First Impression: Angel Eyes Episode 1+2~


Title: Angel Eyes

First Impression:

I’m back with another first impression and this time its Angel Eyes! I’m pretty sure most of you are as excited as I am when I first heard about this drama since it stars Goo Hye Sun who introduced most of us to this wonderful kdramaland with her Boys Over Flowers power~ She hasn’t been around so it took every muscle of my body to hold myself back from watching this when this first aired because it aired near my exam period. As expected, this drama does not disappoint at all!

As you all probably know, this is a tearjerker but you have no idea how much of a tearjerker it is. I literally wasted five boxes of tissues on the first two episodes alone. It was so heartbreaking to see what the characters have been through and the pain they experienced that I wish I didn’t watch it. I know I would regret not watching it though so here I am now~

People on Viki sometimes annoy me so much. Why do they keep comparing this drama to That Winter, The Wind Blows? There is nothing alike except for the fact that both have a female character that is blind. The way they became blind is different as well!  I wish people could just sit down and just appreciate the drama because if the people haven’t properly watch the drama, I don’t think they deserve to judge the drama.

Anyway, back to the drama, both Soo Wan and Dong Joo have such a tragic life. I don’t think I would be able to handle it if the same thing happened to me. Dong Joo’s dad while saving Soo Wan’s mum in a collapsing tunnel and that same incident took away Soo Hyun’s eyesight. She then grew up to fall in love with Dong Joo, the son of the person who died saving her mum. As you can see from my brief explanation of the character’s relationship, it is very complicated already. Surprisingly, the writer did a great job in not making people turn off by that. I usually hate complicated relationships because I feel that the drama is really messed up then but not in this case. I like it because it gives the drama more depth and the characters what we call “fate”.

I also like how the director film these episodes. He is such a troll in a way. For example, a truck barely brushed past Jung Hwa (Dong Joo’s mum) and just when I think she is fine, another car killed her. I really thought Jung Hwa wouldn’t die, well, I hoped she wouldn’t since she and Dong Joo are such a happy family and she would probably be the very first nice mother in law in kdramaland. (I also blame the Viki comments for misleading me!) Oh God…..I feel like crying again! Then Dong Joo’s crying didn’t help either……….

I mentioned the sad things first on purpose because I don’t want to end so depressingly~ Isn’t Soo Wan and Dong Joo the cutest couple ever? One of the things I love the most about Korean dramas are the childhood versions of main characters. There are lots of scenes with the main characters meeting when they were young and somehow separated then meet again when they grow up. My favourite was the younger version of the leads in I Miss You but guess who is now!

Dong Joo is just adorable with his pumpkin porridge and his family is just awesome for teasing him for it! I really want a family like that. Everyone is so comfortable with each other and the atmosphere is very playful. Now that his family is mentioned, does anyone know why Dong Joo’s sister has to be sent to America for treatment? Is she sick or something? Tell me if you know because I’m really curious~

Last question, wouldn’t Soo Wan at least know that the cornea is donated by Dong Joo’s mum or that she has a car accident from her neighbours? She seems like she cares about Dong Joo enough to ask around~Anyway, the first two episodes are satisfyingly good and I’m looking forward to the adult versions of the two teenagers. Hopefully, they will be able to recognize each other quickly and less tissues are needed.

What do you guys think? Do you like this drama as well? I started a bit late so you are probably done the whole drama by now~ anyway I would still love to know your first impression of it:D Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time^^

My Opinion on Two Weeks Episode 11+12~


Title: Two Weeks

Main Cast
  • Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San
  • Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye
  • Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
  • Jo Jung Eun as young Jae Kyung
  • Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)

My Thoughts:

Oh God! Just when everything was going fine and he even got the camera! I never thought In Hye could be that brave and jumped on Teacher Kim to stop him from killing Tae San. I just can’t make out if she is doing this for Su Jin’s surgery or if she is actually worried for Tae San. I hope it is the latter. Even though I was mad at Man Seok’s girlfriend for reporting Tae San to the police, I’m gald since this is what save him. The worst thing about this is that the camera is taken. I don’t know what he is going to do now since the camera is his only hope.

