First Impression: She’s so lovable~


Hey guys, so I’ve started this drama She’s so lovable last week and I’ve decided to write about it first before moving on to the next episode. Just looking at the cast lineup will probably makes you sigh but I’m all about giving everyone and everything a chance, so I watched the first two episode of this drama. I first found out about Rain from the ever so famous kdrama (in China anyway), Full House so I didn’t even know about his occupation as a singer at all. To be honest, he did fairly well in acting this drama especially the scene when he cried after the car accident. Krystal is alright so far but there’s nothing breathtaking about her acting. Then L is just awkward acting out the idol part for some reason.


The story is not too bad but not outstanding so I’m still waiting for something epic to happen. I really like the musical element of this drama so I hope they won’t ruin this for me. I love the song Krystal composed and the new arrangement by Seo Jae Young was actually really good. I’m really looking forward to another hit song from the preview! Okay, despite that there are other elements in the drama which I absolutely despise. It feels wrong to see a man fall in love with his dead girlfriend’s sister. Some people think it’s romantic but for me nah-uh. Besides there’s always the confusion that it might not be love or something~


There are many kdrama cliches in this drama and my friend and I enjoy guessing what would happen in it so it is in a way engaging. Though we were more like “oh it’s the bus scene! He’s gonna miss her by a millisecond!”. LOL~ don’t get me wrong, that’s the enjoyable part for me! The writer of the drama wasn’t really thinking much of the details in my opinion because there are several mistakes here and there throughout the two episodes~ Now have fun spotting the errors!


The characters are quite typical in the drama with the rich CEO of an entertainment company and a poor girl with debt. There nothing that special about the characters yet but I really want to see what kind of person they’ll grow into. So far there’s no characters that are evil to the point of “you shouldn’t be in this world!” but I do find Shin Hae Yoon annoying and Seo Jae Young hateful.


I would recommend watching the first two episode to see if it’s to your liking because it’s a drama full of cliches. I don’t see anything WRONG with it so I’ll definitely continue watching this drama (until I’m bored with it at least). The drama is out on Viki now so it’s pretty easy to get access to it.

P.S.-Someone needs to get me Dal Bong here, RIGHT NOW!!!

Thank you for reading and sorry for not posting for so long! I’m glad I can squeeze some time to write this though! I swear it is hard to manage between watching dramas and blogging. You always tend to want to watch the next episode quickly! 


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