Tips on Trips~


It’s the end of the summer and I thought I would make a post on tips when travelling for those who are going on their last trips this August. I just went on one a few days ago and it didn’t go as well as expected. I just want to write the lessons I learnt from the trip into this post and share it with you guys^^ It might seem simple but it’s those little things that makes your trips ten or even a hundred times better!

  1. Always check the weather!- I went to a trip north-west of the country to fish but I forgot to check the weather so the boat trip out to fish wasn’t at all that comfortable and my brother even got sea sickness!
  2. Double-check is the keyword!- ALWAYS double-check. Double check your bag, hotel booking, and basically everything related to the trip~It’ll reduce the risk of forgetting something.
  3. Always ask questions if you don’t understand, google it ,call someone, just ask!- We made the mistake of assuming that the hotel we were staying has fridges but there was none so the fish that we caught were all gone off. 
  4. Maps are your friends- Okay, it might seem old fashion but I like to stick with the physical stuff. I did try to use the google maps navigation but whenever we went through the countryside the internet would stop and we would get lost. 
  5. Plan ahead!- So we were so focused on our fishing trip that we didn’t know what to do afterwards. We didn’t know any good place in the city and we just wandered around which is a waste of time in my opinion~

These are the five tips I learnt from my trip to Sligo that I want to share~ I hope you all can enjoy your holidays to the fullest ! Comment below anymore tips that you would like to share!


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