Anime Review: No Game No Life!~


 Title: No Game No Life (love the title!<3) 


Sora and Shiro are genius game players and together they form as an invincible team called “『  』”(Blank). One day, after beating the God of Games, Tet, they are given the offer to reborn in a world where everything is determined by games. 



It’s been a while since I’m so impressed by an anime. At first glance everything just draws me in, the visuals, the colours and the plot! The last anime I watched was Magi, I really loved it as well but the visuals and colours are much more impressive in No Game No Life. It just seems so futuristic and vibrant. The idea of everything in the world decided by games is unique and refreshing. Just hearing the plot sounds fun so naturally I picked this anime within seconds!


The first episode was a bit slow for me but once it picks up, it is the bomb. I was so in love with each game Blank played and how they would always turn it around on the opponents. Even a simple, boring game of rock, paper, scissors became a game of mind reading. I love Blank’s intelligence and how they explained the way the won every game. I really feel like Steph every episode (clueless) but I’d also like to think that I’ve gotten smarter through this anime. 


Having said that, there are several things that I’m not really pleased about in this anime. The sexual content was one thing. I’m not really keen on the incest jokes and there was just too much nakedness. I’ve learned to embrace it throughout the drama and try to enjoy it as a comical side of the anime but for some people who is not used to this Japanese culture, it might be hard for them to watch. I was delighted to find out that a new girl at my school is an anime lover like me but I’m kinda afraid to show her this anime because I don’t know what she would think of me when she sees those sexual content. 


Another ‘bad’ thing about this anime is the ending! It was so abrupt and didn’t really make sense to me because Blank hasn’t completed their goal of playing against the God. I’m really upset about it and I’m praying for a second season. I really want to know what would happen to Blank and if they can really live up to their title (not losing in any game). I am going to read the manga but there is only one volume at the moment so there probably isn’t any difference from the anime. It’s still ongoing so I’ll wait. Last thing is that I feel like they could do a better job with this original plot but I can’t think of my own at the moment so I’m kinda satisfied with what they did with it.


I would recommend this anime to 16+ because I really can’t imagine anyone younger than me watching this with its sexual content. Even though Blank aren’t biologically related, I feel like it will give kids the wrong idea about incest. I’m always a supporter of anime, books or dramas that challenges a person mentally. This anime isn’t really one which gets you to reflect on the meaning of life but the thing is the anime itself is about fun and games so it really doesn’t really matter. Although I keep on mentioning the sexual content it has, it really is trivial compared to the awesomeness to this anime. I just want you guys to be prepared so you wouldn’t be so shocked watching it. 

It’s really my opinion that this anime is certainly above average but I’m pretty sure you guys will like it. I’m not sure if it’s the genre or what but lately the anime I watch have become quite full of adult content. Please let me know if there’s any anime with none of that because I would love to watch that. I guess since I’m growing up I need to move on~ Oh, how I miss my innocence! Anyway, please share your opinion of this anime below! Thank you for reading and I’ll come back with another anime review soon!


26 thoughts on “Anime Review: No Game No Life!~

  1. This Anime was one of the spring season’s that I couldn’t pick up (because too much Anime, school etc..).
    I eventually did watch it before it ended and from episode one I fell in love with it. I did not mind the sexual content since it was pure fanservice for boys.
    I even recommended it to my older brother, and he watched it. One thing he said was “It’s too colorful” XD lol
    At some point when there was a lot of thinking and talking my mind went “Blank” for a sec.
    Nevertheless it was really a fun to watch. You might search for the Light Novel, because the Manga will take a while to reach where the Anime ended. 🙂

    • The parts where they analyse the games are the parts I’m most excited for! It’s true that I would go “Blank” as well so that’s why I said I feel like
      I dunno but it’s weird to recommend it to my bro because of the “fan service”. I guess I’m still not used to it~ But compared to ecchi anime, this is a lot more normal. The thing is that I think people will look at me weird if I recommend anime with “fan service” to them.
      Then there’s also dating sim games. I really find them fun and entertaining and sometimes the plots are actually good but I told one of my friends and she said “That’s sad.”
      Anyway thanks for telling me about the light novel! What genre of anime do you like and can you recommend me one? I wouldn’t call myself an addict but I definitely have enough passion for anime to blog about it.

