My Opinion on Two Weeks Episode 13 and 14~


Title: Two Weeks

Main Cast
  • Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San
  • Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye
  • Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
  • Jo Jung Eun as young Jae Kyung
  • Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)

My Thoughts:

Screenshot (2302)

This drama is off limits to people with heart problems because it certainly gave me heart attack while watching the start of it. It’s all because of the timeline confusion. I thought President Moon was at the interrogation room and I was wondering if there would be a bizarre plot twist like President Moon actually has a twin brother of something. Thank God it wasn’t, or else this drama would be completely ruined for me. President Moon is actually smarter than I thought. I swear dramaverse is weird. Characters are only smart when they shouldn’t be and at other times they are completely clueless and stupid.

Screenshot (2303)

The scene where Tae San was begging for his life was absolutely heartbreaking. From his shaking body to his pleading voice, it really showed how desperate Tae San was and I really forgot at that moment that it was all in the drama. I was literally begging for mercy along with him as if President Moon would actually hear it. Unfortunately, that creature is either heartless or he is deaf and still ordered Tae San to be killed.

Screenshot (2307)

No offense but Seung Woo really annoys me an awful lot for a second male lead. Who cares if In Hye doesn’t trust you? In order to gain trust you have to show with your actions that you are trustworthy and being a mole certainly isn’t how you do it. Okay, maybe I’m a bit harsh but even if I put the mole thing aside, I would still trust Tae San more simply because he has a brain! Seriously Seung Woo is utterly stupid for a “top detective”.

Screenshot (2311)

I swear this drama doesn’t give my heart time to rest! I can’t believe In Hye got kidnapped! I knew something was fishy when Teacher Kim was ordered to go somewhere else instead of waiting on the spot to kill Tae San who is coming. I just would’ve never guessed that their real target was Su Jin. I wish Su Jin could remember what Tae San said about not being able to see her until the day of the surgery. Unfortunately, my prayers didn’t work…….

Haha just messing. Who am I kidding? Of course our Su Jin is smart enough to notice something strange and run back up to the clean room and hide. I was delighted when Tae San come but it was agonizing to see the two right in front of each other and yet they can’t hug each other. I was expecting a much more “touchy” reunion with cute hugs and kisses but I guess we can’t afford that at that crucial time.

Screenshot (2306)

Okay, tell me if I’m the weird one here, am I really the only one secretly shipping Tae San and Jae Kyung? I don’t know but it feels so sweet whenever they are together and I think they work best together. A new plan already! Okay, I don’t understand why they didn’t think of this plan earlier because it is the safest plan on the list.

It’s been a while since I finished this drama and it feels so strange to write my opinions now (they are written in my notebook beforehand). I don’t feel as strongly about the characters now since I’ve already finished the drama but it’s really interesting to see my own reaction after I watched each episode because it is when I feel for the characters the most. Thank you for reading and see you soon! 


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