Kdrama First Impression: Me Too, Flower! Episode 1+2~


Title: Me Too, Flower!

First Impression:

I’m so glad that Viki added more dramas to their app since that is my only source of Kdrama at the moment. Me Too, Flower! is a drama I am meaning to watch for a while and it is the first drama that I am watching not because of the cast, directer, plot, etc. but the OST. I happen to hear the OST when Suzy sang it on Happy Together and it’s been stuck in my head for ages! Kikwang came as a surprise as a result and so far I’m pretty pleased with the drama. It is not the greatest first episodes but it shows great promise and I’m looking forward to it. Yoon Si Yoon is awesome in this drama and with a shower scene in the very first episode, it sure wasn’t too bad;)

Screenshot (2288)

So far the only character I completely like is Jae Hee. Like all typical male leads, he has a dark past that he is unable to forget but what I like about him is that he is still bright and positive as ever. Sure, maybe he gets a little taunted whenever he is reminded of his past but you can always count on him to be all smiles! Besides, most of the rich chaebol in dramas are arrogant, cocky and often full of themselves, but not with Jae Hee. He refuses to be the typical chaebol and instead, he is even working under his own company as a valet parking staff. What more can you ask from a handsome, rich chaebol?

Screenshot (2287)

Usually I like strong, bad-ass female leads but Bong Sun is not the case. I love the way she is straightforward and speaks whatever that’s on her mind but sometimes it leads to situations which is so face-palm worthy. She isn’t very professional at her job but I’m envious of her since I can’t speak my thoughts so bluntly like her, especially when dealing with customers like chaebols. I wish I can be as brave as her and just down right tell those customers how much of a bitch/bastard they are! Anyway, towards of the end of the second episode I cried when Bong Sun tells the Doctor that she hates herself and that she wishes that she isn’t herself. This part of her I can totally relate to and it just breaks my hurt because to hate yourself is the worse feeling in the world. ‘

Screenshot (2292)

Okay, on the the more “fun” side of the this drama~ I can’t be the only one who doesn’t take the doctor seriously, right? He just seems so suspicious at times and I don’t even know how to explain it. Because of him, I can’t take Bong Sun’s depression seriously as well and I feel that it should be because damn that girl has some serious mood swings! Maybe this is the comical side of the drama but I’m not sure. Tell me in the comments in you know^^

Watching the two episodes already got me to boil with rage in the inside because of how rude the chaebols are and how bad of a job is a police officer. I think anyone watching this would have their dreams of being a police shattered.I don’t know if I can handle another episode because I feel like I’m going to end up like Bong Sun with her mood swings if I continue watching. I just want to slap the hell out of the people there! I can’t see why Kim Dal wants to live in Gangnam because I’m so grateful that I’m not. Everyone is just ridiculous walking with animal skins covering them and judging the people who are not.

Me Too, Flower is quite entertaining to watch but I feel like there isn’t anything big happening yet. Hopefully we’ll get to know more about the characters soon. The only “serious” thing going on in this drama so far is Jae Hee’s flashbacks. Now the three things that I am mostly interested in are

  • Jae Hee’s mysterious past~
  • Bong Sun’s ex-boyfriend
  • How Jae Hee and Bong Sun’s relationship begins

I hope these things can keep me watching for a while and hopefully I will update you with my thoughts on other episodes because I’m really losing my temper as I recall those snobbish Gangnam people!

Have you seen this drama before? Will it get better? Tell me in the comments if you think I shouldn’t continue because I’m trying to save time since I have a whole list of dramas to watch for the summer~ Thank you for reading the post and see you next time^^

P.S I’m writing this a day after the Sisters Red Review and it’s a bit late because I prefer to write my blog late at night^^


3 thoughts on “Kdrama First Impression: Me Too, Flower! Episode 1+2~

  1. Personally I enjoyed this one. I haven’t written a review for it, but I gave it a 8 out of 10. I liked the atypical female lead, and watching as she overcame her struggle with depression. I also liked that the lead was reluctant to live the prosperous life he’d created for himself, a true rags to riches story. The supporting cast was fun and the evil second female lead was extremely interesting. Her connection to the male lead was an interesting twist. All in all I enjoyed it all the way through.

    • Thanks for the comment:) reading m your comment makes me want to finish the drama right away! I still can’t tell who the evil female lead is-Kim Dal or the president of the department store (she is, right?) I wonder what kind of twist it is~ I don’t think the child that calls Jae Hee “uncle” is actually related to him, right? For some reason it is really suspicious to me since the woman clearly likes Jae Hee and there is no way they are siblings~

      • I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. The female lead is the president of the department store. Her story and how her story connects to Jae Hee was really interesting to me, it wasn’t an expected one. At least for me. And you’re right, the little boy that calls Jae Hee “Uncle” isn’t actually related to him at all. I thought the story was intricate and well done.

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