A Big Thank you to Kpop Ireland!~


To start off this post, I’m just going to write about my experience with Kpop Ireland first. Kpop Ireland is an facebook-based group that gathers all kpop fans around Ireland. Kpop Ireland was created three years ago and I joined a little over a year ago. This group was always welcoming and it was a place where I can express my kpop love with my fellow Irish. It was hard for me because I literally thought I was the only one who loves kpop in this country but no, I am not alone. I am delighted to tell you that Kpop Ireland is now consist of 804 members. (since a few days ago)


I still remember when I first joined, I was the one hundred and eighty-something member and as a member, I am proud to see the huge progress we’ve made in only a little over a year. Kpop Ireland has done several Kpop parties, Kpop talent show, Kpop flashmobs and Kpop video and photo projects. Some members performed dances in the Korean Cultural Festival in Dublin. Other members did their own version of the popular Korean Variety Show “Running Man” called “Running Girl” and filmed it while running around Dublin City. Unfortunately, some of the footage mysteriously disappeared but the girls still had fun.


I have never participated in any of the events because first of all I am far away from Dublin which is where most of the events are and second of all, I’m just more of a facebook-stalker. This makes it extra special for me though because I still feel like I’m part of the big family of Kpop Ireland even though I was inactive. The Kpop Ireland page helped because I can always post comments or ask members of their views in a particular group or song. All the members are very welcoming and most of the time, they will answer your question and discuss about their opinion on kpop as well.


This page has just reached 800 members a few days ago and I felt an urge to write this post because I really appreciate this group and the friendly members. I really want to promote this group so if any of you are in Ireland/ going to Ireland and is into Kpop, please join our page and I will give you the warmest welcome in advance!:D To all the Kpop Ireland members, thank you all for taking care of me and even though I’m inactive most of the time, I actually check Kpop Ireland’s page at least two times a day:) I want to congratulate our group for reaching 800 members and let’s work hard to achieve 1000! Aja, Aja, Hwaiting!!


One thought on “A Big Thank you to Kpop Ireland!~

  1. It sounds amazing! I wish Estonia had that kind of a group because there are times when I wish for somebody from my area who also loves kpop/kdrama as much as I do and share our opinions and spazz together but I feel that I’m the only one who is into that stuff.

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