K-drama Friday Club #6: One Hit, Homerun~


I hope you all understand what I mean by ” One Hit, Homerun” because I showed that to my friend and she was like “dafuq are you talking about?”. Anyway, for those of you who don’t understand my title, I’m referring to how in dramaland, the characters always seem to get pregnant on the first try even without meaning to, eg. one night stands. This magical wonder baby is almost always the reason why the main leads get together. I mean if you get a girl pregnant, you have to take responsibility, right? But I just don’t get how in dramaland the father always comes five or six years after. I guess the first few years of babies are quite hard to handle for men……..

King 2 Hearts


King 2 Hearts is one of my favorite dramas for several reason and this is one of them. This just give the two leads a lot more experience to go through and trust me, the more and the bigger the obstacles a couple can overcome, the stronger their relationship. I think this is why there is still a lot of chemistry going on between the two when there is an age difference.

Baby: Miscarried

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes

How?: Putting aside the fact that it (almost) cause another South-North Korean War, the baby helped by giving an excuse for Jae Ha to go to the North and bring Hang Ah back. I seriously don’t think Jae Ha would go to the North if he didn’t know this because his pride wouldn’t let him. The miscarriage softened him since he WAS going to be a father. Well done to the unborn magical baby who mended Hang Ah and Jae Ha’s relationship.

Empress Ki


Now continuing on to another Ha Ji Won drama (damn, girl!), we have Empress Ki. This time Ha Ji Won killed it by achieving one hit homeruns by two different men, sexy men might I add:D If I remember correctly, Ha Ji Won had at least three or four children in Secret Garden but since it didn’t show/tell us about the details, I don’t really know if they are One Hit, Homeruns. Okay back to Empress Ki, Seung Nyang managed to have two royal babies so I think it is very impressive. Please keep in mind that I’m writing based on the episodes I’ve seen so far and since I’m a little bit behind, the information might be different from what you think. I will update this part when I catch up so please understand and bear with me:)

Baby: The eldest one (Yoo baby) grew up good and healthy though Seung Nyang thinks he is dead. The second one (TaHwan baby) receives more love and attention from Ta Hwan since he thinks Yoo baby is the baby of him and Tanashini.

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: no for both Yoo and Ta Hwan

How?: For Yoo, it didn’t because Seung Nyang thinks the baby is dead and she had already decided to avenge the baby by becoming the Empress. For Ta Hwan, I personally think the baby didn’t help because Seung Nyang is still thinking about the revenge and whatnot. It is hard to explain because it did help them advance their relationship to the next stage, I don’t think it helped with Seung Nyang’s feelings for Ta Hwan.

A Gentleman’s Dignity



The baby in this drama is unusual because 1) it is not a baby (anymore) and 2) the baby isn’t the love child of the couple. This “baby” does play a lot in this drama and he is definitely an eye candy for me. (I’m not saying the four male leads are not good-looking, its just they’re too old/mature for me…..*don’t kill me*).

Baby: A healthy 18 year-old guy now.

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes

How?: Though it caused some problem at first with the whole typical I-am-leaving-you-for-your-sake plot twist, it definitely strengthened our couple’s relationship and provided more cute, romantic scenes for us viewers.

I Do I Do


I don’t remember this drama as much because I only watched it once and it was ages ago. This drama is the first one-night-stand baby on the list. Woohoo. I don’t know what else to say about this drama because I really have a vague memory of it………I did look up recaps to make sure I don’t get anything wrong so bear with me^^

Baby: The first baby girl on the list!!!

Does he/she help the couple’s relationship?: yes.

How?: Well, by breaking up a potential arranged marriage between Ji An and Eun Sung and by giving Ji An and Tae Kang more chance to be together. She did cause some problem along the way as our couple argued because of her but since this is dramaland, they made up in the end and lived happily ever after:D



5 thoughts on “K-drama Friday Club #6: One Hit, Homerun~

  1. King 2 Hearts and Empress Ki are both on my drama watch list… I’ve seen I Do I Do… I think sex and pregnancy are like a drama taboo… pregnancy is “rare” in dramas and sex is always implied. But since i’ve only seen one of the dramas but i liked the whole pregnancy in I Do I Do… I bring a couple who would both deny their feelings and make them realize that they love each other…

    • I agree but for me who is a bit conservative, I’d prefer the “original” order of a relationship. I understand that people make mistakes because we are not perfect but I’d only want to make love with someone I really like. That’s just my view and again, it was a mistake for them but I’m glad that Ji-An doesn’t have to be a single mum because my mum is one and I know how hard it is for her…..

    • I agree and when Hang Ah showed how upset she is at herself for liking Jae Ha, I cried so much. She was even describing how even though the baby was only 1 cm, it had a heartbeat and that she crushed it. I was mentally telling her that the miscarriage is not her fault and it’s only an accident.

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