Book Review: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour~ (Spoilers)


Title: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

My Rating: 8/10 Turtles


It’s summer but this isn’t a great time for Amy. Her mother has decided to move to Connecticut and Amy has to cross the country with the car. The problem is that Amy can’t drive ever since her father’s car accident. This brings in Roger who is an old family friend. According to plan, he will drive Amy to Connecticut and then take the train to his father’s house in Philadelphia. But what happens when they decide to take a little detour?

My Thoughts:

This book is a perfect summer read! I know it’s not summer now but I can totally imagine myself reading this book at the beach or on a road trip. This is a book with a heart-breaking story as it deals with a troubled teenage who is struggling by herself after her father’s death. On top of that, she also seems to blame herself for her father’s accident. Nothing is going right for her as in this important time of her life, her whole family is scattered with her mother in their new house and her twin brother in rehab.

I love how this book is about a road trip that also symbolizes the journey in life. Sure it is great to have everything according to plan but you wouldn’t really have much discoveries until you take a detour. Something which reminds me of “think outside the box”. The death of Amy’s father is a traumatic experience for her but through the road trip and the people she met along the way, she has overcome this trauma. It is truly a great book to read even just the the symbolism in the story itself.

The characters in this book are not all that perfect. They all have their flaws and it is realistically portrayed in each of the characters in this book. It is understandable that Amy doesn’t want to others about the accident but it is her family we are talking about here. It’s unbearable to withstand this pain alone, and all this while Amy never really asked for help. Charlie, Amy’s twin has his own problems as he is currently in a rehab centre. Amy’s mother just decides to run away from the experience by leaving which doesn’t help the situation at all. They all have one common fault and that is keeping everything to themselves and don’t talk it out.

Fortunately, all of this is resolved as Amy’s road trip come to an end. She learns to deal with her pain and it is a relief to see her grow from this trip. She becomes more mature and her relationship with her family and friends strengthen. She also gets back on track with life and is beginning to develop a more positive outlook on life. This is mostly because of the influence of Roger.

Roger, as described in the synopsis, is just an old family friend but since this is a YA book and it’s about a road trip of just the two of them, there’s no doubt that romance is going to sprout from this story. At first, I was actually in doubt though. This is because I found out that Roger is going on this road trip to find his ex-girlfriend, looking for another chance to be with her. From my understanding of Hadley (Roger’s ex-girlfriend), the two don’t seem to match. Rather, Amy and Roger seem to gain trust for each other during the road trip so it was no surprise that they ended up together.

It’s good to see that from being with Amy, Roger learns that you can’t force a relationship that just won’t work out and for Amy, being with Roger allows her to understand that the accident is not her fault. I’ve mentioned before that I love when people benefits as a person in life from a relationship and this is an example of one! I just hope that things will work out for them after the story since they are in different states after all! Long distance relationship is hard!

Even though this book can be quite serious with the traumas and all, it can be quite fun as well. One of the aspects I love about this book is the fact that it is real. There are photographs, receipts and even playlists of songs that are played in car during the road trip included in the book. This makes it seem like that you know what the actual trip is like since you can physically see what they had eaten or buy or where they had stay. The visuals of the book makes this book extra special and unique from other summer reads.

Overall, I think this book is just amazing in engaging the reader. It really invites the readers to participate in the road trip along with Amy and Roger. I’ve grown to like the characters despite their flaws and I’m happy and glad for them when things work out. I would give this book a 8/10 for its original idea of putting in bits and pieces of the road trip into the book as well as the heart-warming story. I would recommend this book as a summer read and I think it would be great if you like books with symbolism of life. Although there is romance in the story, I think most of this book is about the characters itself so if you are reading for romance then I don’t think this is enough for you. However, I would argue that there is so much more to just romance in this book so it’s no harm to check it out^^

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed that! Guys, it’s been so long since I use my Turtle rating scale and I’m so excited to use it again! Anyway, what do you guys think of the book? Tell me in the comments below 😀

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