A Big Thank you to Kpop Ireland!~


To start off this post, I’m just going to write about my experience with Kpop Ireland first. Kpop Ireland is an facebook-based group that gathers all kpop fans around Ireland. Kpop Ireland was created three years ago and I joined a little over a year ago. This group was always welcoming and it was a place where I can express my kpop love with my fellow Irish. It was hard for me because I literally thought I was the only one who loves kpop in this country but no, I am not alone. I am delighted to tell you that Kpop Ireland is now consist of 804 members. (since a few days ago)


I still remember when I first joined, I was the one hundred and eighty-something member and as a member, I am proud to see the huge progress we’ve made in only a little over a year. Kpop Ireland has done several Kpop parties, Kpop talent show, Kpop flashmobs and Kpop video and photo projects. Some members performed dances in the Korean Cultural Festival in Dublin. Other members did their own version of the popular Korean Variety Show “Running Man” called “Running Girl” and filmed it while running around Dublin City. Unfortunately, some of the footage mysteriously disappeared but the girls still had fun.


I have never participated in any of the events because first of all I am far away from Dublin which is where most of the events are and second of all, I’m just more of a facebook-stalker. This makes it extra special for me though because I still feel like I’m part of the big family of Kpop Ireland even though I was inactive. The Kpop Ireland page helped because I can always post comments or ask members of their views in a particular group or song. All the members are very welcoming and most of the time, they will answer your question and discuss about their opinion on kpop as well.


This page has just reached 800 members a few days ago and I felt an urge to write this post because I really appreciate this group and the friendly members. I really want to promote this group so if any of you are in Ireland/ going to Ireland and is into Kpop, please join our page and I will give you the warmest welcome in advance!:D To all the Kpop Ireland members, thank you all for taking care of me and even though I’m inactive most of the time, I actually check Kpop Ireland’s page at least two times a day:) I want to congratulate our group for reaching 800 members and let’s work hard to achieve 1000! Aja, Aja, Hwaiting!!


K-drama Friday Club #2: Arrogant Male Lead~


Here I am with the second week of KFC and it is going to be about Arrogant Male Lead that is basically in most kdramas. Again, since there are lots of dramas with Arrogant Male Leads, I am just going to talk about a few of them. Unfortunately I have some bad news to tell you guys~ From the 13th of March to the 18th of March, I wouldn’t be able to blog because my brother is going to England for a robot competition with my laptop. So I’m going to miss one KFC the week after next.

Often in Kdramas, there are Arrogant Male Leads but they would also show a sweet of soft side of them to the female lead. In this post, I’m going to list (as much as I remember) the cute and sweet stuff the guys do to the female leads and I’m going to award the “Big Ol’ Softie Award” out of the list below~


King 2 Hearts-Lee Jae Ha

  1. Treated Hang Ah’s ankle when she sprained it.
  2. Told Hang Ah that to him, she is a woman when everyone told her that she is a good brother/son.
  3. Gave Hang Ah encouragement on the treadmill that had a bomb.
  4. Helped Hang Ah when her suitcase-full-of-undergarments was being inspected.
  5. Got jealous when he saw Hang Ah and Shi Kyung were having fun in the snow.
  6. Kept on talking about Hang Ah on his blind date.
  7. Publicly confessed his love for Hang Ah.
  8. Saved Hang Ah on his phone wallpaper.
  9. Organized a huge proposal.
  10. Asked for advice from Shi Kyung to capture Hang Ah’s heart.
  11. Played piano duet with Hang Ah.
  12. Helped Hang Ah to feel at ease by asking her to take care of Jae Shin.
  13. Handmaded cosmetics for Hang Ah.
  14. Went to the North for Hang Ah even though it was dangerous.
  15. Proposed to Hang Ah in the North after being saved by her.
  16. Helped Hang Ah face the media.
  17. Entered the WOC for the sake of his and Hang Ah’s marriage.
  18. Said that he is scared of everyone except Hang Ah.
  19. Nearly agreed to give up his throne for Hang Ah.
  20. Flied to the Chinese prison for Hang Ah.
  21. Jae Ha was willing to die with Hang Ah.


