First Impression: My Secret Hotel Episode 1+2~


Title: My Secret Hotel


  • Yoo In Na as Nam Sang Hyo
  • Jin Lee Han as Goo Hae Young
  • Nam Gung Min as Jo Sung Gyeom
  • Lee Young Eun as Yeo Eun Joo
  • Uhm Soo Jung as Yang Gyung Hee
  • Kim Bo Mi as Heo Young Mi
  • Choi Tae Hwan as Jang Ki Chul
  • Ko Yun Hoo as Cha Dong Min
  • Ha Yeon Joo as Jung Soo Ah
  • Choi Jung Won as Yoo Shi Chan
  • Hwang So Hee as Joo Jung-Eun
  • Ahn Kil Kang as Kim Geum-Bo
  • Lee Hwang Hoon as Detective Lee

First Impression:

Screenshot (2364)

For some reason, after I finished Hotel King I began to take interest in dramas about hotel so I decided to watch this out of the ones that were coming out. And I mean Tal Tal is in there, enough said. I’m glad that the two episodes are interesting enough to keep me going because for some reason the drama that I was watching before this didn’t do well for me. I love the whole idea of a murder in a hotel and during a wedding on top of that makes it the more eye-catching. I seriously hope it wouldn’t take the remaining 14 episodes to solve the case because that would definitely make it dragged out and what’s worse than a solid start but a crappy middle (and end) in dramaland! 

Screenshot (2372)

Usually the first two episodes would have all the main character’s background explained but that is not the case here. All we know about is the relationship between Sang Hyo and Hae Young and that’s not enough for me! I’m so damn curious about everyone especially Sung Gyeom who has a darker side than what he appears to be. I wish we know more of the characters but I do have to say that the two episodes left an impact on me with the murder. 

Screenshot (2370)

I think one word that describes the two episodes is questions~ The two episodes are based on leaving questions on characters and situations that the audience would want to find out about. I would certainly love to know why Dong Bae died or the the person that killed him. Or who sent the secret letter to Sung Gyeom and if that has anything to do with the murder. Then there’s also Gyung Hee who cried alone in the hotel office at night. All those questions are enough to make me anticipate the next episode. It’s a good tactic but I’d rather not having that many questions at once as the two episodes did confuse me a bit with the amount of situations.

Screenshot (2366)

Another thing is the time lapse, I used to love it in kdramas but now it just frustrates me with the drama not moving forward. I’m definitely going to watch the next two episodes because I really enjoyed watching this weeks episode. Hopefully it will be consistently good until the ending~ Though I know that there is a change in the writer from episode 5 and on because the former writer died. 

Thank you for reading and see you soon! I’m really excited for this drama because I have a feeling that I will be able to do a theory post on the murder. I’ve been watching detective Conan since I was in first class so I trust that the reasoning skills I learned from that won’t fail me! I don’t have any ideas yet but I feel that The General Manager is a bit suspicious. Tell me in the comments who you think is suspicious!~


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