SM’s new group Red Velvet shows what “Happiness” is in their debut music video~

Red Velvet debuted a few days ago with their track “Happiness” which you can check out above. I personally only liked some bit of the song but that lalalalalala bit is really drilled into my head now.  When I heard the start of the song, I thought it was going to be awesome with the lalalalala parts but then it didn’t really sound like the way I wanted to, especially the SHINE ON ME part. I have the song on my phone but it’s not really the debut song I was expecting. For me, the best debut track has got to be B.A.P’s Warrior! They were really outstanding for a rookie group.

Then this music video is exactly why I don’t watch music videos that often. I would play the song and do different tasks because I’m not the type to like this kind of music video-no plot, just pretty faces. SM is going for a collage video and weird special effects but it’s not really my cup of tea. It’s the exact reason why I never watch f(x) music videos (their songs are still amazing though:D). Despite this, I loved the whole jungle themed setting-it gives the group a more natural feeling instead of just some beautiful people trapped in a box set.

What I like most about the song is the lyrics. It really tells what true happiness is. A line I especially love is “She may nag but my mom says she loves me the most in this world”. We all know this but we still do things that hurt or parents. This song is like a message to help everyone find their happiness. I really appreciate it so I give this song a 3 out of 5~

Hey guys, I’m currently trying to put more kpop post out there because I feel like I’m not a true kpop fan this way. I want to tell my honest opinions about music videos and other kpop related things so don’t take it personally, I’m not trying to start a fan war here. So what do you guys think about Red Velvet’s debut? Do you think that it is a success? Tell me in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “SM’s new group Red Velvet shows what “Happiness” is in their debut music video~

    • I agree that the music video is different from the million others out there but I am not a fan of those cheesy graphics myself. I’d still give Red Velvet credit for trying though:D

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