Man From The Stars-Do Min Joon

  1. After giving a “zero” for Song Yi’s assignment, Min Joon heard (with his super hearing) that students were posting hateful comments about Song Yi and so he sent the student’s phone to the ground with his telekinetic powers.
  2. The drunk Song Yi wandered to Min Joon’s house and Min Joon took care of her by puting a blanket over her when her top slipped and revealed her bare shoulder.
  3. Min Joon pretended that he is going to the hospital when Song Yi had appendicitis so he could give her a “free ride”.
  4. Min Joon had a vision that a woman with silver shoes is going to fall into the sea and Song Yi has the same shoes. He assumed the woman is Song Yi and tried his best to prevent that from happening by telling her not to go near water (using “horoscope” ) and even going as far to steal her shoes.
  5. Teleporting to the ship and saving Song Yi from what he sees in his vision.
  6. Min Joon let Song Yi stay in his house when she was drowned by a sea of reporters.
  7. Set a 1 meter rule himself but broke it when he and Song Yi were too far apart on the balcony
  8. Allowed himself to be Song Yi’s slave. (do all the shopping)
  9. Helped Song Yi when she got into a “car accident” and was surrounded by reporters.
  10. Bought a phone just for Song Yi and put her a No.1 as his speed dial.
  11. Allowed Song Yi to sleep on his bed.
  12. Pretended that he didn’t have lunch so he could eat with Song Yi.
  13. Saved Song Yi from several near death experience. (e.g. dropping fish-bowl scene, car/cliff scene and poison scene,etc.)
  14. Let Song Yi into his library
  15. Wasn’t able to resist Song Yi and kissed her in the 15 second scene despite knowing that he would get sick.
  16. Paused time and kissed Song Yi when he was forced to reject her confession.
  17. Agreed to take the blames of the murders Jae Kyung committed to keep Song Yi safe.
  18. Kept Song Yi’s Dad from leaving so he could reunite with Song Yi.
  19. Used his power to trip the director who made Song Yi do 10 stunts but used the first one in the end.
  20. Decided to stay on Earth when he knew that he was going to die if he stayed.
  21. Preparation of Proposal.
  22. Revealed his identity to the world to save Song Yi.


You’re Beautiful-Hwang Tae Kyung

  1. Ran miles for Mi Nam when she was left on the top of a running truck.
  2. Didn’t actually throw away Mi Nam’s ring.(left by her mother)
  3. Let Mi Nam stay in the band.
  4. Saved Mi Nam who was drowning.
  5. Secretly made a autograph for Mi Nam. (and got trapped in the darkness of her room when he attempted to leave the autograph to her.
  6. Comforted Mi Nam when she found out about her mother’s death.
  7. Helped to throw a welcome party for Mi Nam.
  8. Allowed Mi Nam to stay in his room.
  9. Buys a ribbon hairclip for MI Nam.
  10. Helped Mi Nam to stay by being a fake couple with Heyi
  11. Became Mi Nam’s “romance adviser”. (He thinks Mi Nam like Shin Woo)
  12. Helped Mi Nam to keep his identity a secret from Dong Joon.
  13. Took care of Mi Nam when she had a cold
  14. Made Mi Nam a pig-rabbit.
  15. Helped Mi Nam when her hands got stuck together by glue.
  16. Helped Mi Nam by holding her hand and walk her up the stairs when her eyes burn because of the medicine.
  17. “I’ll give you permission to like me”
  18. Squealed when Mi Nam gave him a 100 out of 10 for how much she likes him.
  19. Got Mi Nam the star necklace
  20. “Come to where I can see you”


