Kpop Debut Dimanche: Four Ladies (4L)’s Move~

I haven’t been able to post anything for the past week because I got my very first part-time job! I’m so delighted with myself but I feel that I should’ve post more so here I am! I want to continue with the debut songs of this year so I’m kinda working my way back~ This week’s Kpop Debut Dimanche is Four Ladies’ Move. I have seen their teaser that was garnering attention for its lesbian themed music video but I never got around to see to actually video and now I’m watching the video for the first time~

Song…….I can tell if the song is not that special or if it’s because of the music video that drew all of its attention away. I don’t particularly any tune that is catchy the first time I heard it (which is rare because even for songs that are meh for me, I still remember a part that is catchy, eg. Red Velvet’s Happiness and its lalalalala’s). This is not really the kind of debut song that I like but it’s not bad. That is the problem though. In the competitive world of kpop, this debut that doesn’t leave a strong impression wouldn’t stand a chance. 

Music Video…….This music video shocked me with its extreme content. Like their agency said, what we saw in the teasers are only “tip of the iceberg”. I still prefer the fun side of kpop rather than this half porn business. I know, I said it. It just really turns me off when I see these kind of video. You can tell me to shut it and not watch it if you want (trust me I wouldn’t want to). I’m not talking bad about the group because I think it’s actually the agency’s fault for choosing a concept like this. From the official statement when they said that it was only the “tip of the iceberg”, I could kinda tell that they were anticipating our reaction. Anyway, since it’s already out, I would love to know what the whole music video is about. From my observation, it seems like the two girls that were in love met in a bar. Then somehow they must have fallen in love with each other and started making out (like in the teaser). I get that much but then one of the girls was in tears with runny make-up but the time was reversed and it looked like her eye sucked in the tears and make-up (I think this type of scene is overused in the kpop videos now so that made me giggle~) I want more of the story and less of the dancing in this video. 

I’m not really impressed with this debut but somehow I want to see what their next concept is (probably because of the lesbian themed video they chose). I won’t say I like them for now but I’ll definitely look out for their next song. I hope people don’t bash them because of the concept chosen~ Lastly I think a good idea would be to just listen to the song without watching the video, there are some parts that will grow on you. Well, just to let you know, if you have the safety mode on google, you won’t be able to see the official video released by the entertainment company because it’s not “safe” for my age which is 16. That’s probably the best description~ That’s it for now, thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon^^


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