Book Review: Sisters Red~


Title: Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Synopsis: Scarlet jumped in front of her sister, Rosie, to save her from werewolves which they called Fenris. As a result of the attack, Scarlet’s face is flawed as one eye is missing and she has to wear an eye patch to avoid judgmental stares. She is now a full time hunter who hunts with her partner, Silas and her sister, Rosie.


It’s been a while since I last held a book so I had high expectation for this book which I am starting off as my summer read. It sure does not disappoint in many ways! First off, this book has a background story that we are all familiar with so it is very easy to immerse in the book. It has the Red Riding Hood background with the wolf, the granny and the woodsmen. This version gives it a kick by adding the sister to it and giving us the brave character of Scarlet. This is not like the fairy tale in which everyone is saved and lived happily ever after but instead the granny died and Scarlet’s face was scarred. Despite the sad outcome, that was what made the story and the character of Scarlet more realistic and engaging.

The characters Scarlet and Rosie are so close that they feel they share one heart but throughout the story they slowly split and become aware of the reality-that they don’t share the same heart. After the incident of the Fenris attack, Scarlet became passionate about hunting them down and she would go day and night on missions to kill them. You could say she is rather obsessed. Even though Scarlet appears to be someone who is strong and independent, I think she still needs family and friends. She clearly loves Silas and Rosie very much so I didn’t like the ending in a way since it’s like she’s back to square one with no changes, still obsessed with hunting.

Rosie is same but different in a way from Scarlet. I mean I guess I can’t blame her for wanting to have a “normal” life when her face is perfectly fine, plus, I wouldn’t want to be hunting forever either. I just feel so bad for Scarlet that I kinda hate Rosie for pretty much most of the book. I agree that she should have freedom if she wants but I feel that if Rosie has it, Scarlet should have it too since her world wouldn’t have changed if she didn’t protect Rosie from that Fenris. I really admired Rosie’s courage and love though. She has the courage to be different and to “come out of the cave” and she experienced her first love.

Two of the main characters are not perfect but you can’t help but fall for their own charms like Silas. Seriously!? At first I clearly thought the person Silas was in love with was Scarlet but then it turns out to be Rosie that he likes. Then near the end, he revealed that he had a crush on Scarlet since childhood and I couldn’t believe it! That playboy:/ Anyway, my point is, I’m just like Silas. At the start I loved Scarlet but as she gets more and more obsessed with those wolves, I was slowly to lean towards Rosie’s side.

I would give this 8/10 and I swear it is so not the fact that my theories came true in this book:P Okay, maybe a little but I give this book kudos for making me doubt myself. I could guess the climax and the ending of the book and still throughout the story the authors keeps making me doubt my guess by misleading me with some false facts about the characters. I wasn’t surprised at the ending since I guessed it but it did make me wonder how the author is going to turn the story around. I guess another reason I’m giving this a high score is because this book reminds me of childhood, the times when I went to bed and my mum read me “Little Red Riding Hood”. It was fun and enjoyable back then, it still is with this version of it~

Hey guys I’m finally back! I’m hoping to post one post per day from now on so look forward to it^^ It’s been a loooong time since I have done a book review so I’m in such a good mood now! Have you guys read this book? What do you think of it? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it:)


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