EXO-Growl (Drama Version)



Now that EXO Showtime is over, I am suffering from the withdrawal symptoms so I decided to watch EXO videos. If you know me long enough, you’d know that I hate watching Kpop videos because of their lack of storyline. I still decided to watch it anyway and I love this drama version! The music played in the video is a medley of EXO’s songs from their album Growl. This is already a big step towards making this MV more interesting.


The MV is split into two parts. In part 1, Kris appears in a dark alley with a bag, looking like he is ready to go somewhere far. He meets up with Luhan but doesn’t say anything. He pats Luhan’s back and the (dragon) mark on his hand glows. The mark is the same as the mark Kris had when he was promoting Growl but I presume they have nothing to do with it. Kris then walks away and Luhan is alone.



Next scene, a female student is on the roof looking at the moon with a telescope. Luhan is on another rooftop  and he is being chased by men in black. The student falls asleep on the roof and by the time she wakes up, it’s already pitch dark outside. Luhan is still being chased in the building.(Seriously?! they have been chasing from day to night? In the same building?) The student is walking home when she is suddenly grabbed aside by Luhan to avoid the men in black. The mark on Luhan’s arm glows.


The next day Luhan goes to school for the first time and he is put next to the girl he saved yesterday. Luhan soon befriends the classmates (the rest of EXO) and they hang around together all day. At night, after sending the girl on the bus, Luhan and the rest of EXO are confronted by the men in black. They all go to a rundown building to fight. At first EXO is winning but eventually they are outnumbered by the men in black.


Luhan has no choice but to unleash his wolf powers. His vision turns red and he becomes aggressive. Overly Aggressive. He throws D.O. to the wall by an accident and D.O. is badly injured. Luhan’s friends all blamed him for it and left him alone in the rundown building. The girl asks Luhan who he really is with tears in her eyes.

Part 2~


The next day, every one is covered in plasters in class. Luhan suffers from injuries alone at home. EXO goes to visit D.O. who is in the hospital. Luhan watches all of this from the outside window and the girl spots him. She chases after him but Luhan fainted from the pain. The girl ends up looking after him at his house. She sees a photo of Luhan with Kris. Kai is at Luhan’s door when Luhan and the girl comes out. He is angry and pushes Luhan to a wall. Meanwhile, the members of the men in black see Luhan with the girl and they decide to kidnap the girl.


Luhan gets a call from the men in black and he goes back to the rundown place to save the girl. Kai gets a message but we don’t know what it is. Luhan is beaten up by the men in black and in comes the EXO members. They beat up all the men in black and save the day. Luhan gets the chance to slip away and save the girl but when he was about to hit the men in black, his mark glows causing him to hesitate. At that moment, the men in black strikes a huge blow to Luhan’s head and he falls to the floor.


The EXO members all rush to Luhan and the girl cries. Her tears drop on Luhan’s mark on the arm and it disappears. At the same time, Luhan’s hair changes from blond to black. Meanwhile, Kris is in Luhan’s house and his mark flashes. He takes the photo of him and Luhan and smashes it. The MV ends with Kris growling.

This MV was entertaining to watch. Even though it was short, it still has a solid plot. I know we still can’t get rid of the only-one-girl-per-MV-rule but it is still better than 12 korean boys just looking into the camera and rubbing their lips. Anyway, over all this MV is outstanding and I really have nothing to complain about since it kept me watching for the whole 8 mins. I hope EXO will do something like this again for their next comeback!

J-dorama Review: Tantei Gakuen Q~


Title: Tantei Gakuen Q


  • Kamiki Ryounosuke as Kyuu
  • Shida Mirai as Minami Megumi
  • Yamada Ryosuke as Amakusa Ryuu
  • Matsukawa Naruki as Narusawa Kazuma
  • Kaname Jun as Toyama Kintaro
  • Nakao Akiyoshi as Saburomaru Yutaka
  • Suzuki Sawa as Katagiri Shino
  • Sato Hiromichi (佐藤弘道) as Kyuu’s supervisor
  • Tonesaku Toshihide as Maki Shintaro
  • Jinnai Takanori as Dan Morihiko


Kyuu, Megumi, Ryuu, Kazuma, Kintaro are members of the Q class in a detective agency run by a famous detective, Morihiko Dan. The five children are friends as well as rivals that compete with each other to be Detective Dan’s one and only successor.

