K-drama Friday Club #3: Amnesia?!


For the third KFC I’m going to discuss the (over) use of amnesia in k-dramas. To be fair, some of the amnesia are legit while others are just fillers. That’s when we have the problem~ Some dramas get too popular and get extended episodes for ratings but they don’t think about how it will affect the drama.

Secret Garden


When?~ Near the end starting at episode 18.

Cause~ Joo Won decided to save Ra Im who was in a coma from a car stunt accident by swtiching bodies in the rain. Through Ra Im’s father, they managed to switch bodies back and woke up, both save and sound. But Joo Won magically lost his memories as part of the effects and Ra Im had to try to bring out his memories of them.

Legitimacy~ Well, since the cause of the amnesia is magic and I know nothing about it, I can’t really speak for this. However, it really frustrated me when I watched it and I swear I still remember myself saying “oh, not again!” at this amnesia. But I guess this is needed because this later contributed to Joo Won recovering his memories with Ra Im’s father.

Boys Over Flowers


When? At the end in episode 24.

Cause~ Jun Pyo saw that a car is approaching Ji Hoo and jumped in to save him. He ended up in the hospital and when he woke up, he lost his memories.

Legitimacy~ Legit……..NOT! It does nothing except for making this drama more long-winded and Ji Hoo guilty. I don’t see the point in this “plot-twist” when things were finally going well for Jan di and Jun Pyo.

Queen In Hyun’s Man


When? Episode 8-11 and Episode 16

Causes~ The talisman that Boong Do used to travel in time torn in half, thus erasing the time he spent with Hee Jin. The second amnesia is caused by Boong Do burning the talisman. He knew that he couldn’t get back to Hee Jin so he didn’t want Hee Jin to keep the memories of him and suffer.

Legitimacy~ Okay, you can actually argue that the first “amnesia” isn’t really an amnesia because it is actually the time that disappeared. It makes sense I because it explained clearly why it happened. The writing on the talisman which reads “time” was cut in half so there must be some damage done to time. The second “amnesia” is pretty much the same reason except Boong Do burned the whole talisman. I don’t really see anything wrong with it and in fact, I love it!

Arang and The Magistrate 


When?~ From episode 1 to the very last episode 20

Cause~ Arang was never meant to have her memories as she is a ghost but she managed to escape while traveling to the underworld.

Legitimacy~ It is totally legit since this is a story about a ghost finding out about her life when she was living. This amnesia thing is what this drama is all about so there is nothing to complain. In fact, I love this drama!

Nice Guy


When?~ Starting from episode 9-16

Cause~ Eun Ki found out Maru’s motive for dating her and she crashed her own car into Maru’s. (WTF?!) She ended up waking up in the hospital with amnesia and brain damage. (she is the one who is paying the price for it:/)

Legitimacy~ This is legit in the way that it allows the couple to revenge on each other. What doesn’t make sense is the cause of it-not the car accident itself but the way Eun Ki drove HER own car into Maru’s. I mean I get it if she hired someone or something but to risk her life for it? That’s a bit too much.

The winner for the “Most Absurd Amnesia Award” goes to……..*drum roll*…………Boys Over Flowers! BOF has no legitimate reason for the amnesia. It was a waste of time and it made the drama dragged out. This aspect of it earns BOF the “Most Absurd Amnesia Award”! I’m not sure if this is something to be proud of but congratulations to BOF 😛 Stay tune for next week’s KFC and I hope you enjoy this week’s KFC^^ Thank you for reading:D


6 thoughts on “K-drama Friday Club #3: Amnesia?!

  1. Amnesia is an overused concept that should only be used when there is an actual reason of it. Not everyone that gets in a car accident gets amnesia. But I think Boys Over Flowers so far is the stupidest amnesia I’ve personally seen in dramas. I’ve only seen a few dramas with amnesia but Autumns Concerto by far has the best reason for amnesia. He had freaking brain surgery which resulted in his amnesia. That’s a believable reason for amnesia.

    • I agree! That’s why I made the post about it. There are actually more dramas that have amnesia in it, for example, I hear Your Voice, I Miss You, Stairway to Heaven, etc. I couldn’t put all of them in! I haven’t seen Autumn’s Concerto but I will check it out. If I have more free time, I might actually update my KFC with more dramas as examples because that will clearly tell people how “serious” amnesia is in dramaland:P

      • Amnesia is used just to prolong the drama. The people who get amnesia either remember nothing or the remember everything up until they met the love of their love. Autumns concerto is my favorite drama so far. It’s just too cute.

      • So true! And especially when there is an extension in a popular drama. I swear I nearly got a heart-attack because Man From The Stars got extended and I prayed that there would be no amnesia…..lol. Thank god though because I would’ve killed the writer if he/she put the ol’ amnesia in there. You have no idea how thankful I am…..haha:P

  2. I really don’t like amnesia subplots. I mean after having memories with each other and just wiping all of it off and have to rediscover things again is such a cowardly way of lengthening dramas. Uuughhh. But there are still dramas wherein it is an acceptable storyline like in Autumn’s Concerto.

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