kpop posts though^^

Akdong Musician = Adrenaline?!


Akdong Musician, also known as AKMU is a South Korean duo of siblings, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun. Lee Chan Hyuk (17) is the composer, lyricist, arranger, guitarist and lead vocal of the group while Lee Soo Hyun (14) provides the main vocal. They are the winners of the survival audition, Kpop Star Season 2. They are known for their self-composed songs and perfect harmony.

Now I have just given you a brief background of Akdong Musician before their debut. After they won Kpop Star Season 2, they signed a contract with YG Entertainment and they have just recently made their debut. I guess you can tell from the title that they are my current addiction and I think I don’t need to explain it further. I have been keeping an eye on them since Kpop Star 2 because I’ve noticed that their musical style is very different to kpop. They have been criticized for some of their self-composed songs because it doesn’t translate well into the “main stream” music in korea but their songs are just my style! I especially have a sore spot for Lee Chan Hyuk who has the most adorable gestures in my opinion. Then Lee Soo Hyun’s sweet vocals just give me the chills when ever I hear her. I still find it hard to believe that she is only 14!



I checked out this song first because this title track’s MV came out first. A lot of people say they are “disappointed” but I think the song is awesome and the best proof is that I’m constantly humming to this song as I’m writing this post. I think this song has the sweet and fun vibe which most Akdong Musician songs have and I’m glad they keep it since I can’t see them doing the sexy concept at all. I’ve been listening to their Kpop Star songs even after the show ended because it just has something special about that I can’t describe. I am just drawn to them and their songs!

The MV is really cute and I really enjoyed it except at the last bit. At first Lee Soo Hyun was stalking the guy and when I thought she was just getting the guy the story literally unfolds and we see that there is as girl in between them.  You know, it gave me hope because I thought that stalking would eventually get you the guy but then it turns out she wasn’t stalking the guy and on top of that, she didn’t get the guy. What a bummer! Okay it’s not like I would stalk EXO members until they fall for me…..*avoids gaze*……..



When I first heard the song from the Kpop Star Season 3 performance, I was a bit like “I’m not so sure about this”. It wasn’t because the song was bad. I love the chorus and the harmony but the eerie,mysterious and sad kind of feeling doesn’t match the dorky, fun Akdong Musician at all (in my opinion). But then I watched the music video for this song…………..

The MV is just so beautifully made and it is full of symbolism. I seriously cried because this MV is just so real! I also read the english lyrics to the song and have I ever mention how much I love YG? Everything is just so well put together and for once in the kpop world, has there a MV that actually matches the song! The child is actually the dude with his ice drink in the office when he was young. He wanted to be a photographer but the adults didn’t understand him and even destroyed his dream- the man in the car who kicked him out for photographing his stuff, the asian shopkeeper who gave him the accusing eye, the woman who left him with a bill and the bartender who beat him up and broke his camera for not paying a bill of drinks he didn’t even order. The lyrics depicts the cold world of adults and so did the MV. But in the end, the native American was the symbol of the melted ice, he was kind and he took the boy in. He even showed his interest in the camera. I think this also tells us that one ice can melt another. The native American is the melted ice who in turn melted the boy when he grew up.

Give Love


This is a song that I have loved since the first time I heard it. I have always wanted to hear the full version and I’m delighted to hear that it is one of their title track of their album. I think I prefer the acoustic version which they sang in Kpop Star Season 2 but this version is good too. There isn’t as much for me to talk about since there isn’t any MV but you can still check out the acoustic version above.

This group is very outstanding in their musicality and I hope you guys can support them because it is rare to find such talent nowadays. Not only did Lee Chan Hyuk composed and wrote the lyrics for ALL of the songs on their debut album, he also produced it which makes his talent G-dragon level (when GD was his age)! I already ordered the album so I can’t wait to get it!

K-drama Friday Club #6: One Hit, Homerun~


I hope you all understand what I mean by ” One Hit, Homerun” because I showed that to my friend and she was like “dafuq are you talking about?”. Anyway, for those of you who don’t understand my title, I’m referring to how in dramaland, the characters always seem to get pregnant on the first try even without meaning to, eg. one night stands. This magical wonder baby is almost always the reason why the main leads get together. I mean if you get a girl pregnant, you have to take responsibility, right? But I just don’t get how in dramaland the father always comes five or six years after. I guess the first few years of babies are quite hard to handle for men……..

King 2 Hearts


King 2 Hearts is one of my favorite dramas for several reason and this is one of them. This just give the two leads a lot more experience to go through and trust me, the more and the bigger the obstacles a couple can overcome, the stronger their relationship. I think this is why there is still a lot of chemistry going on between the two when there is an age difference.

Baby: Miscarried

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes

How?: Putting aside the fact that it (almost) cause another South-North Korean War, the baby helped by giving an excuse for Jae Ha to go to the North and bring Hang Ah back. I seriously don’t think Jae Ha would go to the North if he didn’t know this because his pride wouldn’t let him. The miscarriage softened him since he WAS going to be a father. Well done to the unborn magical baby who mended Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s relationship.

