Akdong Musician = Adrenaline?!


Akdong Musician, also known as AKMU is a South Korean duo of siblings, Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun. Lee Chan Hyuk (17) is the composer, lyricist, arranger, guitarist and lead vocal of the group while Lee Soo Hyun (14) provides the main vocal. They are the winners of the survival audition, Kpop Star Season 2. They are known for their self-composed songs and perfect harmony.

Now I have just given you a brief background of Akdong Musician before their debut. After they won Kpop Star Season 2, they signed a contract with YG Entertainment and they have just recently made their debut. I guess you can tell from the title that they are my current addiction and I think I don’t need to explain it further. I have been keeping an eye on them since Kpop Star 2 because I’ve noticed that their musical style is very different to kpop. They have been criticized for some of their self-composed songs because it doesn’t translate well into the “main stream” music in korea but their songs are just my style! I especially have a sore spot for Lee Chan Hyuk who has the most adorable gestures in my opinion. Then Lee Soo Hyun’s sweet vocals just give me the chills when ever I hear her. I still find it hard to believe that she is only 14!



I checked out this song first because this title track’s MV came out first. A lot of people say they are “disappointed” but I think the song is awesome and the best proof is that I’m constantly humming to this song as I’m writing this post. I think this song has the sweet and fun vibe which most Akdong Musician songs have and I’m glad they keep it since I can’t see them doing the sexy concept at all. I’ve been listening to their Kpop Star songs even after the show ended because it just has something special about that I can’t describe. I am just drawn to them and their songs!

The MV is really cute and I really enjoyed it except at the last bit. At first Lee Soo Hyun was stalking the guy and when I thought she was just getting the guy the story literally unfolds and we see that there is as girl in between them.  You know, it gave me hope because I thought that stalking would eventually get you the guy but then it turns out she wasn’t stalking the guy and on top of that, she didn’t get the guy. What a bummer! Okay it’s not like I would stalk EXO members until they fall for me…..*avoids gaze*……..



When I first heard the song from the Kpop Star Season 3 performance, I was a bit like “I’m not so sure about this”. It wasn’t because the song was bad. I love the chorus and the harmony but the eerie,mysterious and sad kind of feeling doesn’t match the dorky, fun Akdong Musician at all (in my opinion). But then I watched the music video for this song…………..

The MV is just so beautifully made and it is full of symbolism. I seriously cried because this MV is just so real! I also read the english lyrics to the song and have I ever mention how much I love YG? Everything is just so well put together and for once in the kpop world, has there a MV that actually matches the song! The child is actually the dude with his ice drink in the office when he was young. He wanted to be a photographer but the adults didn’t understand him and even destroyed his dream- the man in the car who kicked him out for photographing his stuff, the asian shopkeeper who gave him the accusing eye, the woman who left him with a bill and the bartender who beat him up and broke his camera for not paying a bill of drinks he didn’t even order. The lyrics depicts the cold world of adults and so did the MV. But in the end, the native American was the symbol of the melted ice, he was kind and he took the boy in. He even showed his interest in the camera. I think this also tells us that one ice can melt another. The native American is the melted ice who in turn melted the boy when he grew up.

Give Love


This is a song that I have loved since the first time I heard it. I have always wanted to hear the full version and I’m delighted to hear that it is one of their title track of their album. I think I prefer the acoustic version which they sang in Kpop Star Season 2 but this version is good too. There isn’t as much for me to talk about since there isn’t any MV but you can still check out the acoustic version above.

This group is very outstanding in their musicality and I hope you guys can support them because it is rare to find such talent nowadays. Not only did Lee Chan Hyuk composed and wrote the lyrics for ALL of the songs on their debut album, he also produced it which makes his talent G-dragon level (when GD was his age)! I already ordered the album so I can’t wait to get it!


2 thoughts on “Akdong Musician = Adrenaline?!

    • Sorry for the late reply>.< I think I missed your comment from my notification~ anyway, I did and I love them! I love all of their self-composed songs in Kpop Star 2. I think they are really talented!

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