Kpop Debut Dimanche: WINNER’s “Empty” + “Colour Ring”~


Since so many new groups are coming out, I’ve decided to do a series called Kpop Debut Dimanche (Dimanche means Sunday in French). I will be reviewing Kpop groups’ debut videos every Sunday. Those debut videos could be from new groups that are coming out or just simply the debut video of older groups~ Today I’ll be doing WINNER!

Color Ring

The Song…..this R&B song captured my heart totally the first time I heard it. Especially when Mino and Seunghoon of the group sang the verse near the 0:46 mark. It is soothing to listen to and it really gives off a feeling of the sadness you feel when your loved one isn’t picking up your phone. The song really showcase the boys vocals and I just love Papa YG for this!

The Music Video…….I honestly don’t know what was happening in the music video at all~ It’s still full of shots of members looking longingly at the camera with puppy eyes and a random girl that seems irrelevant (to me). However, I actually didn’t mind the close up single member shots because it helps me to remember their faces (not names). I liked that there was at least something in the music video that is relevant to the song-the gloomy atmosphere and the phones.


The Song……this is my favorite song out of the two title tracks. In my opinion, this song is decent throughout which is rare in the kpop scene. The dadada’s here and there really make the song extra addictive. It also gave it a unique finishing touch instead. The chorus is powerful yet subtle and it really drew me in when I listened to it. Again, the boys’ vocals are amazing here!

The Music Video…….I was hoping for a different music video for this song because this song is just too awesome for this video. It wasn’t originally and it gave off the same mood as their other music video, “Color Ring”. Again, there was close up shots of members and a random girl in the car. It’s so similar that I kinda hated YG for it. The song is great and you have half the work done, do the other half properly! 

Side notes: I didn’t watch the Winner Program so I”m not familiar with the members or the group at all but it’s YG we’re talking about so I gave it a go. Even though the songs were amazing and I was impressed with WINNER, I was hoping that YG would show us different sides of WINNER by picky two different songs but both the songs he picked was R&B. I mean at least make the video a bit different! *sigh*…….what happened to the time you debuted Akdong Musician and showed us their lively(200%), cute(Give Love) and discouraged/hopeless(Melted) side?

I really like WINNER’s debut songs, what do you guys think? Tell me what is your favorite song in the comment below^^ Thank you for reading and see you soon:D


4 thoughts on “Kpop Debut Dimanche: WINNER’s “Empty” + “Colour Ring”~

  1. I like Color Ring than Empty. The reff (part of Seungyoon and Nam Taehyun) gives me goosebumps, their voices are amazing. I like the ‘ring ring ring’ part 😀
    I love your Kpop Debut Dimanche posts 🙂

    • I love that part as well! But like Empty as a whole~ I think their vocals are amazing as well^^ thank you for your compliment:) I am thinking of doing it every sunday so stick around for more post:D

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