Analysis of Man From The Stars’ Possible Endings~


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi


Just as the title described, I’m going to discuss the possible endings of Man From the Stars~ There are only two episodes until the ending and fans thought of several possible endings so I figured I should analyze and see which ending it most likely to happen. The ones that I’m going to talk about are:

  • Min Joon turns human due to the fluid-mixing thing with Song Yi and stays on Earth.
  • Min Joon goes back to his planet and Song Yi forgets about him.
  • Min Joon stays on Earth and lives happily ever after with Song Yi.
  • Min Joon goes back to his planet and comes back 404 years later to find the reincarnation of Song Yi.
  • Min Joon stays on Earth and dies when all of his body’s energy is absorbed.
  • Others~


1. Min Joon turns human due to the fluid-mixing thing with Song Yi and stays on Earth.

I think this is the most ideal ending since turning human means that Min Joon can actually grow old together with Song Yi. I would think this is unlikely because even though Min Joon is losing his powers, he isn’t as well. His powers doesn’t work for the start of episode 18, it worked for the second half of episode 18 and even episode 19. The chance of him staying on earth is 50-50 so if you add the element of him turning human, this possible ending is actually quite impossible as well. But who knows~ this is the dramaland we are talking about. I just hope it doesn’t come up with some sh!t ending which I’m not going to name……*cough*~Big~*cough*

Okay~ I just thought of something there…….I actually don’t think Min Joon will stay on Earth SAFE because first of all, he literally revealed his identity when he teleported to save Song Yi in front of EVERYONE (well, maybe if they live in an island where no one is around) and second of all, what if Jae Kyung gets out of jail? He can totally kill Min Joon since he’s not invincible anymore:o I hate my brain >~<” It seems like it keeps on thinking about negative things!


2. Min Joon goes back to his planet and Song Yi forgets about him.

I don’t know how my friend come up with this~yeah…..she’s quite the sadist…..This is definitely an ending that we wouldn’t like but now that I think about it, I think my friend got this ending from the first half of the ending of Queen In-Hyun’s Man. That was a pretty good guess of my friend’s but I can pretty much rule this out immediately. From the epilogue of episode 16, Song Yi is seen  waiting for someone in a restaurant in NamSan tower. It’s very likely that Song Yi is waiting for Min Joon and if she is, then it rules out this ending because that means Song Yi actually remembers Min Joon.


3. Min Joon stays on Earth and lives happily ever after with Song Yi.(doesn’t die)

This can be another except for the fact that Min Joon will forever stay young and live on his own while Song Yi will die. Sometimes we think the ending of a drama is really the end but what about their lives afterwards? Since Min Joon is immortal, he will see Song Yi grow old and I’m pretty sure that’s not that much of a happy ending. But now, we can’t be greedy~ I mean this is at least better than Min Joon dying or leaving, right? This ending has exactly 50-50 chance of it happening. It really depends on the writers but I’m hoping they will take us into consideration.

Like I mentioned in Ending 1., since Min Joon revealed his identity, it will cause a lot of trouble for him in the future. It’s fine in Ending 1. because he’s not an alien anymore and he can argue that it’s all an illusion or something but what about this? I guess he has to live in the island in episode 19 as well for this ending. On the bright side, he can still have his powers and so he will be able to protect Song Yi and himself against Jae Kyung in the future~

Screenshot (2179)

4. Min Joon goes back to his planet and comes back 404 years later to find the reincarnation of Song Yi.

This ending reminds me of Rooftop Prince and Gu Family Book with the whole reincarnation thing. I think this can happen very likely since I presume Song Yi is the reincarnation of her doppelganger.  If this is to happen, reincarnation of Song Yi better be able to remember her “past” with Min Joon. It will really annoy the hell out of me if she doesn’t because then even though they have the same face, they don’t have the experience together so I’m afraid there might not be “chemistry”.


