Kpop Debut Dimanche: EXO-MAMA

I’ve noticed that the Kpop Debut Dimanche I’ve done so far are one’s that I enjoy listening to so I decided to do a Kpop Debut Dimanche that I’m not so satisfied with for this week. If you guys have seen my earlier posts, you will know that I’m a die-hard Exotic (I still think this fandom name is better than EXO-L). I just happened to hate their debut song despite the love it received from many fans.

Song…….This song is just not for me. The intro with the Latin-like chant was powerful but creepy. It really reminded me of some kind of evil villain theme in an anime of something. There’s just something lacking in this song that doesn’t grab like their other songs. I really do like each and everyone of their vocals though. When they hit those high notes I just have goose-bump all over.

Music Video……Don’t even get me started on this video, I’m not even going to attempt decoding it~ I’m leaving that to the professionals. Though I’m not even sure if there’s any plot involved in there at all. I’d much prefer if they make two versions of the music video with an animated one which they started off the music video with then another one with all the members’ dancing and that semi-plot there. I did enjoy watching the video though and it really got me burst out laughing at some parts.

Now I might seem harsh in my review but I still like EXO all the same! They really are a talented group and I hope they’ll continue their success in the future. Btw, am I the only one who got emotional when Kris appeared in the music video? I hope the best for him in the future as well. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my post^^


One thought on “Kpop Debut Dimanche: EXO-MAMA

  1. well i have always been a die hard fan of Exo. I personally really loved this song and the mv. i found it very funny how they TRIED to scream then in live performances, they could obviously not do it… My bias is Tao and i was very … disappointed with his look in the mv… though his flip was amazing in it! i loved the kinda latin that was actually in english that is at the beginning and the middle and end of it, i found it very new and fresh and different. well, you were not the only to get emotional, everytime i watch an exo MV i cant help but feel emotional every time Kris appears, I cried while re-watching exo showtime! and Happy Camp 2014, i just can’t help it.

    Bottom line is, I really loved this song and MV, though i still try to understand some parts of it. But the lyrics are beautiful and i love how they showed their powers in it 🙂
    Have you looks up the english subs to it? they are really good!

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