Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips~

Woohoo!! Haha I’m back again:D sorry with the sudden flow of posts. Since I was in Dublin for the whole week, I wasn’t able to blog and I was dying to tell you guys about the things I was watching/listening to. I know it’s late but that’s right! It’s Taeyang, the sun of my life right now. I’m currently addicted to his (not so)new song Eyes, Nose, Lips! It is incredibly catchy but extremely hard to sing. Trust me, in that week that I was gone, I was at the karaoke and as soon as I sang the chorus, heads turned………but with an uncomfortable expression on their faces:(

Akdong Musician never fail to amuse me with their song covers. It gives a lighter mood to the rather sad ballad. I love the harmony that they added to the song and Soo-hyun’s voice compliments the chorus of the song exceptionally well. I see that people are comparing this cover with Taeyang’s version of the song on YouTube and it’s upsetting because I think Akdong Musicians didn’t release a cover to compare. They probably just want us to enjoy the song and acknowledge the song’s awesomeness.

(sorry for some reason I can’t upload the original video)

Tablo’s cover is not really to my liking. This has nothing to do with Tablo and I swear I’m not biased. His version of Taeyang’s song gives it a unique feel to the song but that uniqueness makes the thing I like most about the song disappear. I cried looking at the original lyrics because it was said to be Taeyang’s own love experience which is extremely moving. Tablo’s cover turns all the lyrics around and instead of wishing the girl well, it is all about hating the girl and not wanting her to live. I listened to this cover several times but every time it sends shivers up my spine, especially when he sang “You wish me well, I wish you hell!”. I mean the song was so romantic and I was super excited to hear that there is an English cover of the song:(

Now, from reading the paragraph on Tablo’s cover, you can totally tell why I love this cover so much. It is as close as the original lyrics as it can and it’s in English! I’ve been trying to do that since it’s release but I somehow can’t do the lyrics as well as I have been doing other ones. Eric’s cover is stunning both in the mood and the singing of the song. He knows what people likes about the song and captures them perfectly in his cover. Eric Nam is officially a singer I have my eyes on now!

What is your favourite cover or do you like the original version? I love them all! I know I’m not that up to date when it comes to Kpop but I’m sure I’ll eventually hear of the new songs~ You can recommend some new songs to me in the comments and I can write about them^^ Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon!


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