5. Min Joon stays on Earth and dies when all of his body’s energy is absorbed.

Well this one is one of the “primary” endings meaning that it is the ending that Song Yi and Min Joon state in the drama. For them it is either stay and die or leave and heartbreaks. This can be one that is ideal as well depending on when Min Joon dies. Thinking this in the human perspective, all humans will eventually die so this choice is not too bad as well. This is a tough ending and it’s not very likely in my opinion since Song Yi already told Min Joon to go herself. It’s okay for the other two because well, if Min Joon is human then he can’t go back to his planet anyways and for the other one, if Min Joon can stay and not die, I’m pretty sure Song Yi will let him stay. My bet is that this will not be the ending~


5. Others

I can’t really talk about this one because there are thousands of other possible endings but I’m not sure about this myself. I want my ending to belong in this category because I can see lots of disadvantages in the other endings. If I can make up my own one, it will definitely be Song Yi (and her family) going to Min Joon’s planet and live happily ever after. Of course Song Yi is going to be famous on his planet too!:P

What ending would you want for Man From The Stars? Comment which one you think will most likely to occur and tell me about your ending if it belongs in the “Others”. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it^^


17 thoughts on “Analysis of Man From The Stars’ Possible Endings~

    • ooooh……that’s clever! I hope the one that is sent to Min Joon’s planet is Jae Kyung~ then it will really be happily ever after:D I never thought of this possibility~ they said the script has been finalized and they might change it a bit depending on the situation because there are lots of endings circulating around the internet:/ I just hope they can give a satisfying one~
      Thanks for the comment^^ Comment in any of my post and don’t be shy! I will definitely reply ASAP:D

  1. I’d like a combo of the endings… as in having Do Min Joon stay and not die; but is slowly adapting to human traits. I would want him to retain his power – so the comedic parts are still there! Also, would like him to slowly migrate to human (feeling the weather change, able to grow old with Song Yi, have babies too!).. that would be awesome! So, the dilemma of earthlings knowing his secrets – I think Do Min Joon will discover he DOES have the power to erase memories.. and he does! Ahh… wishful thinking… Can’t believe this week is the finale!

    • Oh~ clever! I’d love it if he has the erasing memory power because he would really be invincible and he could help Song Yi by erasing Jae Kyung’s memory! That would be awesome! I just want Min Joon to be with Song Yi, I don’t care where they are but I would love to see what it is like in Min Joon’s planet~
      Thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply>< back to school again now:(

  2. I thought the fourth one is something close to the typical ending of Korean drama of this kind of genre, but I don’t particularly like it if things end up that way… like you said, they’re different person altogether. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know how to assume the ending of this show but I’m enjoying the wait right towards the ending. I guess I’m taking the time to be prepare for any sad ending so I would rather like better if things stay as they were and nobody needs to go anywhere….but that’s not gonna happen….huhuhu T_T Interesting post anyway. Great one Kelly~

    • Sorry for the late reply>~< Anyways, you're right about the fourth ending being the typical ending of drama of this genre but since the real ending already came out, it proves that I am not a good guesser. I don't want to spoil this for you but all I'll say is that the ending is unpredictable but predictable in a way. I'll write a post on my thoughts of the ending so please stick around ;D Thanks for your compliments and I think your posts are interesting too^^

      • Hurmmm… I somehow thought the ending was a lot like an American movie called ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’….starring Eric Bana and another girl which I forgot what her name was… either way… I really enjoyed the show though…

      • I haven’t seen that many American shows to know these kinds of stuff but this is definitely an ending that I’ve never seen in kdramaland. I liked it in a way and I couldn’t really complain because it is a happy ending but I’m still not fully satisfied for some reason……….I’m too greedy>~<

  3. In some alien movies, they do have the ability to erase memories ^_^
    I also agree, Do Min Joon should be able to retain his power, then when he gets married with Song Yi and when they have 7 children, it’ll be cute and interesting if half of them inherit different abilities.. haha… then there will be Man From the Stars Season 2… ~~~(^o^)~~

    • T^T now that it’s finished, I don’t know what to do with my life! I can’t fantasize anymore because the ending already came out…..aiiishh~ Why is this over already? I hope the would be a second season and it would be so cool if it is called “My Father From The Stars”. Since Min Joon likes daughters then I supposed it’ll be cool to see alien father protecting his daughter~

    • Am I the one who is kinda confused? I only watched it once because I didn’t have time to watch it again but I doubt I’ll the the wormhole thing O.o Can you explain it to me?

      • We should have guessed the writer would use science to create a bridge for Min Joon to return to Song Yi! A lot of sci-fi movies, series uses this thing call “time lapse” – exactly like a wormhole, where you can teleport through 2 ends of space. So like, you can literally step in and come visit NYC for 1hr and then go right back to Ireland! Except in Kdrama world – – Min Joon can stay much longer using the ‘time lapse portal’. Awesome!

      • Cool! I guess you’re right~ I should’ve guessed they would use science to end this since it is in the sci-fi genre. I think it get the ending now because I just watched it a second time and with your explanation, it becomes much clearer. Thanks^^

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