My Thoughts: 

This drama is totally perfect for me who is a Detective Conan fangirl waiting for a live-action version of the anime (not the one with Shinichi but one with Conan and the Detective Boys). I think this is my first drama that focuses on the children cast and I have to say I’m impressed. The kids are adorable and they KNOW how to pose. The only problem is that I’m a noona so I feel like I’m a pedophile who smiles (quite creepily) at good-looking children in front of my computer screen. Now I can’t even fangirl about the male leads because it would sound seriously creepy.

Anyway, back to the plot~ The plot is serious but I think I can’t take it seriously because there are children in this drama. Ryuu is an exception though. Whenever he comes up on-screen, I just get the chills because it’s frightening to see a child not smiling at all. At first I thought it would be about the children solving less lethal cases such as finding missing people or something so it came to me as a surprise that the children are involved in murder cases. Then it surprised me again when I realized that there is a larger organisation involved in this murder scheme and that one of the children is connected to that organisation.

The climax of the drama is of course when the other members of Q class find out about Ryuu’s identity and their friendship is threatened. This is my favorite section of the drama since it really tells you the importance of trust in relationships. Kyuu is the only one who believed in Ryuu from beginning to end but that’s okay because he eventually convinced the others to believe in Ryuu too. This is an example of the changes one person can make. Ha! Who said dramas are useless?!

The drama depicts the difference one can make with trust and I love the way the main characters who portrayed this are children because it makes it extra special since children represents purity and innocence. The drama brought a smile to my face even as I am writing this post. The drama is fast-paced and straight forward making it more enjoyable and easy to watch. If you like the crime/mystery genre, I would definitely recommend this drama to you. For others who are romanticist, there are the tiniest bit of romance scattered throughout the drama but if that is the sole reason you watch dramas then you should stay away from this.

P.S. This drama made me so ashamed and wonder what I was doing when I was 8. Dayum, these kids are so talented!

K-drama Friday Club #4 : Gender Bender~


I haven’t been posting for exactly two weeks and now I’m back with my fourth #KFC. Like I said before, my brother went to Birmingham for a robot competition with my laptop last week so I wasn’t able to post but now that he is back, so are my posts! Anyway back to this post. As most of you can see, a majority of dramas revolve around a cross-dressing theme where a girl disguise as a guy for a particular reason. And magically, no one seems to notice their extremely feminine girly appearance/behavior/voice. In this post I’m going to tell you the reasons why the cross-dressing girl can be easily recognized as one.

You’re Beautiful 


Like I said before, You’re Beautiful is one of my very first dramas and it’s funny because I actually loved it and think it was the best drama ever. Now, I’m not degrading the drama of anything but I just think there are better dramas out there. The very thing that attracted me to this drama was the whole girl-pretends-to-be-boy theme but now I blame this drama for starting the trend.

Reasons why it is not hard to spot that Go Mi Nam is in fact a girl:

Appearance: Go Mi Nam definitely looks feminine but in the drama she has a male twin (I still can’t imagine a guy that looks like her). She is also really short for a guy and she has a small bone frame. Jeremy mentioned that she has fair skin before but I guess you really don’t go around thinking that people are girl just because of their fair skin. I don’t think she could pass as a guy if I show her photo to my friends~

Voice: She has an extremely girly voice, especially when she sings. I could actually tell that she is a girl from the very first episode when she started to sing .

Behaviour: Once while watching TV after dance practice, a model with great legs came on and Go Mi Nam said she wants to wear high heels while the others were looking at the model’s legs. If all of the above isn’t suspicious enough, she doesn’t shower with the staff (who are men) and she never changed in front of them.

Nail Shop Paris


Nail Shop Paris was such a fun watch for me since it was short and light. I’m not sure about the cross-dressing thing in this drama though. I’m still not working yet so I don’t really understand the hardships to do with jobs. I wasn’t so sure if a person would be that desperate enough to cross-dress as a guy just to get novel ideas. I’ve had a British writer coming to my school for a visit but from what she told me, I’m pretty sure she didn’t cross-dress:P

Appearance: Gyuri is actually known to be the prettiest of the group KARA so I was surprised to see her in this drama. Even though Gyuri is considered tall among girl groups, she is still pretty short as a guy.