My Girlfriend is a Gumiho-Dae Woong

  1. Got Mi Ho out of the painting.
  2. Buys Mi Ho beef, chicken and any forms of meat.
  3. Teaches her the hoi hoi song.
  4. Went to get Mi Ho who is on a ship (she is afraid of the sea).
  5. Hugged her on the bus so she can reabsorb the energy from her bead faster.
  6. Taught her how to brush the teeth and dress up.
  7. Buys a giant chicken leg stuffed toy for Mi Ho.
  8. Helped to drive away the guys who had their eyes on Mi Ho because of her beautiful.
  9. Gifted Mi Ho a phone with a “bead” replacement phone charm.
  10. Told Mi Ho to believe in him rather than the Little Mermaid’s Ending.
  11. He Took care of Mi Ho when she was having her monthly gumiho transformation a.k.a gumiho period.
  12. He ditched Hye In for Mi Ho because it was raining outside. (meaning that she is crying)
  13. Got angry at Hye In for kissing him because this caused Mi Ho’s bead to be hurt.
  14. Stayed in a film set to find the ring that Mi Ho lost.
  15. Helped Mi Ho eat rice and vegs at the family visit because Mi Ho is a carnivore.
  16. Cut his own life span in half so that both him and Mi Ho can live.
  17. Helped Mi Ho when her gumiho form was out of control.


Lie To Me-Ki Joon

  1. Agreed to the fake marriage.
  2. Saved Ah Jung from a near car accident.
  3.  Pretended to be a caring husband in front of So Ran.
  4. Lend Ah Jung his house for the house-warming party.
  5. Went to the house-warming party and acted as a good husband.
  6. Took Ah Jung in when she was drunk.
  7. Went into the forest and looked for Ah Jung who was lost and injured.
  8. Dragged Ah Jung out of a blind date.
  9. Treated Ah Jung and Co. to dinner.
  10. Revealed his real relationship with Ah Jung to Chairman even though he knew he might ruin the business.
  11. Left a video message on Ah Jung’s phone after she was drunk.
  12. Helped Ah Jung with some of her work by being her translator
  13. Epic high class confession!
  14. Drank bucket loads of soju to impress Ah Jung’s father.
  15. Bought tickets to Ah Jung’s show because it wasn’t selling well.
  16. Entered a drink competition for Ah Jung.
  17. Carried Ah Jung on the back when she was a mess from the party.
  18. Gave out fliers to help Ah Jung to prove her innocence.
  19. Organized an ice-cream truck to celebrate her re-instatement.
  20. Massive proposal.
  21. Appreciated her decision to go to JeJu and waited for her return.

We have a winner! *dingdingding!!* It is of course Man From The Stars! Do Min Joon at least did 22 sweet things to Song Yi. I knew he is a Big Ol’ Solftie! I guess he deserves it~ I mean anyone who watched Man From the Stars would agree and even if the other dramas had more, I would have still given this drama the award just to help my Kdrama withdrawal symptoms a bit~ aiish….I can’t believe Man From The Stars is over! T^T I’m going to miss it.

Who do you guys think is the biggest Softie in dramaland? I pretty sure many of you is still recovering from the ending of Man From the Stars so I hope this post can be a help^^ Thank you for reading and I hope you like it:D

My Top 5 Moments of Man From The Stars Episode 21~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

So I have decided to do this instead of My Opinion because I wanted to do something special for the last episode of Man From The Stars. There are just so many moments that contain so much feels so I picked my Top 5 and here it is.

Top 5


This is the only scene on my list that is not related to the couple and I wonder why……well, of course because the bromance of Min Joon and Yoon Jae is out to get me. In this scene, MIn Joon tells Yoon Jae that he is going on a trip soon and tells Yoon Jae to listen to Song Yi while he is gone. At first Yoon Jae was reluctant but after being bribed with the telescope, he quickly gives in. To show his gratitude, Yoon Jae asks for a hug and of course Min Joon refused but Yoon Jae went for the embrace anyways. It was just so cute to see the two of them and it was really sweet because it also shows that Min Joon told everyone to take care of Song Yi before he went.

