Kdrama Review: Hotel King~


Title: Hotel King


  • Lee Dong Wook as Cha Jae Wan
  • Lee Da Hae as Ah Mo Ne
  • Im Seulong as Sun Woo Hyun
  • Wang Ji Hye as Song Chae Kyung
  • Lee Deok Hwa as Lee Joong Goo
  • Kim Hae Seok as Baek Mi Nyeo
  • Jin Tae Hyun as Roman Lee


Ah Mo Ne is the daughter of the recently deceased Chairman of the only seven-star hotel,Ciel,  in Korea. Before her father’s suspicious death, she was warned not to trust anyone. Ah Mo Ne struggles to find out the truth of her father’s death and to manage the hotel at the same time.




Now that I got that out there, I just want to say that this drama gave me so much feelz. Finally, after 9 years, our couple from My Girl reunites. I’ve seen interviews with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae and they are so comfortable with each other which is what I like to see in dramaland. The variety show Roommate also shows that they are comfortable enough to joke around with each other.


To be honest, like many of you, I watched this drama because of the main leads without expecting much. Well, at least I didn’t since the longer dramas tend to be slow with the plot. I was genuinely surprised (pleasantly) at the first episode because the drama turned out to be totally different from what I think it would be. It was (a bit ridiculously) dramatic but nevertheless I was hooked with curiosity.


I absolutely loved the first half of the drama but it really did get a bit draggy towards to end. But you know what? I expected it before I watched the drama so it was fine so it’s not even a complain. I wished they didn’t make it as makjang though. I really think they put in every single makjang element into this drama. Birth secrets, revenge, possible incest, it has it all!


Now on to the characters~ Can anyone relate with me when I say that Jae Wan reminds me of Jace Wayland from the book City Of Bones? Seriously, how many names does Jae Wan has? Jayden, Jae Wan and Hyun Woo. That’s like Jace with his second names. Then there’s also the possible incest~ Enough said.


I think Jae Wan is a character that is more mature than anyone else but has to learn more as well. Since he was little, he knew the hard work needed to earn money and accepted the reality quickly. Then he was in the hands of Lee Joong Goo which I think is more harsh of an environment than anywhere else so in that way he is more mature than anyone else. But since he grew up like that without love, it’s obvious that he hasn’t a clue when it comes to love. That’s why I didn’t blame him as much when the whole I’m-leaving-you-for-your-sake thing happened.


Mo Ne is definitely the one that has changed the most throughout the drama. She went from the childish, irresponsible girl to a reliable and independent woman. She is a character that you can’t help but want to protect and I think she is an amazing character when it comes to handling the ever-so-stubborn Cha Jae Wan.


The other character that I utterly love is of course the second male lead Sun Woo Hyun. I feel sorry for him and he is such a lovable character but there isn’t a single second that I want him to end up with Mo Ne. I think he is better staying single (for me):P. Strangely, the second female lead isn’t a b!tch for once which is another element I like about this drama despite its other dramatic happenings. She even helps the two to be together!(Even Better!) Then this character is a must-mention~Roman Lee!! He seems like an unimportant character but without him, the drama would never be as fun to watch.


I really don’t like Lee Joong Goo as a villain. In fact, he fails as one. He is the sneaky type that gives you the middle finger behind your back but gets really scared when you turn around. I just hate him so much that i adahsufiyjakshd!!! I hate him so much that I didn’t like how he ended up at all! I won’t spoil it but it’s not fair that he got the easy way out.


I actually won’t recommend it to you because I’m too biased with this drama. I can’t even judge properly since My Girl was one of the first korean dramas I watched and the couple reuniting meant so much for me. Just know that it is a makjang so be prepared if you want to watch it. I think it is a decent enough drama for a long one. I mean at least there’s a lot of kisses and sexy scenes. Not like Lee Soon Shin is The Best where I needed to wait forty episodes to see one single kiss!

***WARNING*** watching this drama will have you developing trust issues and if you are by any chance called Jayden, then you will be traumatized every time your name is called.

Thank you for reading and sorry for not being objective in this post. After all there’s our Lee couple, my bias N and Seulong in it! Tell me in the comments if you watched it. See you soon^^


One thought on “Kdrama Review: Hotel King~

  1. I agree with you! I like the first half too, but I think they changed the writer or the director at some point to maybe the difference in the two parts comes from this…
    About Sun Woo Hyun… he is the second lead of this drama, but i kind had the feeling that in the second half the second lead male was Roman Lee. They didn’t seem to give Sun Woo Hyun character that much to do, and he was on screen for a few seconds, like he wasn’t the second lead male….
    I also watched this drama because of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae, cuz’ i saw My Girl….long time ago 🙂

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