Voice: Gyuri is the only one who makes the effort from this list to change her voice. It’s hard to explain but she has a unique voice in this drama. I’m not sure if it is the same in real life because her voice doesn’t sound like that when she sings. She actually did sound less like a girl!

Behaviour: Like Go Mi Nam, Gyuri doesn’t change in front of her colleagues. She acted like Kay has transmitted disease or something when Kay asked her to help him put medicine patches on his bare back. Then she is also caught spying on Alex and secretly kissing him by Kay~

SungKyunKwan Scandal


There is even cross-dressing in Joseon Era~SungKyunKwan Scandal is the first drama that comes to mind. It actually makes more sense that people in Joseon Era were cross-dressing because before most poor female peasants would try to avoid being concubines of rich lords by dressing as a man. In this drama it is one of the factors that made Yoon Hee cross-dress but another common factor is education. Women back then weren’t allowed education so women who wish to study would also disguise themselves as guys as well.

Appearance: Yoon Hee doesn’t look as feminine as the other two in my opinion. I guess she could pull off as a pretty boy to Asians but definitely not to others. (Since Asians are familiar with the idea of flower boys)

Voice: Yoon Hee has a middle-high range voice but she still sound feminine. I think if she is acting as a boy who hasn’t hit his puberty yet, it would work but not what she is acting as now.

Behaviour: I think the reason Yoon Hee wasn’t discovered is because she is so brave and courageous. In this way, she is masculine and it is the reason why Cho Sun was attracted to him(her), thus giving her the nickname Daemul (meaning Big Thing for those of you who don’t know, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you what Thing it is:P) Regardless of that, it is still hard for Yoon Hee as there is a “female detector” in her room (Jae Shin’s hiccups).

Coffee Prince


Coffee Prince is in fact the earliest Gender-Bender drama I’ve ever seen but I think the Gender Bender theme became more popular after You’re Beautiful. This doesn’t mean I love this drama any less! This drama has one of my all time favourite drama kiss and it has secured its spot for 3 consecutive years! I’ve noticed that a lot of cross-dressing moments start from the lack of work, looks like the government will know what to do:P

Appearance: Eun Chan has the most masculine-looking face. That still doesn’t mean she looks like a guy but together with her behaviour, she is the most convincing one.

Voice: Eun Chan doesn’t have that high of a voice but since her partner is Han Gyul who has super deep manly voice, the contrast is distantly shown.

Behaviour: Not only is Eun Chan the most mascine-looking but she also has very masculine behaviours. She slurps noodles and doesn’t care what she looks like when she eat. She is very tough and does martial art. She even talks like one, her speeches aren’t lady-like.

To The Beautiful You


This drama is more recent and it is based on a popular Japanese manga. This is the only k-drama where the female lead cross-dress to help her role-model. I agree with Jae Hee’s brother, no matter how crazy you are with an idol, you shouldn’t leave your studies just to meet them. Everyone has different life values though but since studies are so important to Koreans, I guess Tae Joon is really important to Jae Hee.

Appearance: Like Gyuri, Sulli is considered very beautiful in her group f(x), she even looks like a gisaeng from long ago! Seriously the casting team needs to work on the skills. Sulli wouldn’t pass as a guy to me in a million years! And don’t get me wrong, this has nothing to do with acting skills. I guess it is hard to get everything perfect. At least Sulli is reasonably tall but her partner is MinHo who is gigantic so it is still the casting team’s fault~

Voice: Sulli sounds alright when she doesn’t sing but when she entered that cross-dressing contest and sang IU’s peach, it is impossible to not know that she is a girl.

Behaviour: Since Sulli enrolled into an athletic school and she is pretty sporty, there is really nothing wrong. But seriously, when she arrived the first day, took a shower only to find out that someone is opening the door and wrapped her body with the towel. It is ridiculous the way she stood with the towel. There is no guy I know that wraps their towel up to their chest!