Have I ever mentioned how frustrated I am watching Jae Kyung? All she does is blame people when things don’t work out! If I was Tae San, I wouldn’t believe her either especially since she is in this for revenge. I’m glad that In Hye has a spine and that she stood up for Tae San. She is totally right and I agree with her that Tae San did nothing wrong!

Su Jin is an angle. she has to be. It is so sad when In Hye finds out that Su Jin has the photo of her and Tae San and all Su Jin is trying to ddo is to protect that photo saying that since In Hye threw it away, it is hers. Then I died a little when Su Jin said that she doesn’t want to make In Hye upset by asking her about Dad since In Hye is already sepressed enought because of her sickness. How can a child this age be so mature? I’m just glad that they don’t have to hide anything anymore.

Woohoo! Finally. this is what I have been waiting for!-Jae Kyung and Tae San working together. I don’t like Tae San’s plan though. Isn’t he not supposed to be injured? How does he think he could make it out alive after getting shot by Teacher Kim? But of course this is Tae San we are talking about so he has a plan. It is a brilliant plan since it could catch the mole in the police and Teacher Kim who is President Moon’s right hand. Well, I actually didn’t think Teacher Kim would be that professional so he deserves to be not caught this time. At least we still got the mole:)

Aigoo, this drama gives me heart attacks since this means that Tae San has no choice but to break into President Moon’s house to steal the camera. This is literally a suicide mission but hopefully Boss Han can help him a little. I swear things are getting worse and worse for Tae San though:/ His secret hideout in the pawnshop is no longer safe and it’s even his birthday that day! Dude can’t even get a little rest~

I swear if there is something good in this drama, there has to be 10 times worse afterwards! We know that Tae San’s suicide mission was going well until he opens the door to the house to find President Moon there. What a cliffhanger!!

This drama is going the exact direction i like! What do you think and tell me in the comments! Thank you and I’ll see you next time^^

Kdrama First Impression: Me Too, Flower! Episode 1+2~


Title: Me Too, Flower!

First Impression:

I’m so glad that Viki added more dramas to their app since that is my only source of Kdrama at the moment. Me Too, Flower! is a drama I am meaning to watch for a while and it is the first drama that I am watching not because of the cast, directer, plot, etc. but the OST. I happen to hear the OST when Suzy sang it on Happy Together and it’s been stuck in my head for ages! Kikwang came as a surprise as a result and so far I’m pretty pleased with the drama. It is not the greatest first episodes but it shows great promise and I’m looking forward to it. Yoon Si Yoon is awesome in this drama and with a shower scene in the very first episode, it sure wasn’t too bad;)

Screenshot (2288)

So far the only character I completely like is Jae Hee. Like all typical male leads, he has a dark past that he is unable to forget but what I like about him is that he is still bright and positive as ever. Sure, maybe he gets a little taunted whenever he is reminded of his past but you can always count on him to be all smiles! Besides, most of the rich chaebol in dramas are arrogant, cocky and often full of themselves, but not with Jae Hee. He refuses to be the typical chaebol and instead, he is even working under his own company as a valet parking staff. What more can you ask from a handsome, rich chaebol?

Screenshot (2287)

Usually I like strong, bad-ass female leads but Bong Sun is not the case. I love the way she is straightforward and speaks whatever that’s on her mind but sometimes it leads to situations which is so face-palm worthy. She isn’t very professional at her job but I’m envious of her since I can’t speak my thoughts so bluntly like her, especially when dealing with customers like chaebols. I wish I can be as brave as her and just down right tell those customers how much of a bitch/bastard they are! Anyway, towards of the end of the second episode I cried when Bong Sun tells the Doctor that she hates herself and that she wishes that she isn’t herself. This part of her I can totally relate to and it just breaks my hurt because to hate yourself is the worse feeling in the world. ‘

Screenshot (2292)

Okay, on the the more “fun” side of the this drama~ I can’t be the only one who doesn’t take the doctor seriously, right? He just seems so suspicious at times and I don’t even know how to explain it. Because of him, I can’t take Bong Sun’s depression seriously as well and I feel that it should be because damn that girl has some serious mood swings! Maybe this is the comical side of the drama but I’m not sure. Tell me in the comments in you know^^

Watching the two episodes already got me to boil with rage in the inside because of how rude the chaebols are and how bad of a job is a police officer. I think anyone watching this would have their dreams of being a police shattered.I don’t know if I can handle another episode because I feel like I’m going to end up like Bong Sun with her mood swings if I continue watching. I just want to slap the hell out of the people there! I can’t see why Kim Dal wants to live in Gangnam because I’m so grateful that I’m not. Everyone is just ridiculous walking with animal skins covering them and judging the people who are not.

