Kdrama Review: Man From The Stars (includes spoilers)~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi


Do Min Joon is an alien that landed on Earth 400 years ago in the Joseon Era. He helped a 15 year-old widow and ended up missing his only chance to go back to his own planet so he has to wait for another 400 years. He lived all these years in isolation and loneliness until his last three months on Earth when he met a doppelganger of the widow he helped 400 years ago. Min Joon couldn’t help but feel attracted to her but since this is his last three months on Earth what will he do?

My Thoughts:


This is an amazing drama that everyone who watches dramas would know about it unless you are living under a rock. Even my mum knows it and she isn’t even into dramas. You just know a drama is great when your primary school teacher is watching it too! (yes…..it was kinda awkward seeing my primary school teacher fangirling over Kim Soo Hyun but putting that aside, it was awesome to know the fact that I am watching the same drama as my primary school teacher and that she also likes it !) This drama deserves a 9.5/10 from me because I’m a realistic person-there is no such a thing a perfect. However, this is the closest to perfect you can get and I acknowledge it.


This drama has given me an enjoyable roller-coaster ride of emotions. I could be giggling in one scene, cringing in the next and laughing and sobbing in another. It is really the first drama that I had a lot of laughter and tears in. It just combines comedy with heartbreaking elements so well that I was overwhelmed. The plot of the drama was so well thought out and the cast, props, characters and acting were all of high standards.

The Characters


Cheon Song Yi is a Hallyu Star who is ignorant but has her own unique charms. Song Yi has had a difficult childhood as she took on the role of the breadwinner of the family at the age of 15. This is partly the cause of her personality today. What I love about her despite her demerits is that she is very true to herself and that she is candid. This is why some people can be offended-Song Yi speaks out whatever that’s on her mind. Song Yi also has this madness to her that makes you can’t help but fall for her. Her madness is of course, commonly seen when she is drunk.


Do Min Joon, the alien is “cut-off” from society because he doesn’t want to be hurt by making friends and having to see them grow old while his young facial features remains. Song Yi managed to unlock his heart with her quirky character. Min Joon is very reserved but it is shown in the drama that he becomes a big ol’ softie when he is around Song Yi. Min Joon moves our hearts with his endless efforts to protect his loved one despite having only a few months on Earth.


For some reason even though I thought Hwi Kyung was sweet to Song Yi, I didn’t ship him and Song Yi at all. I think he is your typical second male lead that you feel sorry for but then I think he is special in a way because of the amount of stuff he has to go through for Song Yi. Hwi Kyung is certainly a character that has a vast amount of development. From being obsessed with Song Yi to finding out about Se Mi’s 12 year crush to learning about his brother’s real cruel personality, he has to deal with a great amount of emotions and I think Park Hae Jin did an excellent job in portraying each emotion.


Talking about acting, I can’t leave Shin Sung Rok out with his unbelievably amazing portrayal of Jae Kyung. The minute I talked about him, a lot of you would probably get the chills. He deserves the title “best villain” for his character Jae Kyung. What I like about Jae Kyung is that he didn’t run away when he learned about Min Joon’s identity. I was actually quite surprised since even Min Joon’s closest friends became scared of him. Jae Kyung was a brave and confident villain at first but seeing how pathetic he is in prison, I’m both disappointed and glad- disappointed that he is not the cool villain that he used to be, glad that he is getting what he deserves.


In my opinion, I wouldn’t even call Se Mi one of the main characters. I just don’t really see an important role in her character. I think Song Yi’s friend, Bok Ja has more of an important role than her. I know that Se Mi is supposed to be Song Yi’s friend who thinks of Song Yi as her rival but I don’t think her existence would make any difference. I think the only thing she contributed was when she advised Song Yi to think of Min Joon instead of trying to not think about him. I mean that’s only the last episode though.

The Plot

The plot caught my attention from the start because it was original and I seriously don’t remember watching any dramas about alien-there were gumihos and time travel alright but not alien~ I had no problem with the plot but the only thing was that it was frustrating because they overused the backwards-story telling directing. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it-mind you, I loved it the first time they used it- but when I was more into the drama, I wanted the story to move on quickly so I can see what happens next. So when Song Yi did her own stunt and jumped off a building, I was anxious because it went back to a few days before the accident and the plot was just moving backwards. I still love the whole plot in general nevertheless.


I highly recommend this drama and you guys should definitely check it out. Beware! Don’t marathon it for too long and too late at night because a woman in Taiwan marathoned it until way past midnight and she suffered from a heart attack. This drama is a masterpiece and I think it is a great drama to start off for new kdrama fans. (I do hope people don’t get weirded out by Song Yi’s extreme eccentric character though…….)


How Can you Not Fall In Love With This?

What do you think of this drama and do you like it? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it^^


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