First Impression: Surplus Princess Episode 1~


Title: Surplus Princess


  • Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha-Ni
  • On Joo Won as Lee Hyun-Myung
  • Song Jae Rim as Kwon Shi-Kyung
  • Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin-A
  • Kim Seul Gi as An Hye-Young
  • Kim Min Kyo as Do Ji-Yong
  • Nam Ju Hyuck as Big
  • Lee Sun Kyu as Lee Sun-Kyu
  • Jin Hee Kyung as Hong Myeong-Hee
  • Kim Jae Hwa as Kim Woo-Sun
  • Han So Young as Deputy Section Chief So
  • Ahn Kil Kang as An Ma-Nyeo

First Impression:


This is the type of drama I’m looking for all summer and now that I have to go to school tomorrow you let me find you? I’m speechless:( This drama combines everything I am looking for in a romantic comedy and slaps it in my face with a wave of tsunami! I’m sorry but My Secret Hotel is out and Surplus Princess is totally in. Perhaps that wouldn’t be fair for My Secret Hotel since the genre is different but for now I’m seriously amazed at how wonderful this drama starts out. Just please don’t let me down like *cough*…It’s Okay, It’s Love….*cough*…..


Ha Ni is like the replica of Ariel from The Little Mermaid with her interest in humans except that she knows more about the humans and their devices such as smartphone. This drama is one that I would totally love to live in and I think the recent dramas lack that kind of feel. Imagine a mermaid that is your drama buddy, I would kill for a friend like that! Then she would also be really understanding of our level of fangirling because hey she imagined Shi Kyung’s butts as an apple and expressed that she’d want to eat them, I don’t think we can fangirl worse than that! 


Oh, and did I mention how opportunistic she is? Best. Mermaid. Ever!

Sometimes I hate the comics effect since it could be rather unrealistic but it’s a drama about mermaids so I don’t particularly care and in fact I think it’s best that it’s here because it really lightens the mood of the drama! Oh and when Hyun Myung started his job hunting on the computer, I cracked up so much because of the music that accompanies it. It makes it the more comical and dramatic! Speaking of music, I can’t not speak of the Attack on Titan theme song that played! It was awesome, whoever decided to put that in, I like you.*wink*


So far I can’t really tell who the mermaid is going to end up with. I presume it’s Shi Kyung since he’s the male that Han NI interacted with the most. I saw that preview for the next episode and it seems that Hyun Myung will somehow be involved with her so I’m not sure~ Anyway, I don’t really have a ship yet because I love Han Ni just the way she is now! 

Screenshot (2375)

Bonus: I love how Han Ni’s sister became an alcoholic AFTER she went to study in Russia. And that wine bottle decoration on her head is a bonus!

I know the next two episodes are out but since I’ll be dying for the latest episodes, I have decided to wait until the next week to watch the next episode. Tell me in the comments below what you think of the drama but make sure not to spoil it! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon^^


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