Empress Ki


Now continuing on to another Ha Ji Won drama (damn, girl!), we have Empress Ki. This time Ha Ji Won killed it by achieving one hit homeruns by two different men, sexy men might I add:D If I remember correctly, Ha Ji Won had at least three or four children in Secret Garden but since it didn’t show/tell us about the details, I don’t really know if they are One Hit, Homeruns. Okay back to Empress Ki, Seung Nyang managed to have two royal babies so I think it is very impressive. Please keep in mind that I’m writing based on the episodes I’ve seen so far and since I’m a little bit behind, the information might be different from what you think. I will update this part when I catch up so please understand and bear with me:)

Baby: The eldest one (Yoo baby) grew up good and healthy though Seung Nyang thinks he is dead. The second one (TaHwan baby) receives more love and attention from Ta Hwan since he thinks Yoo baby is the baby of him and Tanashini.

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: no for both Yoo and Ta Hwan

How?: For Yoo, it didn’t because Seung Nyang thinks the baby is dead and she had already decided to avenge the baby by becoming the Empress. For Ta Hwan, I personally think the baby didn’t help because Seung Nyang is still thinking about the revenge and whatnot. It is hard to explain because it did help them advance their relationship to the next stage, I don’t think it helped with Seung Nyang’s feelings for Ta Hwan.

A Gentleman’s Dignity



The baby in this drama is unusual because 1) it is not a baby (anymore) and 2) the baby isn’t the love child of the couple. This “baby” does play a lot in this drama and he is definitely an eye candy for me. (I’m not saying the four male leads are not good-looking, its just they’re too old/mature for me…..*don’t kill me*).

Baby: A healthy 18 year-old guy now.

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes

How?: Though it caused some problem at first with the whole typical I-am-leaving-you-for-your-sake plot twist, it definitely strengthened our couple’s relationship and provided more cute, romantic scenes for us viewers.

I Do I Do


I don’t remember this drama as much because I only watched it once and it was ages ago. This drama is the first one-night-stand baby on the list. Woohoo. I don’t know what else to say about this drama because I really have a vague memory of it………I did look up recaps to make sure I don’t get anything wrong so bear with me^^

Baby: The first baby girl on the list!!!

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes.

How?: Well, by breaking up a potential arranged marriage between Ji An and Eun Sung and by giving Ji An and Tae Kang more chance to be together. She did cause some problem along the way as our couple argued because of her but since this is dramaland, they made up in the end and lived happily ever after:D


My Prayers to the victims of the South Korean Ferry accident

I’m pretty sure most of you know but just in case there are some of you who don’t, I’m going to explain it to you. A South Korean ferry that carried 462 people sank as it was heading off for JeJu Island. 174 people have been rescued but over 280 are missing and four are confirmed to be perished. From an article that I read, the captain and several crew members abandoned the ship after knowing that it could not be saved and they are criticized by the netizens for their inhuman behavior. The captain told people to stay in the cabins because it is “safer” but many experts said that by doing that, he had wasted the “Golden Rescue Hour” which could be used to save more people. I can’t imagine how the captain and the crew members could just abandon the passengers and I hate the idea that I am the same thing (human being) as them.

Apparently, the ferry company holds a huge responsibility in this accident because there are 46 lifeboats, each that can hold 25 people each ,on the ship but in the end only 2 could be opened. There are a lot of problems with the life-jackets as well. I just feel sick that people are willing to risk other’s lives for profit and I’m just speechless because I’m angry and sorry at the same time. I feel so angry at the ferry company, the captain and crew members and I feel so upset that people are dying because of the greed of the company and the selfishness of the captain and crew members.

The reason the ship sank is because the captain sped up while changing direction and this sudden change causes all the cars and containers in the ferry to move to one side, resulting in the tilting of the ship. There are no words to describe my thoughts because this tragedy could be avoided in so many ways and yet it still happened because of many human factors.

I know this is a sensitive topic and I chose to still post this because I want people to be aware of it and learn from it. I mean it’s 2014 and it is still the same as 100 years ago when people’s carelessness can result in this. I don’t understand why people can’t learn the importance of lifeboats and life jackets from the Titanic accident. I know there’s no point in blaming anyone now since it already happened so that’s why I’m here to send my most sincere prayers to the victims of this accident. I also hope that there will be a miracle and that those that are missing can be found soon.

K-Drama Friday Club #5: Time-Travel


Whooopie!!! It’s finally Easter and I can’t wait ’til the summer break already! I wish I can just time-travel to right after the exams and just rest. Talking about time-travel, it has become a common theme in kdramaland. I still remember watching two time-travelling dramas at the same time in the same year.That year is 2012. It has four dramas about time-travel in that year and two of which are produced by SBS- Rooftop Prince and Faith. Of course the main idea of these dramas is that a character goes to the past/future and falls in love but faces the problem of having to need to return to their own time period (with the exception of a few).

