Kdrama Review: Hotel King~


Title: Hotel King


  • Lee Dong Wook as Cha Jae Wan
  • Lee Da Hae as Ah Mo Ne
  • Im Seulong as Sun Woo Hyun
  • Wang Ji Hye as Song Chae Kyung
  • Lee Deok Hwa as Lee Joong Goo
  • Kim Hae Seok as Baek Mi Nyeo
  • Jin Tae Hyun as Roman Lee


Ah Mo Ne is the daughter of the recently deceased Chairman of the only seven-star hotel,Ciel,  in Korea. Before her father’s suspicious death, she was warned not to trust anyone. Ah Mo Ne struggles to find out the truth of her father’s death and to manage the hotel at the same time.




Now that I got that out there, I just want to say that this drama gave me so much feelz. Finally, after 9 years, our couple from My Girl reunites. I’ve seen interviews with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae and they are so comfortable with each other which is what I like to see in dramaland. The variety show Roommate also shows that they are comfortable enough to joke around with each other.


To be honest, like many of you, I watched this drama because of the main leads without expecting much. Well, at least I didn’t since the longer dramas tend to be slow with the plot. I was genuinely surprised (pleasantly) at the first episode because the drama turned out to be totally different from what I think it would be. It was (a bit ridiculously) dramatic but nevertheless I was hooked with curiosity.


I absolutely loved the first half of the drama but it really did get a bit draggy towards to end. But you know what? I expected it before I watched the drama so it was fine so it’s not even a complain. I wished they didn’t make it as makjang though. I really think they put in every single makjang element into this drama. Birth secrets, revenge, possible incest, it has it all!


Now on to the characters~ Can anyone relate with me when I say that Jae Wan reminds me of Jace Wayland from the book City Of Bones? Seriously, how many names does Jae Wan has? Jayden, Jae Wan and Hyun Woo. That’s like Jace with his second names. Then there’s also the possible incest~ Enough said.


I think Jae Wan is a character that is more mature than anyone else but has to learn more as well. Since he was little, he knew the hard work needed to earn money and accepted the reality quickly. Then he was in the hands of Lee Joong Goo which I think is more harsh of an environment than anywhere else so in that way he is more mature than anyone else. But since he grew up like that without love, it’s obvious that he hasn’t a clue when it comes to love. That’s why I didn’t blame him as much when the whole I’m-leaving-you-for-your-sake thing happened.


Mo Ne is definitely the one that has changed the most throughout the drama. She went from the childish, irresponsible girl to a reliable and independent woman. She is a character that you can’t help but want to protect and I think she is an amazing character when it comes to handling the ever-so-stubborn Cha Jae Wan.


The other character that I utterly love is of course the second male lead Sun Woo Hyun. I feel sorry for him and he is such a lovable character but there isn’t a single second that I want him to end up with Mo Ne. I think he is better staying single (for me):P. Strangely, the second female lead isn’t a b!tch for once which is another element I like about this drama despite its other dramatic happenings. She even helps the two to be together!(Even Better!) Then this character is a must-mention~Roman Lee!! He seems like an unimportant character but without him, the drama would never be as fun to watch.


I really don’t like Lee Joong Goo as a villain. In fact, he fails as one. He is the sneaky type that gives you the middle finger behind your back but gets really scared when you turn around. I just hate him so much that i adahsufiyjakshd!!! I hate him so much that I didn’t like how he ended up at all! I won’t spoil it but it’s not fair that he got the easy way out.


I actually won’t recommend it to you because I’m too biased with this drama. I can’t even judge properly since My Girl was one of the first korean dramas I watched and the couple reuniting meant so much for me. Just know that it is a makjang so be prepared if you want to watch it. I think it is a decent enough drama for a long one. I mean at least there’s a lot of kisses and sexy scenes. Not like Lee Soon Shin is The Best where I needed to wait forty episodes to see one single kiss!

***WARNING*** watching this drama will have you developing trust issues and if you are by any chance called Jayden, then you will be traumatized every time your name is called.

Thank you for reading and sorry for not being objective in this post. After all there’s our Lee couple, my bias N and Seulong in it! Tell me in the comments if you watched it. See you soon^^

First Impression: It’s Okay, That’s Love Episode 1+2~

SINOPSIS It's Okay, That's Love

Title: It’s Okay, That’s Love~

First Impression:

Screenshot (2321)

Daebak! This is the only drama that impresses me this much after Man From The Stars and I’m confident that it will surpass that. It is so wonderful to see that we have gone passed the stage of teenage-like romance and onto the more adult-like type. It is definitely a historical kdramaland moment as we see the transition of kdramas.

Screenshot (2316)

It is surprising that I’m surprised to see things that are considered a taboo in Korea to be shown in this drama. I know that in today’s society is all about freedom of man and such but since Asia in general is such a conservative continent, I was surprised that the writers mention those “taboos” in the drama. I’m so glad that the writer didn’t care about the public’s opinions and restrict herself because I believe the drama is perfect the way it is.