So here are my opinions on the gender-bender in K-dramas. My conclusion? I find it ridiculous sometimes but it is such a fun watch especially when you are tired! By the way, is it just me or all the girl who cross-dress tend to have a bowl haircut? Nevermind SungKyunKwan Scandal since in the Joseon Era all guys have long hair but look at the modern ones~ My favourite gender-bender is Coffee Prince. What is yours? tell me in the comments^^ Thank you for reading this week’s KFC and I hope you enjoy it:D

K-drama Friday Club #3: Amnesia?!


For the third KFC I’m going to discuss the (over) use of amnesia in k-dramas. To be fair, some of the amnesia are legit while others are just fillers. That’s when we have the problem~ Some dramas get too popular and get extended episodes for ratings but they don’t think about how it will affect the drama.

Secret Garden


When?~ Near the end starting at episode 18.

Cause~ Joo Won decided to save Ra Im who was in a coma from a car stunt accident by swtiching bodies in the rain. Through Ra Im’s father, they managed to switch bodies back and woke up, both save and sound. But Joo Won magically lost his memories as part of the effects and Ra Im had to try to bring out his memories of them.

Legitimacy~ Well, since the cause of the amnesia is magic and I know nothing about it, I can’t really speak for this. However, it really frustrated me when I watched it and I swear I still remember myself saying “oh, not again!” at this amnesia. But I guess this is needed because this later contributed to Joo Won recovering his memories with Ra Im’s father.

Boys Over Flowers


When? At the end in episode 24.

Cause~ Jun Pyo saw that a car is approaching Ji Hoo and jumped in to save him. He ended up in the hospital and when he woke up, he lost his memories.

Legitimacy~ Legit……..NOT! It does nothing except for making this drama more long-winded and Ji Hoo guilty. I don’t see the point in this “plot-twist” when things were finally going well for Jan di and Jun Pyo.

Queen In Hyun’s Man


When? Episode 8-11 and Episode 16

Causes~ The talisman that Boong Do used to travel in time torn in half, thus erasing the time he spent with Hee Jin. The second amnesia is caused by Boong Do burning the talisman. He knew that he couldn’t get back to Hee Jin so he didn’t want Hee Jin to keep the memories of him and suffer.

Legitimacy~ Okay, you can actually argue that the first “amnesia” isn’t really an amnesia because it is actually the time that disappeared. It makes sense I because it explained clearly why it happened. The writing on the talisman which reads “time” was cut in half so there must be some damage done to time. The second “amnesia” is pretty much the same reason except Boong Do burned the whole talisman. I don’t really see anything wrong with it and in fact, I love it!

Arang and The Magistrate 


When?~ From episode 1 to the very last episode 20

Cause~ Arang was never meant to have her memories as she is a ghost but she managed to escape while traveling to the underworld.

Legitimacy~ It is totally legit since this is a story about a ghost finding out about her life when she was living. This amnesia thing is what this drama is all about so there is nothing to complain. In fact, I love this drama!

Nice Guy


When?~ Starting from episode 9-16

Cause~ Eun Ki found out Maru’s motive for dating her and she crashed her own car into Maru’s. (WTF?!) She ended up waking up in the hospital with amnesia and brain damage. (she is the one who is paying the price for it:/)

Legitimacy~ This is legit in the way that it allows the couple to revenge on each other. What doesn’t make sense is the cause of it-not the car accident itself but the way Eun Ki drove HER own car into Maru’s. I mean I get it if she hired someone or something but to risk her life for it? That’s a bit too much.

The winner for the “Most Absurd Amnesia Award” goes to……..*drum roll*…………Boys Over Flowers! BOF has no legitimate reason for the amnesia. It was a waste of time and it made the drama dragged out. This aspect of it earns BOF the “Most Absurd Amnesia Award”! I’m not sure if this is something to be proud of but congratulations to BOF 😛 Stay tune for next week’s KFC and I hope you enjoy this week’s KFC^^ Thank you for reading:D

Kdrama Review: Man From The Stars (includes spoilers)~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi


Do Min Joon is an alien that landed on Earth 400 years ago in the Joseon Era. He helped a 15 year-old widow and ended up missing his only chance to go back to his own planet so he has to wait for another 400 years. He lived all these years in isolation and loneliness until his last three months on Earth when he met a doppelganger of the widow he helped 400 years ago. Min Joon couldn’t help but feel attracted to her but since this is his last three months on Earth what will he do?

