Lost Faith In Humanity:(

Hey guys can anyone give me some cyber hug here? I’m really upset at the moment~ I know posting this will make me sound stupid but I want to warn you guys about it and I just want to share my frustration……

My 16th birthday is next week so my mum promised to buy me albums. I happened to see a sale on Facebook and the person selling it is called ‘Kpop Merchant’ on Facebook. I added her two years ago and I have even visited her old website which sold Kpop albums. I ended up buying 10 albums off her and I even paid but it turns out she was a swindler. I won’t describe the detail because that would just make me sound super stupid.

If you ever do come across her, just remember that she will tell you that she is selling the albums for cheap because she is closing her business so she needs to clear her stock. Also, note that she will tell you how her paypal account is blocked because her business is bankrupt and she is unable to pay her overdraft and therefore banned by paypal.

I know I shouldn’t fall for that but everyone makes mistakes so I don’t want to be so bogged down by this especially since I have an exam coming~ I am just really angry because it was supposed to be for my birthday but now I am forbidden to order from online which is not fair because I won’t be able to get albums again:( I am also annoyed with the seller because she has no idea what Kpop and kdramas mean to me(I ordered kdrama OST as well). The seller blocked me on Facebook so I used my brothers account to give her a piece of my mind.

Don’t worry! I didn’t swear at her because there is no point and it is partly my fault for falling for her lies. I did however, ‘advice’ her to stop because she has no idea what she will be getting into since Kpop means so much to us. So lastly, I want to wish you luck with your Kpop dealings and don’t get too excited because that’s what happened with me and I failed to see through her lies. Always use trustworthy websites and don’t ever not use paypal! Just to finish off, I do have my exams until the 18th of June so I will be on a mini hiatus. Don’t worry about me and look forward to my posts after the exam^^ oh~ and good luck to all of you that are doing exams:) hwaiting!!!! Just think about all the Kpop and kdrama you’ll get after the exams:D



9 thoughts on “Lost Faith In Humanity:(

  1. Oh gosh, here is HUGE one from me to you *squeeze~* That has happened to me before as well, with someone who had stolen my bank details, forcing me to open another with only half of my money in there (I lost over $10,000 with that ‘simple’ mistake). But don’t lose faith Kelly; think of this experience as a life lesson. Now, you will become more conscious about your money, and will always think twice about buying anything 🙂 It’s cheesy to think this way, yes, but I think that that is the way you can ease the pain you’ve received. Yes, that woman should be cursed at etc. (I’ll join in with you on that ;] ) but think of it this way – she will get what’s coming to her. If there is one thing I am most certain about in this life, is that Karma is a thing that actually happens.

    So, don’t fret about it, and try and concentrate on your exams. Eventually, something wonderful and great will come around for you, trust me! Good luck on your studies, and kick some ass!

    ❤ Hyunnie ^^~

    • Thanks a million!^^i definitely feel better from your hug:)compared to you my loss is really nothing but you’re right! I’ll take that as a tuition for a life lesson and I actually said the same thing to her. I wrote ‘You know what, there is no point swearing at you since that will solve nothing and just add to my stress. I believe in karma and I’ll wait for it to get back at you so good luck with that!’ Haha…great minds think alike;P
      I am just annoyed that out of all things , it had to be Kpop and it had to be for my birthday and my 16th one on top of that. I am okay now though because I have moved on~ thank you anyway for your advice:D I’m kinda glad that happened in a way since it shows me the people who truly care for me- my brother comforted me and told me it’s okay, my friend who advice me to tell my family and my very forgiving mother who forgave me even though I thought I would die in her hands. They all care so much for me and even though my mum banned me from ordering online, she did offer to buy me albums when I go back to HK for holidays. I also realized there are people like you who don’t even know me that much but still give me advice and comfort^^ I am really grateful to have you as my follower:D cheesy as hell, I know;P

  2. Here is a hug for you… just charge this to experience. And to the person who swindled you, well karma is a b***h. They will get what they deserve. Hold your head up and concentrate on your exams and look forward to you birthday. Happy Birthday !!!

    • Thank you for your cyber hug:) I feel much better now~ thanks for your advice and I agree with you about karma! I will concentrate on my exams and I will greet you next time with more happy posts:D thank you for the birthday greeting, my birthday is much better now^^

  3. Uhgggg… That is the pits- I’m so sorry! *Hugs* Best wishes while you work hard on your exams- but not too hard. ^^ Also, hope you still have the best of birthdays!

  4. Well I’ve given a lot of hugs today so I’ll give the last hug of the day to you. I can’t say I know how you feel but I kind of thought about my kpop related ‘shopping’.
    It’s a lot harder for me to get my hand on kpop cds or even buy one online because in Estonia we don’t use our credit cards as much. We are way past that and are using ‘Internet banking’. Believe me when I say it’s SOOOO much easier to do my money related things on the internet and everything but I can’t use it when I’m shopping online for kpop merchandise or buy anything else internationally because that usually requires a credit card.
    Now I’m 18 and all but getting a credit card means I have to have a stable income which I don’t considering I’m a student and I still live with my parents. I just don’t have the time. And using my parents credit card is not an option because the amount of money that we have to pay back for using the card is wellll….a lot more than the real cost. And my mum working in a bank makes her know things that I don’t and she always has the last word on money related issues.
    So the only way I get to have my hands on something kpop related is to win in a giveaway or go to Korea… I really have to thank my Chinese teacher who went to Korea and knowing I like kpop, bought me an Infinite album and a poster (it’s safe to say that she’s my favourite teacher ever!) and I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway 🙂
    I’m working on getting a part time job and earn my own money and get my own card so that I can use it “wisely” as my mum puts it. I intend to listen to her after I buy some merchandise.
    But I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Know that I share some of your pain and I hope that those people get what they deserve.
    Also good luck on your exams. Been through that, I know how it feels. I hope everything goes well in your life and Happy Happy Birthday!
    aaaand another hug (the very last one…) =^.^=
    This is a loooooong comment. I hope you don’t mind me wasting your time when you should be studying…
    Annyong ^^

  5. That is just awful! It is unfortunate that this is the world we live in now… people are sooo money hungry and these scam artists add to that fuel. I do however believe in Karma… so she/he will get theirs.

    Lesson learned and store it for later. Enjoy the Summer!

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