Ladies’ Code wants to “Kiss Kiss” Won Bin~

I’m not really familiar with this girl group but I absolutely love their new song! Compared to their last song “Pretty Pretty”, I think it has a more likable chorus and funky beat. I absolutely love the lyrics as well as it depicts a story of an inexperienced girl who hasn’t kissed that much. The part “to be honest, your breath stinks a little” got me burst out laughing as I was watching the music video! I love that international fans are getting attention and that they actually subbed the entire music video for us! It really made the experience more enjoyable as I don’t have to spend extra time looking up lyrics on google. Not to mention that I’d probably have to wait since the song was only released two days ago!

Screenshot (2333)

I’ll be honest, one of the reason why I enjoyed the song so much was because of the music video! I’m really loving Ladies’ Code’s music video as they often have a comedic side to them. It kinda reminds me of Orange Caramel which I adore for their original and comedic concepts! The music video made me watch their earlier ones and I’m (un)happy to conclude that this is their best video yet! The scene when Zuny? (correct me if I’m wrong) put a vaccuum to her face which made a kissing sound. That was REALLY cool! Then at the end when Rise was about to kiss a god-knows-what but is stopped by Zuny was daebak!!!:D



7 thoughts on “Ladies’ Code wants to “Kiss Kiss” Won Bin~

  1. Glad I am not the only one who likes this song straight away!

    I don’t know how interested you are, but I notice you mentioned ‘Pretty Pretty’ as their last song.

    They did actually release ‘So wonderful’ after that, I don’t know if you’ve heard it but it was REALLY good and a little bit different for these ladies.

    • Actually, that’s the song that introduced me to them and I love it as well! I’m sorry for my mistake><" I first heard that song then Pretty Pretty so I thought Pretty Pretty is their last song:P
      I actually like "Hate You" as well~ It's different but still good:D I usually know a lot of kpop songs but not the members' names and Ladies' Code is one of them. That's why I said I'm not familiar with them~
      Did you like them from the very beginning? You seem to like them a lot^^ To be honest, I have always been in favor of the boy groups so I'm never really familiar with a lot of girl groups except the sub-units. (because their small number of members which is easier for me to remember names!)

      • Haha, I didn’t mean to sound like I was correcting you. I just thought you might be missing out on an awesome song. I’m TERRIBLE with names so even in groups I love I struggle to identify members.

        I don’t know when I got into Ladies Code to be honest, but I do like them quite a lot. I started out as girls group gal, I’m just starting to get into Boybands now but I am very picky about them.

      • It’s okay, I don’t mind at all even if you do:P It was my fault that I was too lazy to check and make sure I didn’t make any mistakes~ I need to work on that a little=.=”
        Thank you for telling me about the song anyway, even though you can find people that likes kpop here, it’s hard to find someone who likes the same group as me so I’m glad you commented^^
        Now time for my recommendation! Please check out Spica! They have amazing vocals and songs but I feel that they are so underrated!
        Haha same! Girl groups brought me here but then the boy groups are the ones who kept me here!lol~ What boy groups do you like? (just wondering who stole your heart since you are picky)

      • Haha I already love Spica. You have good taste :p
        I started with Block B, I like got7 but pretend I don’t, Exo, VIXX. There’s also quite a few groups where I just like one or two songs.

      • Vixx and Block B!!! You have great taste as well:P I think Vixx would’ve gotten more attention if they didn’t debut in the same year as Exo. I feel so bad for them whenever people ask them what do they think of Exo. Then Block B is just amazing and Zico said he likes girls without thigh gaps, I don’t! (sorry for fangirling so much!)

        I feel the same about Exo the way you feel about GOT7. I like them but because of the recent scandal, I like to pretend that I don’t care about them at all. *cries alone*

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