Top 4


This scene is awesome because this is the first time that Song Yi and the whole world witnessed Min Joon’s return. On top of that, it came with a kiss and it’s not just your typical kdrama kiss. That kiss is the real deal, a super hot one! I also loved the way the time stopped except Song Yi and Min Joon because it really created this dramatic effect and it made a huge contrast between their thoughts ( because of the mixed emotions,they must be thinking a lot so it must be really loud in their head) and the silence of the crowd. Okay~ God must have heard my prayers because this is actually the extened version of last episode’s kiss!

Top 3


The third place is the scene when Min Joon and Song Yi are on the balcony and Min Joon was bidding his farewells. When Min Joon said  “……..Don’t look up at the sky at night and wonder uselessly which star it is. It’s not a place you can see from here. But I’m going to look every day, seeing where you are from there, and I’ll try every day to come back. No matter what it takes, I’ll find a way to be with you for a long, long time. I will…….” (there are lots more but I just don’t want to put all of it down), my heart cracked. Then Song Yi’s denial and her her tears when Min Joon left broke my heart in half.

Top 2


Oh God this scene is just so devastating! The always say that the after-effects are the bomb and it is so true! In this scene Song Yi sees Min Joon among a crowd of fans and she starts to run towards him while screaming his name frantically. She literally looked like a crazy woman but we all know that he is indeed there. It was agonizing for both Song Yi and me.

Top 1


*drumroll*…………and the First place is…….the scene where Song Yi is told a story of Min Joon and Bok Ja’s meeting. This scene is overwhelmed with heart wrenching emotions as we see that Song Yi is desperate to at least hear something about Min Joon. Her breakdown, her tears and the way she begged tormented me because she is really torturing herself in this scene. This is actually the scene that I cried the most at because I could really emphasize with Song Yi.

I know a lot of my favorite scenes are the heart-breaking ones but that’s because they are the ones that brings out the most emotions in the characters and since I love tear-jerkers, it is a no-brainer that I would pick those scenes as my favorite. I’m so depressed now that this drama has ended. I don’t think I will be able to forget this drama for a long time. Someone help!!!:(

The drama is finally over~ What do you guys think of it? Do you like the ending? I will probably suffer from drama withdrawal symptoms so help me by commenting below and discussing the drama with me! Thank you for reading my post and I hope you like it^^

My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 20~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


To continue from the last episode, Song Yi tells Min Joon to leave when the time comes because it is she’ll die if he dies. She also says that she likes Min Joon a lot more than he thinks and that it is better for her to know that he is living well somewhere else in the world rather than him not existing at all. Min Joon tells her that he will think of a way but we all know that it is hopeless. From this part of the episode, I can really tell Song yi’s love for Min Joon and like she said, it is greater than what we expected. This makes it more heartbreaking!


WE all knew this was going to happen- Min Joon is all over the news and people who once know him was interviewed. Even though I’m quite worried for Min Joon, I still laughed at Bok Ja’s interview. She reminds me of the hopeless delusional Tanashini in Empress Ki. Both are hilariously annoying.


I still don’t get why Min Joon was brought to the police station. I mean Song Yi said it, he is her fiancee and there is nothing wrong with a man trying his best to save his fiancee. I guess this is to show how supportive Song Yi is to Min Joon. I found it touching but funny at the same time when Song Yi told Min Joon to not be nervous in a taxi but she is trembling herself. It was just so cute because Song Yi was the one protected all of the time.


With Min Joon’s power getting out of control, I knew something was wrong. I swear my heart sank whenever his powers fails and he ends up in god knows where! I felt really warm and fuzzy when Min Joon goes home and Song Yi waits for him and hugs him at the door though. It just feels real and they were like a real couple.


Even though there wasn’t much going on except Song Yi/ Min Joon scenes. I still love it because this is an episode that makes you feel warm and sweet with the couple’s romance. From the family dinner, jealousy, proposal to the general simple but sweet scenes, I loved every single one of them. My favourite sweet moment has got to be the scene where the two plays Go Stop and ends up in a kiss instead. Man they should have extend the kiss though! Kim Soo Hyun is quite the kisser!


