EXO fans = Overdosed~



As we all know, SM Entertainment released the overdose MV yesterday and despite the fact that it swept multiple charts, a lot of EXO fans that I know are getting sick of the song already. I know it is not EXO’s fault but like others, I am a bit suspicious with the leaked practice video. Now, with me being a pretty hard-core EXO fan, the song is still up on my playlist but what about you guys. I guess I just don’t feel as excited as I thought I would be which kinda makes me guilty as an EXO fan. I think SM seriously need to stop with all the teasers and prologues because as much as I like looking at them and feeling their hotness, I want to hear the song too. Anyway, I’m done with my rant and let’s move on to the real deal.

Do I even need to say how much I like this song? It’s still stuck in my head after two weeks (I know~ I just can’t resist leaked videos, please don’t judge me:P). My favourite part is the bit leading to the chorus “oh~ she wants me, oh~ she’s got me, oh~ she hurts me”. I don’t know but it just seems to make so much sense to me and it pretty much sums up the relationships people have a lot of the time.

From the lyrics, “I taste you and drink you. My heart trembles, I keep drinking you in but it’s not enough yet.This thirst sends shivers even to my fingertips, hold onto that moment”. I think we’d all agree that EXO is still in their wolf-y state. Seriously SM what’s with you and taste and drink. I think the lyricist composed the song when he/she is still hungry…….on the serious note, I think it really makes sense from Wolf to Growl and now this. I think I am seeing a pattern here~

So enough with Overdose since they have already gotten a lot of attention. On to the other songs on their album~ First of all, Moonlight is a beautiful song that is my favourite song on the album. The lyrics kinda reminds me of 200% which are both about a guy telling his crush to leave the guy she is currently dating because he doesn’t care about her.

Then we have then which I have to say I’m really impressed with especially the lyrics. The comparison between how thunder is always a step later than lightning is so accurately and now the thunder and lightning seems like a sad love story to me. I’m seriously in love with D.O and Baekhyun’s voice here! Thunder Thunder Thunder!!!

Ayo~Ayo~Run!!! This song is the happy song of the album but it is too serious in my opinion. I still like the song and the ayo parts though~

Love, Love, Love~ Okay, I really have to talk about the intro! I’m addicted to it! You know that string instrument that is playing at the start? Yea~ that’s thepart I love. My friend thinks it’s played by gayageum but I’m convinced that it’s a harp playing. And am I the only the one who thinks that the bit before the whole “earth, air, water, fire” thing kinda sounds like a kid in kinder-garden doing the nanananana~nanananana~ to mock someone?



(They are Overdosed! It’s REAL!!!)

I think the album in general is decent but I personally prefer the Growl album. I just feel that there are more of a variety of songs in the Growl album where as in this album it’s pretty gloomy. I ordered the album so when I get it I will show you the Overdose album and my Akdong Musician PLAY album in another post:D

What do you guys think of the Overdose album? Did the leaked video affect your excitement of this new album or did you not even see the leaked video at all unlike me? Tell me in the comments below^^ thank you for reading my post and I hope you like it:D



3 thoughts on “EXO fans = Overdosed~

  1. I personally resisted in watching the practice video however, I did watch EXO-M’s promotion clips while they were in China. Since I didn’t watch anything beforehand, the video came off as really impressive for me however, for some reason it died off really quickly. Like you, I love the songs on the album, but I personally like their Growl Album a little bit more. Maybe it is because it is a full album = wider range of music?? Who knows really…

    Favourite song from the album is definitely Moonlight!!! EXO has always impressed me with their ballads, so Moonlight was no exception lol

    Loved your post (and all of your posts usually haha) and I’ve personally got a theory about this: I don’t think that it is the leaked video per say (though I haven’t watched it) but rather I would argue that it may be because they had delayed it for so long. It is almost two weeks since their highlight video was released, and probably tons of fans were just sick and tired of waiting for SM to release it. Of course, I’m not blaming SM for delaying the release because, as we both know, the Ferry Capsizing incident played a major part in this as well. So, perhaps it was hand-in-hand in this case??

    • Sorry for the late reply>~< and thank you for commenting:D this is what I love about blogging!-sharing opinions with other fans. I am the type of person who is known to grow to love something instead of "love at first sight" so I kinda expected Overdose to be the same as other kpop songs. While waiting for SM to release EXO's comeback, I was constantly listening to Overdose so this is probably why I have grown to like it. It is a pretty decent song to be honest but I don't think it is the best EXO song.
      Of course it's not really SM's fault and in fact I appreciate their respect for the victims of the ferry incident but like you I just think the fans are sick of waiting.

      • Haha no worries Kelly ^_^~Yes, I’m the same! Hardly do I find those songs and end up liking it the first time around – they all have to have a chance, right?
        And yes, Overdose is possibly not their best EXO song in my opinion as well, but it is still a pretty solid song from them; I’ll be listening to their mini album for a while 🙂 *sigh* I guess the whole album overall wasn’t enough for fans to sate the ridiculous amount of time spent waiting for it ><
        Blogging is always best when there is contributions from other people. Once in a while, this blogging thing can get a bit too one-dimensional!

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