My Thoughts:


This is an amazing drama that everyone who watches dramas would know about it unless you are living under a rock. Even my mum knows it and she isn’t even into dramas. You just know a drama is great when your primary school teacher is watching it too! (yes…..it was kinda awkward seeing my primary school teacher fangirling over Kim Soo Hyun but putting that aside, it was awesome to know the fact that I am watching the same drama as my primary school teacher and that she also likes it !) This drama deserves a 9.5/10 from me because I’m a realistic person-there is no such a thing a perfect. However, this is the closest to perfect you can get and I acknowledge it.


This drama has given me an enjoyable roller-coaster ride of emotions. I could be giggling in one scene, cringing in the next and laughing and sobbing in another. It is really the first drama that I had a lot of laughter and tears in. It just combines comedy with heartbreaking elements so well that I was overwhelmed. The plot of the drama was so well thought out and the cast, props, characters and acting were all of high standards.

The Characters


Cheon Song Yi is a Hallyu Star who is ignorant but has her own unique charms. Song Yi has had a difficult childhood as she took on the role of the breadwinner of the family at the age of 15. This is partly the cause of her personality today. What I love about her despite her demerits is that she is very true to herself and that she is candid. This is why some people can be offended-Song Yi speaks out whatever that’s on her mind. Song Yi also has this madness to her that makes you can’t help but fall for her. Her madness is of course, commonly seen when she is drunk.


Do Min Joon, the alien is “cut-off” from society because he doesn’t want to be hurt by making friends and having to see them grow old while his young facial features remains. Song Yi managed to unlock his heart with her quirky character. Min Joon is very reserved but it is shown in the drama that he becomes a big ol’ softie when he is around Song Yi. Min Joon moves our hearts with his endless efforts to protect his loved one despite having only a few months on Earth.


For some reason even though I thought Hwi Kyung was sweet to Song Yi, I didn’t ship him and Song Yi at all. I think he is your typical second male lead that you feel sorry for but then I think he is special in a way because of the amount of stuff he has to go through for Song Yi. Hwi Kyung is certainly a character that has a vast amount of development. From being obsessed with Song Yi to finding out about Se Mi’s 12 year crush to learning about his brother’s real cruel personality, he has to deal with a great amount of emotions and I think Park Hae Jin did an excellent job in portraying each emotion.


Talking about acting, I can’t leave Shin Sung Rok out with his unbelievably amazing portrayal of Jae Kyung. The minute I talked about him, a lot of you would probably get the chills. He deserves the title “best villain” for his character Jae Kyung. What I like about Jae Kyung is that he didn’t run away when he learned about Min Joon’s identity. I was actually quite surprised since even Min Joon’s closest friends became scared of him. Jae Kyung was a brave and confident villain at first but seeing how pathetic he is in prison, I’m both disappointed and glad- disappointed that he is not the cool villain that he used to be, glad that he is getting what he deserves.


In my opinion, I wouldn’t even call Se Mi one of the main characters. I just don’t really see an important role in her character. I think Song Yi’s friend, Bok Ja has more of an important role than her. I know that Se Mi is supposed to be Song Yi’s friend who thinks of Song Yi as her rival but I don’t think her existence would make any difference. I think the only thing she contributed was when she advised Song Yi to think of Min Joon instead of trying to not think about him. I mean that’s only the last episode though.

The Plot

The plot caught my attention from the start because it was original and I seriously don’t remember watching any dramas about alien-there were gumihos and time travel alright but not alien~ I had no problem with the plot but the only thing was that it was frustrating because they overused the backwards-story telling directing. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it-mind you, I loved it the first time they used it- but when I was more into the drama, I wanted the story to move on quickly so I can see what happens next. So when Song Yi did her own stunt and jumped off a building, I was anxious because it went back to a few days before the accident and the plot was just moving backwards. I still love the whole plot in general nevertheless.


I highly recommend this drama and you guys should definitely check it out. Beware! Don’t marathon it for too long and too late at night because a woman in Taiwan marathoned it until way past midnight and she suffered from a heart attack. This drama is a masterpiece and I think it is a great drama to start off for new kdrama fans. (I do hope people don’t get weirded out by Song Yi’s extreme eccentric character though…….)


How Can you Not Fall In Love With This?

What do you think of this drama and do you like it? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it^^