Anime Review-Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic! (Season One)


I’ve decided to make some change to my blog and it certainly includes the way I write my reviews! I’m just trying this out so tell me if you like it or not in the comments~

Title: Magi-The Labyrinth of Magic~


Aladdin goes on an adventure to find who he really is with his friend Ugo. Along the way, he met friends such as Alibaba and Morgiana and together they find Aladdin’s true identity-a magi. Magis are special beings chosen to choose a king to rule the world. (I know the summary is terrible but I could write forever as it’s pretty complicated to explain~)



The plot was engaging and fast-paced. It was really easy to keep on watching before you realize that twenty minutes have past. I genuinely think they did a good job with showing what the whole magic thing is about without confusing the donkeys out of us. I wished they explained properly the timeline though because even though they did say it in the character’s dialogues, for people who multitask like me might miss it.



Aladdin is the protagonist of this anime but he is the one with the least information about his past. I understood that he is special because it is hard to beat him even when he is still not skilled in his magic. Of course, one can argue that there is a second season but I think they should have showed more about Aladdin in this season. Overlooking all of that, it is hard to not like Aladdin unless you are one of the “onee-san”s whose enormous bxxbs are loved (and often squeezed) by Aladdin. I’m not sure if the writer is trying to put this in to ease the tension of the plot or if he is just weird. Either way, I guess it is just a form of fan service which I don’t think is needed. Anyway, what I love about Aladdin is that he is such a good friend. Compared to Alibaba, I can safely say that Aladdin is actually the mature one here as he is always the one to never give up and encourage others.


Alibaba is the character that I rooted for the most despite his weaknesses. Like most teenagers, he has insecurities so he is easily relatable. I guess the good traits about him is that he can endure the harshest hardships but when it comes to his friends or even strangers, he never back down. It’s admirable that he takes more care of people he don’t know than himself as it takes a lot to be this selfless. In my opinion, Alibaba is the character with the most character development in this anime which is one reason why he is so likable.


Morgiana is a character I want to know more about. Unfortunately, the only thing I know about her is that she is a Fanalis and that she has super-human strength. I know from the start that she was a slave since little but I want to know about her parents as well. I’m delighted that there is a lot more strong and intelligent female characters out there, eg. Mikasa from Attack on Titan. I hope to see more female characters like this because I feel like there is a misconception of women now. Anyway, I can’t be the only one who thinks that Morgiana likes Alibaba, right? I hope to see them as a couple next season!


Sinbad-Oddly, as an easygoing character that everyone respects and likes, he isn’t capturing my attention at all. I just feel that he is quite the typical character so there’s not much to think about him. I do appreciate the numerous humorous scene which he created.


Hakuryuu is the only character I don’t like. He just seems……off. His very first appearance brought trouble and I had bad feelings about him since. It’s like Ithnan has convinced me to hate him instead of having Alibaba to hate him. I don’t think I will ever like him especially since I have a feeling he is going to be the one to battle for Morgiana’s affection. I’m sorry, Hakuryuu!



In conclusion, this wonderful anime that is filled with magic and fantasy is one that you should look out for! It didn’t disappoint me at all and it was a spectacular experience for me. Anime fans of adventure, fantasy and comedy should definitely watch this! However, I won’t recommend this to anime-lovers that are under 12 as it involves quite a lot of nakedness, boobs and bloody scenes.

Have you guys seen this anime? I am going to watch the second season so stay tuned! I’m almost done my Attack on Titan marathon as well! Be sure to check it out then! I actually rely on my friends for anime recommendation because I don’t want to waste time myself so that’s why I don’t watch as many anime as I want. Recommend some to me below! Thank you and I’ll see you soon^^


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