Me Too, Flower is quite entertaining to watch but I feel like there isn’t anything big happening yet. Hopefully we’ll get to know more about the characters soon. The only “serious” thing going on in this drama so far is Jae Hee’s flashbacks. Now the three things that I am mostly interested in are

  • Jae Hee’s mysterious past~
  • Bong Sun’s ex-boyfriend
  • How Jae Hee and Bong Sun’s relationship begins

I hope these things can keep me watching for a while and hopefully I will update you with my thoughts on other episodes because I’m really losing my temper as I recall those snobbish Gangnam people!

Have you seen this drama before? Will it get better? Tell me in the comments if you think I shouldn’t continue because I’m trying to save time since I have a whole list of dramas to watch for the summer~ Thank you for reading the post and see you next time^^

P.S I’m writing this a day after the Sisters Red Review and it’s a bit late because I prefer to write my blog late at night^^

Book Review: Sisters Red~


Title: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Synopsis: Scarlet jumped in front of her sister, Rosie, to save her from werewolves which they called Fenris. As a result of the attack, Scarlet’s face is flawed as one eye is missing and she has to wear an eye patch to avoid judgmental stares. She is now a full time hunter who hunts with her partner, Silas and her sister, Rosie.


It’s been a while since I last held a book so I had high expectation for this book which I am starting off as my summer read. It sure does not disappoint in many ways! First off, this book has a background story that we are all familiar with so it is very easy to immerse in the book. It has the Red Riding Hood background with the wolf, the granny and the woodsmen. This version gives it a kick by adding the sister to it and giving us the brave character of Scarlet. This is not like the fairy tale in which everyone is saved and lived happily ever after but instead the granny died and Scarlet’s face was scarred. Despite the sad outcome, that was what made the story and the character of Scarlet more realistic and engaging.

The characters Scarlet and Rosie are so close that they feel they share one heart but throughout the story they slowly split and become aware of the reality-that they don’t share the same heart. After the incident of the Fenris attack, Scarlet became passionate about hunting them down and she would go day and night on missions to kill them. You could say she is rather obsessed. Even though Scarlet appears to be someone who is strong and independent, I think she still needs family and friends. She clearly loves Silas and Rosie very much so I didn’t like the ending in a way since it’s like she’s back to square one with no changes, still obsessed with hunting.

Rosie is same but different in a way from Scarlet. I mean I guess I can’t blame her for wanting to have a “normal” life when her face is perfectly fine, plus, I wouldn’t want to be hunting forever either. I just feel so bad for Scarlet that I kinda hate Rosie for pretty much most of the book. I agree that she should have freedom if she wants but I feel that if Rosie has it, Scarlet should have it too since her world wouldn’t have changed if she didn’t protect Rosie from that Fenris. I really admired Rosie’s courage and love though. She has the courage to be different and to “come out of the cave” and she experienced her first love.

Two of the main characters are not perfect but you can’t help but fall for their own charms like Silas. Seriously!? At first I clearly thought the person Silas was in love with was Scarlet but then it turns out to be Rosie that he likes. Then near the end, he revealed that he had a crush on Scarlet since childhood and I couldn’t believe it! That playboy:/ Anyway, my point is, I’m just like Silas. At the start I loved Scarlet but as she gets more and more obsessed with those wolves, I was slowly to lean towards Rosie’s side.

