J-dorama Review: Tantei Gakuen Q~


Title: Tantei Gakuen Q


  • Kamiki Ryounosuke as Kyuu
  • Shida Mirai as Minami Megumi
  • Yamada Ryosuke as Amakusa Ryuu
  • Matsukawa Naruki as Narusawa Kazuma
  • Kaname Jun as Toyama Kintaro
  • Nakao Akiyoshi as Saburomaru Yutaka
  • Suzuki Sawa as Katagiri Shino
  • Sato Hiromichi (佐藤弘道) as Kyuu’s supervisor
  • Tonesaku Toshihide as Maki Shintaro
  • Jinnai Takanori as Dan Morihiko


Kyuu, Megumi, Ryuu, Kazuma, Kintaro are members of the Q class in a detective agency run by a famous detective, Morihiko Dan. The five children are friends as well as rivals that compete with each other to be Detective Dan’s one and only successor.

My Thoughts: 

This drama is totally perfect for me who is a Detective Conan fangirl waiting for a live-action version of the anime (not the one with Shinichi but one with Conan and the Detective Boys). I think this is my first drama that focuses on the children cast and I have to say I’m impressed. The kids are adorable and they KNOW how to pose. The only problem is that I’m a noona so I feel like I’m a pedophile who smiles (quite creepily) at good-looking children in front of my computer screen. Now I can’t even fangirl about the male leads because it would sound seriously creepy.

Anyway, back to the plot~ The plot is serious but I think I can’t take it seriously because there are children in this drama. Ryuu is an exception though. Whenever he comes up on-screen, I just get the chills because it’s frightening to see a child not smiling at all. At first I thought it would be about the children solving less lethal cases such as finding missing people or something so it came to me as a surprise that the children are involved in murder cases. Then it surprised me again when I realized that there is a larger organisation involved in this murder scheme and that one of the children is connected to that organisation.

The climax of the drama is of course when the other members of Q class find out about Ryuu’s identity and their friendship is threatened. This is my favorite section of the drama since it really tells you the importance of trust in relationships. Kyuu is the only one who believed in Ryuu from beginning to end but that’s okay because he eventually convinced the others to believe in Ryuu too. This is an example of the changes one person can make. Ha! Who said dramas are useless?!

The drama depicts the difference one can make with trust and I love the way the main characters who portrayed this are children because it makes it extra special since children represents purity and innocence. The drama brought a smile to my face even as I am writing this post. The drama is fast-paced and straight forward making it more enjoyable and easy to watch. If you like the crime/mystery genre, I would definitely recommend this drama to you. For others who are romanticist, there are the tiniest bit of romance scattered throughout the drama but if that is the sole reason you watch dramas then you should stay away from this.

P.S. This drama made me so ashamed and wonder what I was doing when I was 8. Dayum, these kids are so talented!


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