Kdrama Review: Goddess Of Fire~


Just finished another drama! I started this drama before Easter and stopped for a while to prepare for my exams but since Viki added this drama to their site so I finished it within three days! I’ve read reviews of this drama and I truly don’t understand why people are criticizing this drama so much! I know that this drama dragged out a bit with its plot but I didn’t find any problem with that since I’ve always found sageuks to be slow with their plots. I mean history is complicated itself so give it time and be patient! Then after that you will find the inner beauty of sageuk!


I guess I was too pleased with this drama but I thought it was worth watching with all that beautiful clothing and the art of pottery. I found it fascinating how they made porcelain back then and it is great for learning korean culture since it is sponsored by the korean department of culture. Jung is even based on a real girl and event of the korean history! Since this is a drama of course there is a whole set of interconnected relationships but this time I actually find it relevant and fun to watch!


Jung is so great because of her relationship with the two masters of Bunwon but that always comes with a price and that is many heartbreaks and tears-for both Jung and her family as well as viewers. What I like about Jung is that she is such an innocent person but the way her thoughts are clouded with revenge frustrates me. Sure without that there would be no drama but I kinda felt that the drama happened for nothing because of the ending:(


Now this brings me to the ending which I think is unbelievably disappointing. When you just finish the drama like me, you would find yourself asking what the hell was all that drama for? For me, I always thought that it’s okay to endure a few crappy episodes and then get then perfect ending but I feel like i endured all that for nothing. This is just how disappointed I am with the ending. All my favourite characters just die and the ones that are left are not even happy.


Honestly I think they should film some dramas with the kids as main leads. I just find that they are so talented. I think some of you ,like me, would always be attached to the younger versions of the main leads that you don’t want the adults to come in because you’re afraid that they might ruin the chemistry. Thank goodness the adult leads actually have chemistry in this drama. But then this is why the ending let me down so much.

Anyway, I’m still glad I finished it otherwise I would be aching to know what happened between Jung and Prince Kwang Hae. You see, curiosity is in my nature. Although I thought the ending was bad enough, there were many scenes which I loved and enjoyed. If you plan on watching this, the best thing is to imagine the worst for the ending so that you won’t be as devastated at the end.

Sorry guys I’m back~ I’ve had such a great week doing something special in Dublin (far from where I live)  that I would like to tell you guys later when everything is ready. Last week was an amazing week that changed my life and I would love to tell you about it later on my blog. Look forward to it! I hope you like this post and see you next time!


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