      • Oh that’s because we’re kind of open minded, and I already knew he doesn’t care about the Fan-service If the Anime is good. I think it was labeled as Ecchi where I watched it?
        I felt so sorry for Steph XD
        I love those Reverse Harem Anime! I think she’s not on her right mind for calling you “Sad” just because you enjoyed them. I’ve watched every single Anime based from a Dating sim, except Hakuouki (Living it for later on lol).
        Since I watched only Shounen when I was a kid, I marathoned every Romance, Shoujo and Reverse harem Anime since 2013.
        Now I’m only keeping with the Airing ones (Because school starts tomorrow for me x) ). I’ve posted my to watch list for Summer 2014 I recommened all of them 🙂

      • Same! I used to watch Shounen with my bro but now I’m more into the Romance and Shoujo genre. I still occasionally watch shounen but I can never keep up with it because they seem to last forever! The only one I’m still up to date with is Detective Conan and that’s because I enjoy solving crimes and mystery. I’m just starting on Attack on Titan but my bro wants me to watch it with him so I have to wait until he finish his early exams.
        I’ll definitely check out your Summer to watch list and when I finish watching the anime on it, I’ll comment and tell you what I think of it^^

      • I was in my boyish phase so I had a lot of fun at that time lol.
        Lately there hasn’t been a lot of Shoujo Anime or they tend to be too short so for now I’m only read them.
        Ah Detective Conan! I can’t seem to remember where I left off since it was long time ago.
        I also watched Attack on Titan later then it aired and actually recommened it to the same brother I was talking about. We each watch in our own (I also tend to fangirl a lot, It would ruin the mood he has lol).

      • I think watching on Crunchyroll is pretty good because they help you keep track of the anime. The only problem is that there is endless amount of adds and the don’t really have the full collection of anime I want. My bro has an anime app that does the same and it also have most anime but I just can’t download it on my Iphone. #firstworldproblems
        My favorite shounen anime will always be Fullmetal Alchemist. It was just so good! I still rewatch it from time to time and that’s how much I like it!
        It’s really annoying now with Detective Conan because the sub team skip episodes to translate when it isn’t an “important” episode so I’m forced to skip episodes as well:(
        I also fangirl a lot too! It’s really hard for me to stay quiet watching an anime. Okay, a question~ Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets emotional watching anime and cry! My friend is really creeped out by that:P

      • Oh I don’t really use Crunchyroll. tbh I use free sites 😉
        Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the Anime that made my childhood awesome! Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood made me cry waterfalls!
        My most favourite Shounen Anime of all time is Yuyu Hakusho 🙂
        Oh that sucks 😦
        You’re not the only one! I cry and get emotional so easily for example. I’ve been crying on each episode of Fairy tail 2014 which makes my brother wonder why he doesn’t feel a thing lol
        It doesn’t creep him but they tell me why don’t you cry for other things :p
        I don’t have friends in RL who have the same hobbies :/ only my brothers.

      • Haha Crunchyroll is actually free but you get lots of ads if you don’t pay to become a premium member. I can’t afford to pay for my anime so that’s why I get lots of ads. I can’t use my laptop often so that’s why I need the app on my phone because Iphone is useless when it comes to going to free sites for anime.
        I know right! My bro and I cried a river watching brotherhood!
        Fairy Tail is an anime I couldn’t keep up with unfortunately but I want to know what happen now!
        Fortunately I’m Asian so my Asian friends like anime too. Too bad they live in the North while I live in the South of the country so we could only meet up on special occasions such as Christmas or Easter. There’s also a page I found on FB where anime fans in my country gather and have occasional anime movie nights which is amazing!
        You should try looking up pages like that or if you’re in college, you can check if there’s anime club or the like! Well, blogging is a great idea and you’re already doing it so I’m pretty sure you already have friends here who comment on your blog~

      • Oh I did not know that! lol
        Ads are everywhere and very annoying (I use Adblock)
        There’s some sites that got none. I only use my laptop ^^ more because I still haven’t got a phone yet.
        My brothers didn’t cry (they just can’t cry, the tear won’t fall lol)
        Fairy tail is the only long running Anime I kept watching. So much happened Haha ^^
        There’s some gatherings here too and mini expos. Either it’s far away or dad says no. I do have friends from my country that like Anime (They’re far away thou :p)
        Since I’ll be in College next year I did think about Anime clubs 😀

      • Since you can use your laptop anytime of course free anime sites are much easier! I don’t think you can have adblock on phones but I should actually look it up.
        Haha I really should watch it then~ I probably have to start from the start again because I hate resuming in the middle of an anime.
        There’s expos here too but they’re in Dublin which is in the North of the country so I can’t really go. During the summer the very first expo is here in the city in which I’m living but I was away on holiday:(
        I’m still in high school but we can set up clubs as well. I’m thinking of setting up an anime club but there’s only two of us and I can’t apply with two people:(

      • No worries I don’t remember half of its beginning (too much eps )
        I never went to one. There’s this big upcoming expo in the capital if it hits in a holiday I may go.
        In my highschool everyone belong to the “going home club” XD

      • lol same here actually! The Choir (club) is on after school and less and less people went so it’s eventually closed:(
        I was hoping to set up the anime club during lunchtime though. An episode is only 25 mins and it’s just enough for our 30 mins break. Too bad no one is interested except me and my friend.
        *sigh* anime would make school more fun though…….
        I’m planning to go to one with my friend in November and I can’t wait!