These kinds of things are what makes this drama realistic-the dorm life, the relationships and the language. The drama really shows what the typical life would be like sharing a house with different people and I was truly convinced. The whole messed up relationships between the roommates and their friends are dramatic but realistic. Then there is very bold language that makes me feel comfortable with the drama as I can totally relate.

Screenshot (2322)

The plot centers around the emotional scars of the characters which is common in dramaland but what makes this drama special is the fact that it is based on psychiatry. I can’t wait to see how the characters are going to deal with their scars and it refreshing to see a new concept in dramas. Even though this drama is more of a romantic comedy at first glance, there is certainly something more to it as we are told that Jae Yeol could be a potential murderer. This unexpected dark side to this drama is what pulled me in as well as other unique ideas of this drama.


Overall, I think this drama has done a very decent job in getting me excited for its next episodes. I would definitely recommend it to you guys judging from the first two episodes that just came out. I’m sorry I didn’t mention this earlier but D.O’s appearance is unquestionably worth watching. He is totally perfect for this fanboy/stalker role with his creepy eyes. I hope fans don’t take this the wrong way, I meant that his acting is good~ anyway, you guys should really check it out, it is very different from the kdramas we are used to and it’s a lovely change if you ask me.

Go watch the drama if you haven’t and tell me if you like it in the comments below^^ Thank you for reading and see you next time:D 

K-drama Review: You’re All Surrounded!


Title: You’re All Surrounded!


  • Lee Seung Gi as Eun Dae Gu
  • Cha Seung Won as Seo Pan Seok
  • Go Ara as Eo Soo Sun
  • Ahn Jae Hyeon as Park Tae Il
  • Park Jung Min as Ji Gook
  • Sung Ji Ru as Lee Eung Do
  • Oh Yoon Ah as Kim Sa Kyung
  • Seo Yi Sook as Kang Seok Soon


Four detective rookies enter the Gangnam Police Station, each for their own reason. The drama explores the troubles they cause as rookies and it also tells the darker and corrupted side of the police station.

My Thoughts:


This drama disappointed me big time. I’m currently loss for words. I have the same problem with Doctor Stranger which also starts off great and just keeps circling around to a ball of mess. To be honest, I didn’t really expect much from the description of the drama but since Lee Seung Gi is one of my favorite actors out there, I had to at least try. I was blown away by the first episode because the teasers made the drama more like a comedy than the serious type of detective crime drama. I didn’t think there would be such a tragic start. I have to say I cried watching the first episode but nothing goes right afterwards. *sigh*~


This drama really takes police/detective incompetence to a whole new level, taking twenty episodes to solve one single case. Sure, you can argue that they are rookies but they have the “legendary” Seo Pan Seok as well as a witness (Eun Dae Gu) on their side so they should be at an advantage. I really think they could take up to 50 episodes to solve the case if Seo Pan Seok and Eun Dae Gu weren’t there. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are any better than others. It’s just because they have more understanding of the Masan Nurse Case.


Usually I’m not as fussy with the plot as long as other aspects of the drama is good but the characters are a disappointment too. The drama focused on too much of Eun Dae Gu’s character that there wasn’t a chance for other rookies to take the spot light. At first I was really anticipating Tae Il’s character because it seemed like the script was suggesting that he is a gay character. Then it was a let down when he turns out to like Sa Kyung who is Seo Pan Seok’s ex-wife and current girlfriend. I mean WTH? It was so messed up!


Ji Gook is written to have a crush on Soo Sun but this failed attempt at making a love triangle just doesn’t work for me. No offense to Ji Gook but he wasn’t as threatening as he should be. Well, I don’t think he is supposed to anyway with all that Assemblyman Abyss. I feel bad for him because he is actually the only character that doesn’t have a background story thrown in to the drama. Not that it would make the drama better but it certainly would satisfy my curiosity.


Another disappointing aspect of the drama is the chemistry of our main couple. I can endure anything but a couple with no chemistry! Though Seo Pan Seok and Sa Kyung made up for that. Okay I know I sound really negative now so let’s talk about something positive! Despite the zero chemistry, I really like some of the couple scenes. They are simple gestures but they can mean so much to the other person. I actually feel like some of the scenarios are pretty realistic and I’ve seen some scenes happening in real life before.

You're all surrounded 41

I would recommend this to die-hard Lee Seung Gi fans especially for those of you who long for his shirtless body or him in a uniform. It is an okay drama for me. I blame all the disappointment on the anticipation of dramas since I haven’t been watching dramas to study my exams. All in all, it was worth watching I guess if you don’t mind the nonsense dramaland logic. I didn’t regret watching it since it’s summer and I have lots of time but for those of you who are busy and want to want one that can really amaze you, I don’t think this drama is the one.

This drama really gave me hope but let me down in such a cruel way. Do you agree with me? I was so frustrated while watching this drama but nevertheless I still had the feeling of wanting to know what happens next. I guess in a way this is its charm. Thank you for reading and see you soon!