I would give this 8/10 and I swear it is so not the fact that my theories came true in this book:P Okay, maybe a little but I give this book kudos for making me doubt myself. I could guess the climax and the ending of the book and still throughout the story the authors keeps making me doubt my guess by misleading me with some false facts about the characters. I wasn’t surprised at the ending since I guessed it but it did make me wonder how the author is going to turn the story around. I guess another reason I’m giving this a high score is because this book reminds me of childhood, the times when I went to bed and my mum read me “Little Red Riding Hood”. It was fun and enjoyable back then, it still is with this version of it~

Hey guys I’m finally back! I’m hoping to post one post per day from now on so look forward to it^^ It’s been a loooong time since I have done a book review so I’m in such a good mood now! Have you guys read this book? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it:)

Doctor Stranger: 5 Reasons why I think Han Seung Hee is not Jae Hee~


I only started Doctor Stranger yesterday and I’m already on episode 10:P This drama is amazing but mentally abusing at the same time! I sure can’t be the only one confused at the whole north-south Korean thing and Seung Hee, Jae Hee’s doppelganger. Now, as I continue to watch and attempt to analyse the who situation, I’m pretty sure that Seung Hee is not Jae Hee. Please keep in mind that I am only on episode 10 so if Seung Hee happens to be Jae Hee and it’s revealed on episode 11 or 12, I wouldn’t know this at all~ So I came up with several reasons why Seung Hee is not Jae Hee~

Reason 1: Chang Yi’s Mother~


What more can I say? There is a witness who SAW Jae Hee and said she died. I don’t think she would lie and since N.Korean Agent Cha is trying to get her for telling this to Hoon, doesn’t it make it suspicious? I think Jae Hee really died and Seung Hee is just a look-alike of Jae Hee.

Reason 2: Smuggler Im~




As you can all remember, in episode 5, Smuggler Im found out where Jae Hee was and attempted to tell Hoon about it. N.Korean Agent Cha then caused an accident to prevent letting Hoon know about Jae Hee. Now, if you think about it, if Seung Hee is really Jae Hee, why would he be afraid to let Hoon find out? I thought he wanted to Hoon to think that Seung Hee is Jae Hee. The only reason why he stopped him is probably because Seung Hee is not Jae Hee and he didn’t want Smuggler Im to ruin his plans.

Reason 3: I’m not Jae Hee


Have you ever wonder why Seung Hee “pretends” that she has no idea who Jae Hee is and tries to deny being Jae Hee when she first met Hoon? This might be because she is really not Jae Hee and therefore she has not idea how Jae Hee acted and about her past with Hoon, etc. If she doesn’t know this, there is a high chance that she could be discovered and that’s why she went to Hoon’s clinic to see Jae Hee’s video.

Reason 4: Hoon-ah~


Okay~ near the end of episode 5, Seung Hee went to Hoon’s clinic and saw the video of Jae Hee saying Hoon-ah in a detention camp. She tries to imitate her but her tone of voice when she tried to say Hoon-ah is different from that of the video. She does however, get it on the third try. This proves that she didn’t know what Jae Hee called Hoon before and even if you have the same face, you don’t always have the same habit (in this case her tone of voice when she said Hoon-ah~) and hence the whole I-don’t-know-you-i-am-not-Jae-Hee thing. Clearly she just barely know what Jae Hee is like and can’t risk to be found out.

Reason 5: No sign of Scar? 


In episode 10 when Seung Hee and Hoon got caught while trying to escape, they were brought back to N.Korea. N.Korean Agent Cha pretends to rape Seung Hee so that Hoon can do what he wants him to do but when Cha ripped the shirt off Seung Hee, there was no sign of scar on her right shoulder. If you all remember episode 2 when Hoon and Jae Hee was in Austria. They tried to escape but Seung Hee was shot in the right shoulder. There is no scar on her at all in the picture above so we can argue that she is not the Jae Hee we know.

There is also the kidney thing but it is still confusing to be and it can be made up so I’m leaving that out. I also wanted to say that Seung Hee would believe in Hoon and escape with him if she is Jae Hee like how she trusted him in Austria but since people can change and it is not really a strong argument, I’m leaving that one out as well. Then there’s the thing about Jae Hee who is always smiling but not with Seung Hee. Again, people can change and after all she has been through, it would take a lot for a person to just smile so I didn’t put that in as a reason. You can all just use this as reference if you are wondering about the same thing as me. I am just here to point out what I see so if you think of something else that is relevant, I would love to see your comment^^

Keke…..I’m still not finished my exams but it is near the end so I have loosen up a bit:P What do you guys think of the drama and do you think Seung Hee is Jae Hee? Tell me in the comments below^^ Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it:D