      • It would certainly make it more enjoyable. Our school doesn’t have clubs so I never thought of making one, plus I’m sure I’d be called crazy for making an Anime club here. our break is like 10 ùins I think lol xD
        That’s cool! ^_^

      • Really?! That’s really short! My school’s break in considered short, some schools have an hour for their break and they get to go home but then again they finish school later than us.
        Just do it next year in college then:D You’ll definitely find lots of people who have the same interest as you then! My cousin is in college and she would tell me stories about the fun she had in the anime club whenever I see her. I seriously can’t wait until I’m in college which is in 2 years.

      • We do get to go home at lunch, but it’s even tiring to get back in the afternoon :3
        My brothers tell me too! Well they don’t belong to an Anime club, but they have tons of friends who share the same enterest.
        I will hav to take a break this year from Anime/Manga, and focus more on school, since it’s my last year (gotta get in a good College! 😀 ) I’m sure I’ll get on what I’ll miss eventually 🙂

      • You should! I regret watching anime when I was doing my JC. It was so hard for me in exams but at least I learnt something. I had to cram all my notes two weeks before my exams which is an extremely dumb thing to do. You’re right that you will get back to it! One of the pros of anime is that it is short with 20 mins per episode. I watch Japanese and Asian dramas in general but they last an hour per episode.

      • I was thinking of watching only one episode in every week-end to keep my Sanity lol
        I also enjoy Asian dramas on my free time!

      • Haha I know~ I saw it on you About page but why don’t you blog about it? I’d love to know what Asian dramas you watch and what you think of them! Btw, what Kpop groups do you like?

      • Since I just recently started blogging I’m kinda waiting for a bit. I haven’t watched a lot maybe like 10 or so but I have a lot of ones already Downloaded and listed.
        Some Kpop groups I like are EXO, Nu’est, 2ne1, Miss A, Riddim and Vixx

      • Great! But this year you should refrain a bit:P It is very easy to be addicted to Asian dramas and it won’t be long before you have sleepless nights marathoning Asian dramas. I always find it hard to balance my time between dramas and anime because they are just equally good!
        I listen to all of those groups too! My favorite at the moment is Vixx! I just loved Voodoo doll and then Eternity just K.O.ed me!

      • I will! yes or else I might say goodbye to this year lol.
        Have you also seen Nu’est MV of Good bye bye *q*
        I haven’t checked out those of Vixx doing so now they’re really good both the music and MVs
        As for Exo. Their Exo show time killed me lol XD I laughed so much I even watched it in my exam period (Done well somehow). Their first box is also awesome!
        Saying goddbye to Kris was very hard for all of us 😦

      • Haha I know it’ll be hard to bear but ganbatte!!!
        YES!!! I love the song and the dance is perfect! Poor goldfish though:( no wait, what am I talking about? I’d do anything to be that goldfish!)
        Voodoo’s MV is just horrifying but the song is still awesome!
        I watched EXO’s show time as well! Kris is hilarious and Lay and his obsession with Baekhyun’s Granny’s house! Who’s your favorite member btw?
        Sorry for the fangirling~ It’s hard to find someone who like both anime and kpop! (and asian drama!)

      • Arigatou!! ^_^
        Ren made me have a major nosebleed *Q*
        It’s horrifying which is why I sooo loved it the sec I saw it earlier!
        And how Tao get scared so easily lol he’s screaming made me fall from my bed XD
        My bias gotta to be Luge! I love Luhan at first it was Tao with black hair but then it changed.
        No don’t be sorry at all! I’m having so much fun talking and fangirling with you 😀

      • I know!!! Ren is just so hot and I really didn’t expect those abs! A friend of mine is Ren fanboy and when we get together, we’d always sing kpop in karaokes!
        Tao is one of the most enjoyable element of Exo showtime! He really looks manly but his scream is just lol.
        Then Kris with his That’s not my style thing. Haha, now whenever my friend and I don’t like something, we just say ___ is not my style!
        Haha I love Lulu as well! I totally think he’s the manliest of them all:P
        It’s so fun to talk to you too!

      • I did not expect them either! lol
        Don’t forget the “Going to the Galaxy” XD haha Kris will really be missed!
        That’s what I also think! he’s so good at playing Basket ball *-*
        My fb friend like Chanyeol and Baekhyun.
        Baekhyun is a meany in a good way lol.
        Btw here’s my fb :
        For us to chat comfortably, If that’s okay ofc 🙂 ^_^

      • haha that reminds me~ in my last English class, we were discussing a poem where the poet wants to escape to somewhere and when we were asked, I immediately said Galaxy! lol my friend who is an EXO-L giggled and it’s so fun because it’s like our own little joke!
        Kris is so hot playing basketball and his height!!!

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