I know a lot of you would prefer the proposal but I wouldn’t really consider it a sweet scene. I cried during the proposal as much as Min Joon. It was such a long time since I managed to cry and laugh at the same time. I don’t even know what to do without the drama now and there is still one episode left! Aiigooo……save my soul and make a second season! Jeipai!!!

What do you guys think of this episode? Are you sad that Man From the Stars is nearly over? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading and I hope you like it^^

My Opinion on Two Weeks Episode 7 and 8~


Title: Two Weeks

Main Cast
  • Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San
  • Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye
  • Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
  • Jo Jung Eun as young Jae Kyung
  • Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)

My Thoughts:


Did I ever express enough my love for this drama? Well, here I go again! I’ve never seen such solid and decent drama in such a long time! 2014 is starting great for me!……wait this drama isn’t in 2014~ Okay why haven’t I watch this earlier is what I’m trying to say. I seriously regret judging a “book” by its cover because it always gets me!Anyways~ these two episodes are right up my alley but even though there are lots of events, I am seeing a predictable pattern, that is, Tae San being caught/ nearly caught and managed to escape again. It is different for every escape and now I feel like doing an entire post on survival skills and escaping cops or mobs based on this drama~lol~


Su Jin is still the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen and when she told the story about the mountain and the sun…….I just don’t even know how this kid manage to bring the tears out of me*sob* It was beautiful how she is trying to hint to In Hye that Tae San still misses her and all~ Su Jin is so simple minded and naive but for some reason I think this is why she is more mature than In Hye and Tae San sometimes- they are too caught up with the whole situation because they are thinking it too complicatedly.


I somehow knew Tae San was going to get caught because there is no way he is just going to the Philippines and stay there until the day of the surgery~ we still have 8 episodes after all! But the thing that annoyed me was how the situation was turned around and Tae San and Jae Kyung were kept captives instead. It was cool to see Tae San having a brain (for once!) and how he escaped with Jae Kyung was daebak! It was frustrating as well because the two finally met but they literally slip the chance to tell each other about the camera and the surgery. Arrgh!!!


The other thing about the kidnapping was that Jae Kyung didn’t report it. I just knew there would be trouble later! I literally screamed at the screen “I TOLD YOU SO!” I don’t even know what to do anymore with Jae Kyung~ just when I finally thought that she had a brain in the last review when she figured out the whole surgery thing! I hope she won’t be taken off the case~


Okay~ now that I said something negative, lets move on to the positive~ Is it just be or is Sang Hoon’s crush on Jae Kyung extremely adorable?! He is just so caring but normally in detective/ crime dramas, the romance aspect of it is usually lacking. Then the thing is, is this considered a detective/ crime drama? I really want to see the romance to be fully developed because this drama is so dark and intense.


Another positive in this drama? YAY! okay~ I’ve been waiting awhile for this and finally! There are news reports of the witnesses that met or who Tae San stayed with. ALL of the witnesses have told everyone that Tae San is not a bad guy and that he was a rather nice person. The news reports reminds In Hye of Tae San’s old affectionate self and we learnt about their past relationship.


The flashback brought us to In Hye treating Tae San to shrimp for helping her before. The thing is, Tae San is allergic to shrimps but he still ate the shrimps and ended up being sick in bed the next day. In Hye learned about it and went to attend him in his house. In Hye narrates after the flashback that he was a very affectionate person back then. Oh God, why can’t you see that he is still the same from the new reports? I can’t wait to see her reaction when she finds out the reason for his mistreatment of her 8 years ago. I loved this scene because it really shows us how innocent and naive Tae San was. This drama is definitely well-thought out because the farther in you are with the episodes, the more you will find yourself supporting Tae San.

