Book Review: Anna and The French Kiss~


Title: Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins~


Anna is leading an ordinary life-with her loyal best friend and a crush that is about to become more- until one day her Dad decides to send her to Paris for her senior year. She isn’t pleased to hear that but with Paris being the most romantic city in the world, will her dissatisfying year turn into a romantic, magical one?

My Thoughts:

I have conflicting thoughts about this book. There are some aspects of it which I absolutely love but also other aspects which I hate. This book is impressive though considering that it is the debuting book of Stephanie Perkins. I can tell that she has potential so I hope her other books won’t disappoint me. I love the symbolism of different place in the story and it really gives more depth to Anna and Étienne’s relationship.

I can really empathize with Anna as I still remember at first when I was told that I would be moving to Ireland. I had a best friend and a boy that I have “something” with.(of course it was nothing big since I was pretty young and it wasn’t like we would be dating but he was close with me). I was devastated to learn that I would be leaving for Ireland but like Anna, as I was making more and more friends, it feels more like home. I haven’t met any guy yet but through Anna, I experienced the butterflies in my stomach and it is still very new to me, the feelings of being in love.

I fell for Étienne like Anna but there are times that I hate him for being a coward as well. I was desperately begging for Étienne and Elllie to break up but Étienne was too afraid of change. I screamed so much in my head but that didn’t work. This book reminds me of your typical Asian drama in which male characters are too slow to admit their feelings. The book is so dramatic with all the things happening to the characters but I guess if all of that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t feel that much relieved to see the couple together at the end. 

The use of the landmark in Paris as part of the milestone in Étienne and Anna’s relationship is very clever and that’s one of the reason why I love this book. It made me want to go to Point Zero with my loved one and to make a wish to be together forever. It’s funny how there are special places for couples in different countries such as the Nam San tower in South Korea or Venice in Italy but I can’t think of one in Ireland. Books like this gets me thinking about these stuff and I love it. 

I think this book is pretty well-written but there are some parts just frustrates the hell out of you. This book is clearly written for teenage girls who still have fantasy about love but the relationship in this book can be slow (for teenagers nowadays). I would recommend it to you if you are looking for cute romances but for others, just turn away from it since this book is a big fluff of romance.

I’d love to know what you think of the book so comment down below if you have read this book. What do you think of Étienne and his hesitant behavior when facing with his relationship with Anna? Thank you for reading and I hope you like this post^^


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