My Prayers to the victims of the South Korean Ferry accident

I’m pretty sure most of you know but just in case there are some of you who don’t, I’m going to explain it to you. A South Korean ferry that carried 462 people sank as it was heading off for JeJu Island. 174 people have been rescued but over 280 are missing and four are confirmed to be perished. From an article that I read, the captain and several crew members abandoned the ship after knowing that it could not be saved and they are criticized by the netizens for their inhuman behavior. The captain told people to stay in the cabins because it is “safer” but many experts said that by doing that, he had wasted the “Golden Rescue Hour” which could be used to save more people. I can’t imagine how the captain and the crew members could just abandon the passengers and I hate the idea that I am the same thing (human being) as them.

Apparently, the ferry company holds a huge responsibility in this accident because there are 46 lifeboats, each that can hold 25 people each ,on the ship but in the end only 2 could be opened. There are a lot of problems with the life-jackets as well. I just feel sick that people are willing to risk other’s lives for profit and I’m just speechless because I’m angry and sorry at the same time. I feel so angry at the ferry company, the captain and crew members and I feel so upset that people are dying because of the greed of the company and the selfishness of the captain and crew members.

The reason the ship sank is because the captain sped up while changing direction and this sudden change causes all the cars and containers in the ferry to move to one side, resulting in the tilting of the ship. There are no words to describe my thoughts because this tragedy could be avoided in so many ways and yet it still happened because of many human factors.

I know this is a sensitive topic and I chose to still post this because I want people to be aware of it and learn from it. I mean it’s 2014 and it is still the same as 100 years ago when people’s carelessness can result in this. I don’t understand why people can’t learn the importance of lifeboats and life jackets from the Titanic accident. I know there’s no point in blaming anyone now since it already happened so that’s why I’m here to send my most sincere prayers to the victims of this accident. I also hope that there will be a miracle and that those that are missing can be found soon.


4 thoughts on “My Prayers to the victims of the South Korean Ferry accident

  1. I could not agree more! I cannot believe the captain did not stay with the ferry; that’s the oath he took. The fact the crew didn’t help get all those students out is “inhumane” and I have no kind words for them (I will refrain from using profanity). #PrayforSouthKorea #StayStrong #StayHopeful my heart goes out to all those parents… just tragic.

    • I’m seriously upset because I just can’t imagine how the passengers felt. Scared, afraid and hopeless. I just hope they can be saved……..the rescue team finds it hard to search for them because of the strong current so let’s pray for a calm condition.

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