I love the way these two episodes are not all about the whole chasing-escaping thing and includes many heartfelt moments. These two episodes are my favourite so far (out of the drama) and it is safe to say it is one of my favorites out of every drama that I have watched.Comment below and tell me your thoughts on these episodes~Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoy it^^

Analysis of Man From The Stars’ Possible Endings~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi


Just as the title described, I’m going to discuss the possible endings of Man From the Stars~ There are only two episodes until the ending and fans thought of several possible endings so I figured I should analyze and see which ending it most likely to happen. The ones that I’m going to talk about are:

  • Min Joon turns human due to the fluid-mixing thing with Song Yi and stays on Earth.
  • Min Joon goes back to his planet and Song Yi forgets about him.
  • Min Joon stays on Earth and lives happily ever after with Song Yi.
  • Min Joon goes back to his planet and comes back 404 years later to find the reincarnation of Song Yi.
  • Min Joon stays on Earth and dies when all of his body’s energy is absorbed.
  • Others~


1. Min Joon turns human due to the fluid-mixing thing with Song Yi and stays on Earth.

I think this is the most ideal ending since turning human means that Min Joon can actually grow old together with Song Yi. I would think this is unlikely because even though Min Joon is losing his powers, he isn’t as well. His powers doesn’t work for the start of episode 18, it worked for the second half of episode 18 and even episode 19. The chance of him staying on earth is 50-50 so if you add the element of him turning human, this possible ending is actually quite impossible as well. But who knows~ this is the dramaland we are talking about. I just hope it doesn’t come up with some sh!t ending which I’m not going to name……*cough*~Big~*cough*

Okay~ I just thought of something there…….I actually don’t think Min Joon will stay on Earth SAFE because first of all, he literally revealed his identity when he teleported to save Song Yi in front of EVERYONE (well, maybe if they live in an island where no one is around) and second of all, what if Jae Kyung gets out of jail? He can totally kill Min Joon since he’s not invincible anymore:o I hate my brain >~<” It seems like it keeps on thinking about negative things!


2. Min Joon goes back to his planet and Song Yi forgets about him.

I don’t know how my friend come up with this~yeah…..she’s quite the sadist…..This is definitely an ending that we wouldn’t like but now that I think about it, I think my friend got this ending from the first half of the ending of Queen In-Hyun’s Man. That was a pretty good guess of my friend’s but I can pretty much rule this out immediately. From the epilogue of episode 16, Song Yi is seen  waiting for someone in a restaurant in NamSan tower. It’s very likely that Song Yi is waiting for Min Joon and if she is, then it rules out this ending because that means Song Yi actually remembers Min Joon.


3. Min Joon stays on Earth and lives happily ever after with Song Yi.(doesn’t die)

This can be another except for the fact that Min Joon will forever stay young and live on his own while Song Yi will die. Sometimes we think the ending of a drama is really the end but what about their lives afterwards? Since Min Joon is immortal, he will see Song Yi grow old and I’m pretty sure that’s not that much of a happy ending. But now, we can’t be greedy~ I mean this is at least better than Min Joon dying or leaving, right? This ending has exactly 50-50 chance of it happening. It really depends on the writers but I’m hoping they will take us into consideration.

Like I mentioned in Ending 1., since Min Joon revealed his identity, it will cause a lot of trouble for him in the future. It’s fine in Ending 1. because he’s not an alien anymore and he can argue that it’s all an illusion or something but what about this? I guess he has to live in the island in episode 19 as well for this ending. On the bright side, he can still have his powers and so he will be able to protect Song Yi and himself against Jae Kyung in the future~

Screenshot (2179)

4. Min Joon goes back to his planet and comes back 404 years later to find the reincarnation of Song Yi.

This ending reminds me of Rooftop Prince and Gu Family Book with the whole reincarnation thing. I think this can happen very likely since I presume Song Yi is the reincarnation of her doppelganger.  If this is to happen, reincarnation of Song Yi better be able to remember her “past” with Min Joon. It will really annoy the hell out of me if she doesn’t because then even though they have the same face, they don’t have the experience together so I’m afraid there might not be “chemistry”.


