Kpop Debut Dimanche: Ladies’ Code’s “Bad Girl”~

Last week has been such an emotional week for all of us as the news Ladies’ Code’s car accident broke out. We have lost two talented singers, Eun B and Ri Se. May they fill the heaven with their amazing vocals and continue their dream from there. My condolences to the members and their family and I hope God can help them through this hard time. I also pray that other Ladies’ Code members can recover soon. To commemorate Eun B and RiSe I will dedicate this post to Ladies’ Code’s debut.


Song…..Just from listening to this song, one is unable to tell that this song is sung by a group of rookies. Their vocals are powerful and solid and you can tell that ALL of the members CAN sing. They all had nice tone to their voices making the song even more pleasant that it already is. The song was such a clever choice for a debut. It just grabs you with its addictive chorus and in-your-face vocals. I would actually be amazed by this group if this was the first time I saw them but unfortunately I wasn’t that opened to new groups back then so I totally missed this not-so-hidden gem!

Music Video…..Like I said in their “Kiss Kiss” video, I love that they going for that half serious half comedic styled videos. Well I guess this is how they started it and I’m glad they kept that fun side of them. At the start of the video it seemed dramatic and serious with that piano solo in the submarine but then when it completely changed the setting, I was in love with it! That funky eighty’s look and all those foreigners! Fantastic! The scene where the girls spiked the drinks and drew on the “customers” face was so simple but still effective. It just reminds everyone of their childhood and this impact on everyone is what makes Ladies’ Code special.

RIP Eun B and Ri Se, we will always remember you and miss you! Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to hear your songs. You two are going to be the two most beautiful angels!


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