Rooftop Prince


This is the earliest drama from the year 2012 to feature the time-travelling element in dramas. To be honest I didn’t even think of it as a time-travelling drama because the evil characters kept our main characters busy. It wasn’t until the few last episodes that the problem of needing to go back to their time appeared. I love this drama for its serious and light side but not so much the solution of the time difference.

Period: From the Joseon Era 300 years ago to modern day 21st century~

Traveler: Male(s)

Cause: When Lee Gak and his subjects were ambushed, they made a run for it and their horses leaped past the moon to the other side which reveals to be 21st century Seoul.

Problems: After Lee Gak and Park Ha fell in love and the problems with their evil siblings solved, they wanted to be together but one by one, Lee Gak’s subjects are disappearing. They had traveled back to the past.

Solution: Park Ha decides that she wants to be married to Lee Tak anyway and they did. But during the wedding on the rooftop after they kissed, Lee Tak disappeared. Park Ha cries but of course he’s gone. But then in present day she finds a letter hidden by Lee Gak which makes she misses him more. Tae Yong, presumably Lee Gak’s reincarnation caught Park Ha’s attention since he has the exact same face as Lee Gak. At the end she meets up with him in the park and holding hands as his attire changes to prince’s robes.



Faith is a time-travelling drama that also contains a bit of fantasy. We’re aware of Eun Soo’s return date and we’re constantly reminded throughout the whole drama so there’s no way you’ll miss that this is a time-travelling drama. The problem in this drama is less stressful in my opinion since there is a definite source of time-travel “facility”, aka the portal. You just know where to go but e.g. for Rooftop Prince, they had no idea why he time-traveled.

Period: From modern day Seoul to Goryeo Period.~

Traveler: Female

Cause: The Queen of Goryeo was injured and so they needed someone to save her. There was a Great Doctor recorded in history that saved thousands of people with “weird” practices and so General Choi Young was ordered to bring the doctor to save the Queen through the Portal. (Un)luckily, Choi Young happened to grab Eun Soo back to the Goryeo Period.

Problems: There are two main problems, of course one of them is that Eun Soo and Choi Young are in love and they can’t decide that Eun Soo should stay or go back. The other problem is that Eun Soo is known as The One From Heaven since she can heal people and know a bit of the future so she is wanted by many people. She doesn’t even know if she’ll make it til the Portal opens.

Solution: Portal opened but Choi Young was injured. Eun Soo rushed back to the hospital to get first aid but she went to a different time period when she entered the portal. Eun Soo spent a few years healing people. Finally in the end a portal opened and she got to see Choi Young again.

Queen In Hyun’s Man


This is my favorite drama on the list. I just love everything about this drama and it’s just full of romance. Again, you can’t help but notice it since they are constantly changing to one period to another. I love this idea and I wouldn’t actually mind if he could just live in two time spaces. I love the ending as well and it is really rare because it is just another law in dramaland to have extraordinary starts but sh!tty endings.

Period: Back and forth from Joseon Dynasty to modern day Seoul~

Traveler: Male

Cause: Boong Do is given a talisman which somehow allows him to time-travel when even he is in grave danger.

Problems: The talisman was meant for protection but since Boong Do was beginning to use it to see Hee Jin, the talisman lost its magical effects and Boong Do couldn’t time-travel.

Solution: Boong Do was in prison and he had lost hope so he decided to suicide by hanging himself. He was on the verge of dying but his phone rings and when he answered it he was in modern day Seoul again. The couple managed to see each other and shared a (hot) kiss at the end.

Dr. Jin


Dr. Jin, another time-travel drama has element of fantasy in it as well. I usually don’t think dramas could be that awful but this is. If it wasn’t for my JaeJoong eye-candy, I wouldn’t sit through those painful hours watching this only to be rewarded with the death of Jae Joongie T^T

Period: From modern day Seoul to Joseon Period.

Traveler: Male

Cause: Dr. Jin jumping off a rooftop to catch a strange-looking baby in a jar. The “baby” is really a tumor which he had just removed from a patient’s head but it appears that Dr. Jin also has that tumor and that’s what made him time-traveled. It totally make sense!

Problems: He is getting constant headaches whenever he saves a patient “he is not supposed to save”. These headaches are caused by his tumor which also signals the time he has to go back.

Solution: This one is obvious. If you have a freaky tunor in your head which can make you time-travel, of course you’d remove it. Young Rae survived and so did Mina. Dr. Jin returned to the future and the drama ended with him proposing to Mina.

So since I didn’t finish watching Marry Him If You Dare and Nine: Nine Times Travel, I can’t really add it to this list. Even though this is a common concept in kdramas, there are lots of variations as to what direction each drama is going. I like all of them (except Dr.Jin despite my love for medical dramas). I personally like the time-travel concept and I think it can be made into a brilliant drama if the writers could do a good job with it.

What do you guys think? Do you like the concept ? Tell me in the comments below^^ Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoy it:D