Secret: I’m in love~

The Song……

Honestly I was kinda disappointed with Secret because of their last song YooHoo but this song really brings them back to my list. It totally didn’t sound like what I’d thought it would be and I blame the teaser for false-advertising! From the teaser, one would assume that the new song was going to be an emotional, sad song with the piano playing and the soft tune but the whole song mainly composed of the trumpet playing. So it kinda reminds me of their other songs, Madonna and Love is Move which I both liked. I think I prefer this image of theirs (not sure what it’s called but definitely not sexy) rather than their image in Shy Boy and YooHoo. This song is really catchy but kind of typical of Secret. It’s a song that you would expect from Secret.

[side note: Hana should get more lines in the future! She actually has a pretty decent voice!]

The Music Video……

The music video is quite complicated. There is too many backgrounds and outfits which makes it a bit messy in my opinion. This is one reason why I don’t watch kpop music videos properly. The scenes just change so fast that it’s hard grasp what exactly is happening. I think I’d like it more if they just stick to the potential scenario or focus on our four ladies. Since I dance, I want to see more of their dance as it is eye-catchingly sexy. But the potential storyline was really interesting as well with the man and the black/white Hyosung.

[side note: Hyosung is better at doing the more mature concept, she gives off more charm as a sexy lady!]

What do you guys think of the song? Do you like their comeback or do you prefer their last album? Tell me in the comments! Thank you for reading and see you soon:D


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