Taiwanese Drama Review: Fall In Love With Me~


Title: Fall In Love With Me


  • Aaron Yan as Lu Tian Xing/ Xiao Lu
  • Tia Li as Tao Le Si
  • Jack Li as  Weng Li Yang
  • Katherine Wang as Xu Miao Miao
  • Beatrice Fang as  Li Huan Huan
  • Chen Bo Zheng as Uncle Fu
  • Kao Ying Tsuan as Li Qi Xuan


Lu Tian Xing is a prodigy in the advertising field but recently he hasn’t been feeling creative lately so he made an announcement that shocked the world: he’s a taking a three month break from the advertising industry. During the period of his break, he took on a simple disguise and help an advertising company, Oz that produces heartwarming advertisements. Tao Le Si is the sister of the founder of Oz and after her brother’s death, took on the role of saving the company.


Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 12.25.23 PM

I don’t know how to explain how I feel about this drama. It didn’t start off great but then it picked up and just when I think it could be an outstanding drama, it messed itself up again. I was really disappointed because for once I actually liked all the characters but then they just all changed into every hateful character possible! I’m really convinced that they changed the writer in the middle of the drama. There’s no way that they can all become so stupid in only a few episodes.


I enjoyed the start of the drama where they were explaining the influence of ads on us and that even ads have heart and soul. That episode with Aunty Jing was really touching and I expected the upcoming episodes to be like that. Unfortunately, they focused on the relationship between Tian Xing and Le Si. I wouldn’t mind if the events that happened were legit but I don’t understand why there would be a problem.


Also the start of the drama was so fun and humorous with Uncle Fu and Xiao Lu. It was light-hearted and perfect for having a laugh when Xiao Lu was here because with the whole mistaken identity thing, you can do so much with the characters! That is why I didn’t like how things turned out. The synopsis made me think that Xiao Lu was there throughout the drama when in reality he disappeared during half of them.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 10.47.40 PM

And I think they just couldn’t think of an obstacle and decided to just put a random crap in. I just hate stupidity in dramas where characters inflict self-harm just to get the attention of someone. Huan Huan was such a sweet girl at the beginning but then she became extremely stupid and bitchy and that’s the worse possible combination in a character. I honestly thought she was going to be the first love rival in a drama who wouldn’t become such a sore loser.


I really didn’t understand how Huan Huan’s mother’s “threat” works. It just didn’t seem threatening to me. I know that she raised Tian Xing and all but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to everything she says. If I was him I would just give her my middle finger and elope with Le Si. Okay, maybe not the middle finger part since after all she did raise him for the last 10 years.


Honestly I gave up on this drama along with Huan Huan as she gave up on any treatment for her legs. It was just absurd to me how she would give up EVERYTHING for Tian Xing. I would be intimidated by such an obsessive person. I do think that she should deserve someone who loves her as much as she does and not like Tian Xing who doesn’t think much of her as a lover.


I guess I’m all complains because I could think of way better stories with those characters. That rarely happens so the writer must be really stuck to write this. I mean that random ending with everyone playing baseball? It’s not even a spoiler because it doesn’t have much significance to it. If I have one nice thing to say about this drama, it would be the O.S.T. The O.S.T. was perfect for this drama and it was always played at the suited times so it doesn’t sound awkward. So kudos to the O.S.T for making this drama a WAY better experience for me!

What do you guys think of Fall In Love With Me? Like I said, I didn’t think well of this drama but it might be to your liking. If you do like this drama, tell me what you like about it:) Thank you for reading the post and see you soon!^^




2 thoughts on “Taiwanese Drama Review: Fall In Love With Me~

  1. It was awful after episode 11. It lost its charm when Huan Huan suddenly turned into a character that doesn’t make sense to me. I hated her for claiming Xiao Lu is hers and hers only. Every single reasons she gave were stupid. Her mom was the same.

    I frankly don’t get it with the writers. They ruined this drama. Period. He or she or they should never write anymore. They tired me with the characters running around in circle like headless chickens!

    I finished the show nevertheless. I watched it for Aaron *laughs* and he kept me going. The show could have gone better had the writers uses his/her/their brain(s). What a waste of everybody’s time.

    OST is definitely awesome. *thumbs up*

  2. This drama started out so well but they had to ruin it all. The plot started dragging, characters repeated the same thing over and over, and the meanies were mean for no good reason. Tia’s acting was not that great but Aaron was doing a good job. If only the plot was better… I wish Aaron would pick better projects. He could do so much better…

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