First Impression on God’s Quiz Episode 1: Dracula’s Tragedy…….


Now as some of you know, I’m currently busy studying for my state exams but being a complete drama-addict that I am, I couldn’t resist watching at least some bit of a drama. So I decided to go with God’s Quiz since I have heard multiple positive reviews and it’s about medicine/ crime which I have a soft spot for. More importantly, since it is the crime type of drama, it is natural that it has a one-episode mini story within the drama which is perfect for me because I always know I can stop after each episode without any dramatic cliffhangers.

Screenshot (2237)

As the title suggested, this episode is tragic and it will get you to bawl before you know (or at least me). At the start of the episode , a man with pale skin and fangs was running away from someone in a forest when he ran off the end of the mountains and fell on his back on the edges of large boulders. He was in pain but he was still trying to escape and of course he couldn’t and died. From the start I was already sensing something different about this drama. It reminded be of Vampire Prosecutor but of course vampires/ Dracula (aren’t they the same thing!?) can’t die from just this type of injury so I knew it wasn’t a fantasy drama. This caught my attention because the ahjussi that died (I”m just gonna call him Dracula from now on~) clearly was afraid of the sun and he was in pain when exposed to it which is what a Dracula is like. Then straight away it caught my attention.

Screenshot (2240)

After that was the appearance of the main character, Han Jin Woo who is considered a genius in the areas of the medical field. He was somehow conned by his professor to be on the special investigation team with Kang Kyung Hee, a female detective and an elite team of autopsist, researcher and doctors. What I like about Jin Woo is that he is very frivolous and carefree. It is such a depressing job and everyone seems to look too dead and serious so it is not a bad idea to have Jin Woo there to lighten the mood. I mean when is the last time you see a genius in dramaland that is this cheerful and hyper? As you can see by now, I am already biased with the drama and the characters~ whenever I like someone or something I just google the hell out of it and since Ryu Deok-Hwan, the actor that plays Han Jin Woo looks very familiar to me, you can imagine what my google search engine is full of~ so that’s when it hits me!- the fact that he is the Goryeo King in Faith~ I was so surprised because of the contrast between the two characters he played. I just couldn’t believe why I didn’t recognize him! So my point is, he can act very well~

Screenshot (2243)

Anyway, enough with my ramblings~ and I’m just gonna skip to end bit where the truth is revealed since there is really nothing to talk about in the investigation part~ Okay, breathe with me because you might not be able to hold your anger! *inhale+exhale* So it turns out the Dracula ahjussi is diagnosed with a rare disease called Porphyria. This disease is the reason why he has pale skin and why his skin burns when he is in the sun. He is a warm-hearted ahjussi and he takes care of an isolated village girl who lives with her abusive uncle. He promised to stay with the village girl together so he refused to sell his house to developers. This gets the head of the village and his gang mad and they are the people who are chasing Dracula ahjussi at the start. *Grabs the back of my neck like angry ahjummas* Words cannot describe how angry I felt when I found out the truth. I was appalled and disgusted by the villagers who only thinks about money and nothing else. I think dramas that this is are very good at conveying these type of message to viewers and it is one of the reasons why I love this show so much already. I just hope this doesn’t happen in real life because I seriously can’t imagine living on the same planet as that person. I just really hate it when there is injustice in the world ! I know hate is a strong word but I feel like this is the word that can actually get the message across.

Have you seen this drama and what do you think of it? I know it is too early to say this but I still think this drama is a rare gem and I think you guys should check it out. I am sorry for not writing much post lately and I hope you enjoy the ones I’ve been posting^^


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