My Opinion on Two Weeks Episode 13 and 14~


Title: Two Weeks

Main Cast
  • Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San
  • Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye
  • Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
  • Jo Jung Eun as young Jae Kyung
  • Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)

My Thoughts:

Screenshot (2302)

This drama is off limits to people with heart problems because it certainly gave me heart attack while watching the start of it. It’s all because of the timeline confusion. I thought President Moon was at the interrogation room and I was wondering if there would be a bizarre plot twist like President Moon actually has a twin brother of something. Thank God it wasn’t, or else this drama would be completely ruined for me. President Moon is actually smarter than I thought. I swear dramaverse is weird. Characters are only smart when they shouldn’t be and at other times they are completely clueless and stupid.

Screenshot (2303)

The scene where Tae San was begging for his life was absolutely heartbreaking. From his shaking body to his pleading voice, it really showed how desperate Tae San was and I really forgot at that moment that it was all in the drama. I was literally begging for mercy along with him as if President Moon would actually hear it. Unfortunately, that creature is either heartless or he is deaf and still ordered Tae San to be killed.

Screenshot (2307)

No offense but Seung Woo really annoys me an awful lot for a second male lead. Who cares if In Hye doesn’t trust you? In order to gain trust you have to show with your actions that you are trustworthy and being a mole certainly isn’t how you do it. Okay, maybe I’m a bit harsh but even if I put the mole thing aside, I would still trust Tae San more simply because he has a brain! Seriously Seung Woo is utterly stupid for a “top detective”.

Screenshot (2311)

I swear this drama doesn’t give my heart time to rest! I can’t believe In Hye got kidnapped! I knew something was fishy when Teacher Kim was ordered to go somewhere else instead of waiting on the spot to kill Tae San who is coming. I just would’ve never guessed that their real target was Su Jin. I wish Su Jin could remember what Tae San said about not being able to see her until the day of the surgery. Unfortunately, my prayers didn’t work…….

Haha just messing. Who am I kidding? Of course our Su Jin is smart enough to notice something strange and run back up to the clean room and hide. I was delighted when Tae San come but it was agonizing to see the two right in front of each other and yet they can’t hug each other. I was expecting a much more “touchy” reunion with cute hugs and kisses but I guess we can’t afford that at that crucial time.

Screenshot (2306)

Okay, tell me if I’m the weird one here, am I really the only one secretly shipping Tae San and Jae Kyung? I don’t know but it feels so sweet whenever they are together and I think they work best together. A new plan already! Okay, I don’t understand why they didn’t think of this plan earlier because it is the safest plan on the list.

It’s been a while since I finished this drama and it feels so strange to write my opinions now (they are written in my notebook beforehand). I don’t feel as strongly about the characters now since I’ve already finished the drama but it’s really interesting to see my own reaction after I watched each episode because it is when I feel for the characters the most. Thank you for reading and see you soon! 

Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips~

Woohoo!! Haha I’m back again:D sorry with the sudden flow of posts. Since I was in Dublin for the whole week, I wasn’t able to blog and I was dying to tell you guys about the things I was watching/listening to. I know it’s late but that’s right! It’s Taeyang, the sun of my life right now. I’m currently addicted to his (not so)new song Eyes, Nose, Lips! It is incredibly catchy but extremely hard to sing. Trust me, in that week that I was gone, I was at the karaoke and as soon as I sang the chorus, heads turned………but with an uncomfortable expression on their faces:(

Akdong Musician never fail to amuse me with their song covers. It gives a lighter mood to the rather sad ballad. I love the harmony that they added to the song and Soo-hyun’s voice compliments the chorus of the song exceptionally well. I see that people are comparing this cover with Taeyang’s version of the song on YouTube and it’s upsetting because I think Akdong Musicians didn’t release a cover to compare. They probably just want us to enjoy the song and acknowledge the song’s awesomeness.

(sorry for some reason I can’t upload the original video)

Tablo’s cover is not really to my liking. This has nothing to do with Tablo and I swear I’m not biased. His version of Taeyang’s song gives it a unique feel to the song but that uniqueness makes the thing I like most about the song disappear. I cried looking at the original lyrics because it was said to be Taeyang’s own love experience which is extremely moving. Tablo’s cover turns all the lyrics around and instead of wishing the girl well, it is all about hating the girl and not wanting her to live. I listened to this cover several times but every time it sends shivers up my spine, especially when he sang “You wish me well, I wish you hell!”. I mean the song was so romantic and I was super excited to hear that there is an English cover of the song:(

Now, from reading the paragraph on Tablo’s cover, you can totally tell why I love this cover so much. It is as close as the original lyrics as it can and it’s in English! I’ve been trying to do that since it’s release but I somehow can’t do the lyrics as well as I have been doing other ones. Eric’s cover is stunning both in the mood and the singing of the song. He knows what people likes about the song and captures them perfectly in his cover. Eric Nam is officially a singer I have my eyes on now!

What is your favourite cover or do you like the original version? I love them all! I know I’m not that up to date when it comes to Kpop but I’m sure I’ll eventually hear of the new songs~ You can recommend some new songs to me in the comments and I can write about them^^ Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon!