EXO-Growl (Drama Version)



Now that EXO Showtime is over, I am suffering from the withdrawal symptoms so I decided to watch EXO videos. If you know me long enough, you’d know that I hate watching Kpop videos because of their lack of storyline. I still decided to watch it anyway and I love this drama version! The music played in the video is a medley of EXO’s songs from their album Growl. This is already a big step towards making this MV more interesting.


The MV is split into two parts. In part 1, Kris appears in a dark alley with a bag, looking like he is ready to go somewhere far. He meets up with Luhan but doesn’t say anything. He pats Luhan’s back and the (dragon) mark on his hand glows. The mark is the same as the mark Kris had when he was promoting Growl but I presume they have nothing to do with it. Kris then walks away and Luhan is alone.



Next scene, a female student is on the roof looking at the moon with a telescope. Luhan is on another rooftop  and he is being chased by men in black. The student falls asleep on the roof and by the time she wakes up, it’s already pitch dark outside. Luhan is still being chased in the building.(Seriously?! they have been chasing from day to night? In the same building?) The student is walking home when she is suddenly grabbed aside by Luhan to avoid the men in black. The mark on Luhan’s arm glows.


The next day Luhan goes to school for the first time and he is put next to the girl he saved yesterday. Luhan soon befriends the classmates (the rest of EXO) and they hang around together all day. At night, after sending the girl on the bus, Luhan and the rest of EXO are confronted by the men in black. They all go to a rundown building to fight. At first EXO is winning but eventually they are outnumbered by the men in black.


Luhan has no choice but to unleash his wolf powers. His vision turns red and he becomes aggressive. Overly Aggressive. He throws D.O. to the wall by an accident and D.O. is badly injured. Luhan’s friends all blamed him for it and left him alone in the rundown building. The girl asks Luhan who he really is with tears in her eyes.

Part 2~


The next day, every one is covered in plasters in class. Luhan suffers from injuries alone at home. EXO goes to visit D.O. who is in the hospital. Luhan watches all of this from the outside window and the girl spots him. She chases after him but Luhan fainted from the pain. The girl ends up looking after him at his house. She sees a photo of Luhan with Kris. Kai is at Luhan’s door when Luhan and the girl comes out. He is angry and pushes Luhan to a wall. Meanwhile, the members of the men in black see Luhan with the girl and they decide to kidnap the girl.


Luhan gets a call from the men in black and he goes back to the rundown place to save the girl. Kai gets a message but we don’t know what it is. Luhan is beaten up by the men in black and in comes the EXO members. They beat up all the men in black and save the day. Luhan gets the chance to slip away and save the girl but when he was about to hit the men in black, his mark glows causing him to hesitate. At that moment, the men in black strikes a huge blow to Luhan’s head and he falls to the floor.


The EXO members all rush to Luhan and the girl cries. Her tears drop on Luhan’s mark on the arm and it disappears. At the same time, Luhan’s hair changes from blond to black. Meanwhile, Kris is in Luhan’s house and his mark flashes. He takes the photo of him and Luhan and smashes it. The MV ends with Kris growling.

This MV was entertaining to watch. Even though it was short, it still has a solid plot. I know we still can’t get rid of the only-one-girl-per-MV-rule but it is still better than 12 korean boys just looking into the camera and rubbing their lips. Anyway, over all this MV is outstanding and I really have nothing to complain about since it kept me watching for the whole 8 mins. I hope EXO will do something like this again for their next comeback!


2 thoughts on “EXO-Growl (Drama Version)

  1. i’ve only seen the first two episodes of EXO Showtime… I liked the drama versions of Growl. To bad that they didnt do like an extended version or something. Explained more about Kris and stuff. But they were good videos…

  2. I don’t really follow EXO but I knew some of the songs. But my niece is a big fan and looking at how they release the MVs and stuffs (with many parts), no wonder there’s a long list of orders on my niece’s list of things to buy in Seoul….. ^^;;;; i’ll be going in two weeks time and when I’m back, i’ll be having a contest and giveaways. do join k!

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