Kpop Debut Dimanche: Kiss&Cry’s Domino Game~

There isn’t any new groups coming out this week so I’m doing a rookie group from early 2014 as this week’s Kpop Debut Dimanche. Why did I choose this song? Because I think it is probably one of the best debut of the year! I still have their debut song Domino Game on my phone and for a debut song, that’s quite rare. So let’s start with the song~

Song……if I haven’t expressed enough of my love for this song already, I’ll tell you again here~ This song A-MA-ZING. It is full attitude and sass which is the reason why the song is above the average level for a debut song. It’s a dance tune that you’d love to dance to in discos and a rocking jam for long rides. It is a solid song throughout with the goodness evenly distributed meaning that there isn’t a part I would skip or anything. I guess if I have to pick then the best part of this song is the last chorus where Dia sings in harmony with it. It really showed off her voice and it’s really the climax where she just explodes (not literally) in terms of vocal. 

Music Video…….For an awesome song like this one, I’m seriously disappointed in the video. It wasn’t at all original but since I don’t watch many music videos to begin with, I don’t really mind that much. This video is clearly filmed in a box set but I do appreciate the frequent change of sets to give more variety to the video. I especially like the library set because it has a really classy feel to it and who doesn’t like a library with four beautiful dancing girls? Other than the dancing in the box, it’s almost full of scenes of the girls’ close ups. Like I said I don’t really mind when rookie groups has close up shots in their videos because it really does help me with remembering the members.

This group is definitely talented, though they need to work on their live performances a little bit. It seems like they’re not used to the timing because they are always a bit behind when singing live. It’s okay because that doesn’t really mean there is anything wrong with their abilities as proving by Dia in her “Let It Go” cover. I love this group but I really think they should come out with more songs because for rookies, just one hit song isn’t enough to be recognized in the competitive world of kpop. They need to pump out songs like B.A.P at the start of their debut to get their name out there. I’m saying it because I think they deserve more recognition. 

What do you guys think of Kiss&Cry? I’m really impressed with their confidence despite being rookies. They just seem different from other rookies and I really like that about them. Tell me in the comments what you think of them and thank you for reading this post^^



2 thoughts on “Kpop Debut Dimanche: Kiss&Cry’s Domino Game~

  1. I was actually really impressed that a rookie female group that is not from a big company managed to impress me. Among all the female rookies they’re one of like 3 that I actually remember for good songs. They seem talented and the song itself was great, the only thing that I don’t like it’s that I don’t see anything about them anymore and that’s the sad rookie life (unless you’re a boy group full of gangsters *cough*BTS&BAP*cough*).

    • It’s quite upsetting that some rookie groups don’t get as much attention just because they are not from a big company. To be honest, I’m quite guilty of that but it’s hard not to miss those big company debut groups since they have an enormous about of money to promote them. I suppose that’s why I like the Kpop Debut Dimanche~ I feel like I have the responsibility to explore those underrated groups and show them to my followers^^It’s true that BTS and BAP have constant comebacks but I suppose that’s because they are getting the attention and it’s really hard for those small entertainment companies to constantly invest on the rookies that can’t guarantee returns. This is why big companies have the advantage.

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