God’s Quiz Episode 2: The Lost City of Idols~


More God’s Quiz episodes! Great! I might as well just fail my exams:P I wanted to stop after this episode to study but it seems to have a bigger plot coming already and there is literally something wrong with Jin Woo so I just couldn’t resist finding out in the next episode. Well, seems like there’ll probably be more “My Opinions” coming~ Aiish! I was really going to watch just one more episode after the “First Impression”……….Damn you dramaland and your irresistible dramas!


Anyway let’s move on to this episode. I just love when there is a title for each episode of a drama because I can actually get a sense of where I am going and what will be in the drama. This episode, as the title suggests, is about idols and the reality behind all that fame and fortune they receive. Since I am kinda a kpop blogger as well, I might as well talk about the issues within the kpop industry here (don’t worry, I’ll keep it short!). Well I don’t really know if the kpop entertainment world is exactly like what is in this episode of the drama but I’m pretty sure a lot of related issues exist~


First Issue: At first when the Gina died, I seriously thought she died because of malnutrition and over-working or something which is common in the kpop scene ad we all see that there are often articles about kpop idols and their diets. The only problem is that they are eating as little as only sweet potatoes each day but they are still working their asses off at the same time. Even though the cause of Gina’s death was starvation or anything like that but I feel this is a serious enough topic to be discussing since we all know that someone is bound to end up dying if we don’t do something about the crazy diets.

Second Issue: The second issue is sexual harassment within the kpop industry. Of course we know that this is not only in Korea but also many parts of the world but that doesn’t make this any less okay. I still remember a scandal involving the trainees and the president of an entertainment company last year or the year before and the police were also involved. This is definitely intolerable as well.


In the drama Gina died of her Guillain-Barre Syndrome but her death was triggered only because of the vaccine which was instructed by the president of the her company to be given to her even though he knew that it would kill her. Now to be honest, I was furious at the president but I have to say that Gina wasn’t the brightest either. I didn’t like the way she black-mailed him and it was just wrong. I do appreciate that she is striving to achieve her own dream but I guess she was too impatient and desperate that she chose the wrong method which took her life.


I am seriously loving this drama and the end bits with Jin Woo and the Professor which provides me with the “life lesson of the day”. I don’t agree with what the Professor said on this episode though. The Professor said that people should be less greedy and more giving as they age but I don’t think so. Greed never goes away so it is really just about what you want and what you value.

For example, for a 4 year-old, he/she would much prefer sweets or toys over money because that is what they most desire for their age. For us, the drama-addicts and the Kpoppers, what we want are concert tickets, albums and O.S.T.’s while adults value money more. As people grow old, most of them have already had most of the things they wanted in their early years and so what they want is then families and friends.

So what do you guys think of the Kpop industry while we’re at it? Comment and tell me your thought below! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it^^


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