How much of a Kdrama fan are you? My Kdrama Alphabet~


Now I got this idea off tumblr but I think it’s fun to do this so I want all of you drama-addicts to join me~ This is basically my K-drama alphabet list. The rule is to not look up any drama but think of it yourselves the different dramas you’ve watched.

0-5= You are new to kdramaland but don’t worry, it won’t be long until you are completely hooked.

6-10= You are a regular. You love kdramas enough that they fill you with feels when you watch them.

11-15= You are a true fan and you are beginning to suffer from drama withdrawal symptoms.

16-20= You are an addict but you haven’t master the craft yet…….just a few more sleepless nights and you’ll be fine:)

21-26= There is no turning back for you! Your life is completely taken over by kdramas so just embrace all the kdrama goodness and enjoy it^^

My K-drama Alphabet

A= A Gentleman’s Dignity

B= Boys Over Flowers

C= Can You Hear My Heart

D= Dream High

E= Empress Ki

F= Faith

G= Goong

H= Hwang Jin Yi

I= I Hear Your Voice


K= King Of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

L= Love Rain

M= Man From The Stars

N= Nail Shop Paris

O= Oh! My Lady

P= Painter of The Wind

Q= Queen In Hyun’s Man

R=Roof Top Prince

S= Sungkyunkwan Scandal

T= The King 2 Hearts


V= Vampire Prosecutor

W= Who Are You?

X= ~

Y= You’re Beautiful


That’s my K-drama list~ Comment your K-drama list and let’s see if we have the same drama taste:) I hope you like this post and I’m sorry for not writing for so long>~< I can’t do any reviews at the moment because I haven’t had time to watch any dramas or read any books~ I’ll try to do more Kpop posts though^^


6 thoughts on “How much of a Kdrama fan are you? My Kdrama Alphabet~

  1. My K-drama Alphabet
    A= Angel Eyes / A Gentleman’s Dignity
    B= Boys Over Flowers
    C= City Hunter / Cunning Single Lady
    D= Dream High
    E= Emergency Couple
    F= Faith / Flower Boy Next Door
    G= Gu Family Book
    H= ???
    I= IRIS
    J= ???
    K= King 2 Hearts
    L= Love Rain
    M= My Princess/Mary Stayed out all night
    N= ??
    O= One Hundred Year Inheritance
    P= Prosecutor Princess / Personal Taste
    Q= Queen of Reversal
    R=Roof Top Prince
    S= Secret Garden
    T= The Heirs / To the Beautiful You
    U= ???
    V= ???
    W= ???
    X= ???
    Y= You Who Came From The Stars / You are beautiful
    Z= ???

    This was fun, pretty sure I forgot a few.. but knowing I’m not fully addicted (yet!) is a good thing.. We do have some similar KDrama on the list! LOL

    • Judging from the list, you will definitely become addicted! I am ready to embrace that after my exams~ T^Tpainful exams…….oh the bright side, I really have absolutely nothing to do in the summer so I can catch up! But seriously it seems like a lot of good dramas are coming out to torture me>:(

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