Zhang Li Yin:爱的独白 (사랑의 독백) (Agape)

Another kpop post! Wait, does this count as kpop? Anyway this is a ballad by Zhang Li Yin, a talented singer with a soulful voice. This song has a typical ballad vibe to it with piano and strings accompaniment but Zhang Li Yin does a wonderful job expressing the lyrics of the song which is now entering my ballad playlist. I’m actually ashamed that I knew nothing about Li Yin before the Chinese version of SM.the Ballad’s “Breath” came out. I am a fan of EXO so I listened to the Chinese version of “Breath” since Chen was singing it. Since then, I have been remembering Zhang Li Yin’s name because I fell in love with her powerful vocals. It’s hard to describe it but she has a sweet yet powerful timbre that is addictive! It’s no surprise that I kept track of her and waited for this song to come out when I saw the teaser!

Screenshot (2326)

Now that I described how amazing the song is, let’s move on to the music video~ The teaser really left us with many questions as we wondered if there is a possibility with incest (it can’t be just me, right?) but of course nothing like that happened. At the beginning of the music video, we see that an earthquake occurred and Victoria died protecting her son. Years later, the boy grows up as Tao and he works as a delivery boy. After getting paid, he eats cup noodles at a convenience store and remembers the time he ate with his mother (Victoria) when he was little. Walking home, he sees a woman that is about to be hit by a car and saves her. When she thank him, he realizes that she has the same face as her mother!(Oh thank god we are not going into the incest plot!) Tao follows her to where she works which is McDonald’s.(What a stalker!)

Screenshot (2331)

The next day he goes near the sea and screams his frustration? out loud. (Don’t know what’s that for) Then he saves Victoria again by beating dudes that are harassing her. He gets hurt in the process and Victoria tends him. Tao gets flashback of his mother when Victoria puts a bandage on him. After that the two seems to be dating with Tao fixing Victoria’s work uniform and Victoria putting a jacket on him when he falls asleep. Then Victoria finds Tao’s family photo and discovers that she has the same face as his mother. She runs away but I’m still not sure why. At the end of the music video, we see what happened during the earthquake-Victoria knew that the house was going to collapse so she holds Tao in her arms when the house was shaking. When she was trapped under the demolished house, she uses her last strength to text her husband. I really want to know what she messaged but the writing is too tiny so I can’t read it.

Screenshot (2328)

The music video is as beautiful and touching as the song. I heard that the music video is based on a true story and I think that’s what Kpop music videos lack. They really need more humane stories in their music video instead of just Kpop idols dancing and looking into the camera! I prefer that in their photo books! I loved that this music video is so high budgeted as well. The whole earthquake scene looked realistic and both Tao and Victoria did great acting out their roles!

Overall, I loved both the song and music video which is very rare! I look forward to more Zhang L Yin songs and I’ll check out her older songs as well. What do you guys think of the song and music video? Tell me in the comments below! I will have a surprise for you guys tomorrow so stay tuned!


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