5. Min Joon stays on Earth and dies when all of his body’s energy is absorbed.

Well this one is one of the “primary” endings meaning that it is the ending that Song Yi and Min Joon state in the drama. For them it is either stay and die or leave and heartbreaks. This can be one that is ideal as well depending on when Min Joon dies. Thinking this in the human perspective, all humans will eventually die so this choice is not too bad as well. This is a tough ending and it’s not very likely in my opinion since Song Yi already told Min Joon to go herself. It’s okay for the other two because well, if Min Joon is human then he can’t go back to his planet anyways and for the other one, if Min Joon can stay and not die, I’m pretty sure Song Yi will let him stay. My bet is that this will not be the ending~


5. Others

I can’t really talk about this one because there are thousands of other possible endings but I’m not sure about this myself. I want my ending to belong in this category because I can see lots of disadvantages in the other endings. If I can make up my own one, it will definitely be Song Yi (and her family) going to Min Joon’s planet and live happily ever after. Of course Song Yi is going to be famous on his planet too!:P

What ending would you want for Man From The Stars? Comment which one you think will most likely to occur and tell me about your ending if it belongs in the “Others”. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it^^

My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 19~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


I know usually I do posts per two episodes but I feel like since we are near the end, there lots more to talk about so for the last three episodes, I’m going to do my opinion on individual episodes~

Since Song Yi finally learned about what would happen to Min Joon if he stays in the last episode, I was anticipating her reaction/ what she will do. So she decides to call Lawyer Jang to “confirm” because she doesn’t want to believe it but of course it hurts to “confirm” it, for both me and her. Lots of people on Viki said it’s natural for a person to die and I think so too, but the problem is, if Min Joon stays, for how long will he live? If it is the day right after his “supposed” departure, isn’t it better if he goes?


It’s really sad the way Song Yi cries while turning on the tap, it’s like she doesn’t want Min Joon to hear her cry and it just breaks my heart more! Then it’s worse because Min Joon was planning to propose to Song Yi ans she missed it!


The enormous rock is finally lifted off my heart as Jae Kyung is finally arrested! I can’t believe he actually pulled out a gun and pointed it to Hui Kyung. I guess he is really heartless! But then guess what! Hui Kyung has Min Joon on his side so 1 point for Team Alien!! *whoopie!!* But wait~ Jae Kyung, as always, has something planned so then Song Yi is poisoned. One point to Team Evil…..*boo!!*


Of course since our alien is invincible, he managed to save Song Yi but the only problem is that he is seen teleporting and it’s all over the news! It’s worrying me but I’ll let it slide since they moved to a different location where there is no one. I’m really enjoying their alone moments:P


Their alone time hints that something sad is coming and so I wasn’t able to enjoy their moments entirely:( Me: No!No!Nooooo! Don’t take pictures, I don’t want you to take pictures! I’m not sure if it’s because Min Joon is inexperienced when it comes to dating but I don’t understand how he didn’t see that coming when it is so obvious. Fortunately, their you-talk-too-much-kiss did distract me for a minute though.


Min Joon and Song Yi’s plans for the future only made me more depressed but I am still glad that I knoww Min Joon would like to have 7 daughters. That’s a thing I don’t understand because Song Yi asked about the future first when clearly she knew she is going to tell Min Joon to leave. Min Joon’s proposal though *sob* *sob*~ Why did she decide to let the cat out right after the proposal? I was on cloud nine when Min Joon proposed but then…..*sigh* Lots of Viki comments involves the ring looking like it’s two planets but is it just me or did that ring remind you of Jae Kyung’s ring as well? Please answer my questions in the comments! I really need to know this~


I think Hui Kyung’s father is the one who made Jae Kyung the way he is now. Seriously, what logic is this? – “there must have been a reason why Jae Kyung poisoned Song Yi. She must have done him wrong.” I face-palmed so much at that…..aiishh~  I can’t believe the Dad has to learn the lesson the hard way. His family is just so messed up now~ aiigoo…..ottoke?

This episode reminds me of dark chocolate……it is sweet yet bitter~ It’s hard to explain but when I watched this episode, I felt like there was a constant pain in my chest. It doesn’t hurt very much but it really bugs me and I just felt uneasy. I still like this episode though~ Tell me in the comments what you think of this episode and answer someof my questions please T^T I need “confirmation” too. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you like it^^